Spitballs Grow up to 200 times their original size

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Christopher Perich says:

What if somebody dumped a bunch of these in the ocean and left them there ?

TheProJustOfficial says:

Ya know these things are just stuff you buy at the diy store for a couple
of dollars. 

Pyrotron8000 says:

Question: If you put the spitballs in a paintball gun, will they work?

Daniel Doling says:

1:07 does the girl’s top say ass?

AllAroundGamer says:

1:07 the girls shirt says ass

megan pascale says:

People and their dirty minds..

Eggward1011 says:

0:25-0:27 sounds so gay

TacticalxIncursion says:

“But how long you leave the balls in is up to you. The longer they soak,
the bigger they’ll get.” “If left out, they’ll slowly return to their
original size, so you can use them again and again.” “Test your throwing
arm…Keep your friends on their toes.” “And like magic, they grow.”
“Smaller [balls] are durable, and bouncy” It is also good to know that
these can be shot from within a straw, which allows greater ease and
comfort when shooting growing and shrinking balls at that guy’s face.

Master That Guy says:

Sooo we’re talking about colorless Orbes?

Arctic IceFox says:


Nathaniel Kencke says:

“It’s really simple: When the molecules-”
saved by the spitball. You don’t really know how they work, do you?

Laiba Yousaf Rayyan Babar says:

1:10 ewwww

Clockwork Lion says:

I’ve been seeing these things all over the place. Found ’em at a dollar
store, at Walmart, and the state fair. All for cheaper than they’re selling
’em on this site. Just sayin’. I’m not saying that everything Vat19 sells
is overpriced (I’m planning on buying the R/C T-Rex for my birthday because
it’s a pretty damn good deal), but sometimes it seems like the people
they’re advertising for take their prices a bit out of range.

Lucasa9Poke says:

1:14 lgjvbhalejBGHN+ªarªmk>çpMK

TheLightningWhale says:


busydoc99 says:

Scientific Explanation: Well, water is absorbed into the ball, therefore
expanding it and making it more prone to-
Leonidas:This Is SPARTAA!

Alexis Aguiñaga says:

These things were invented by my university in México 😀 … sadly they
were so expensive until china start producing the product

lorenzo f says:


Android18 says:

aren’t these exactly what orbeez are, except not colored?

Rachie MovieStarPlanet says:

These are like clear orbees!

FirstOzone says:

Imagine a pool of these. And then imagine how much money you spent.

MrDramos2 says:

These are banned where i live

Declan Vaikeli says:

Find a piece of window ahahahahahhahah

ratguy101 says:

you forgot to mention how they turn invisible in water

cheeriomartinez says:

the “throw it at this guys face” cracked me up hahaha

Jessie thecookie says:

they’re exactly like orbees.i have them right next to me

Tim Larsson says:


Sm00thJAzzer says:

Or you can leave them in a jar of water tell someone to put theyre hand in
it and creep them out because submerged in water you can’t see them

stellaruniversexmpls says:

After years of painstaking *research* and *development*, chemists have
created *Spitballs!*

Rachel Borish says:

Or thrown at this guys face.

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