Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System (Ages 6+)

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Buy here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/turbospoke-bicycle-exhaust-system.cfm?adid=youtube Please subscribe to our channel: ‪http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com…‬


W. James Hamel says:

THIS is a “real” thing and i cannot fucking believe it.


I wonder how loud it would get if you put a credit card in the slot!!!

William Sullivan says:

Am I the only one that used to ride over an empty coke can and let it get
caught in the wheel? (It actually worked)

Anton Rodman says:

On line now ordering one. Its the newest bike tech. Ages 6+ only. Watch the
very end of video. Sound on.

GameRaider says:

I just put a bottle near the tire and it makes the same noise and its
free.. XDD

Vicariously Thru-Kay says:

SHUT up and take my money!

WutDaFunkBro says:


JaanProgamer Wl says:

What Price

Christopher Tomlinson says:

run over a n aluminum can

Cyanryu ChaliceMC says:

I wonder if the cards will ware off please reply 

GameCast says:

22$? Oh HELL NAH!

Hee Soo Lee lee says:

i went so fast i drifted with my bike and fell

bukueOner says:

Where the fuck was this in the 90’s!!!

caeden westbye says:

Naw, the card is cheaper. I’m going with that one.

joe ross says:

lmao if i was like 12 id totally get one of these

Paul Davis says:

1:44 is the best!

phixle says:

Just put a joghurt cup under the fender.

Fake Cake says:

I’d smack any little shit if they play this in front of my home, and their
parents can kiss my ass.

Yoshifter12 says:

I made a better one and a home made one for practically free and under a
minute if you can do it right all you have to do is get a water bottle
empty it crush it up and flatten it with the bottom flattened and stick
either the top or the bottom inside of your back tire where it connects to
the axis and make sure it doest fall out and play around with it to get it
just how you want it and its pretty loud and better than this

MrBlackShadow8 says:

I use to have the EXACT same back as a child.

Michael Woodland says:

Looks below in the comments sees people saying that they were the only ones
using cans and playing cards *Takes off glasses* No way…
(•o•)/ –O-O

BMWLDRider says:

Spokes will loosen up.

stellaruniversexmpls says:

So if you’re not exactly impressing anyone with your so-called “tricks”, at
least your bike will sound good while you try.

TheSunnylover92 says:

Greatest invention ever! lol

Rob The Plumber says:

You need to put on a big white hockey helmet to complete the totally cool

Jon Doe says:

I wish I had one of those when I was a kid

Randy Lott says:

My children will never have this.

Adetokunbo Lodinson says:

this is sad

Robert Krupnek says:

+Wallace Krupnek is going to need one of these for his unicycle.

Billy98Sports says:

Or you can do it for free with some card or a soda can…

Jeremy Divona says:

or just buy a sport bike…

xwinger15 says:

I’m getting one for my Specialized Demo 8ii 

Noirling says:

My bike sounds like a Prius.

ShiggyDiggyDoo says:

I remember using a soda can. 7 year old me would have loved this 

MrComicsGuy says:

Don’t be that fucking guy. Nobody likes the noisy motor guy and you’re
trying to implement that to your beautiful silent bike on purpouse?

Ryan Heyworth says:

WOW! ;-)

forza1sra says:

I got a motorcycle when I was 7.

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