Picking Up Girls In A Lamborghini Without Talking!

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The power of this car is amazing, its the best chick magnet ever!!!! Shirts Available Now -http://vitalyzdtvstore.com Subscribe to my second channel for more pranks and vlogs https://www.youtube….


VitalyzdTv says:

Thanks For Watching And Sharing!!!

xTeamRoyalGamingx says:

pretty sure they didn’t ALL bring mics while walking, and acting was

EWNetwork says:

I’ll admit. If some hot chick drove up in a Lambo like that to me, hell
I’d get in the fucking car too lmao.

Social Awkwardness says:

Bet you guys a like that i will get top comment! 😛
Good vid vitaly! Sick lambo bro. 

Stomedy says:

This proves most woman are gold diggers

mothballjim says:

I know this is real as the last girl on the video is my NOW ex girlfriend!
Look on my channel you can see her in most of my videos

ZII's Youtube Channel. says:

Crying shame he couldnt get his cock hard in that porno

PaiZuriFAN says:

PLEASE GET A NON-WHITE GUY to do this stuff. It’s getting predictible!

xYeahZ says:

0:20 Asian.

dburntv says:

Good to know you have true friends who just ditch you as soon as a stranger
in a Lamborghini rolls up lol

Maria Noordino says:

I wouldn’t have gotten in 

Digitalspectrumvideo says:

True fact: 95% of women are gold diggers whether they admit it or not. 

ItsJustRaivn says:

“Well, as long as you’re taking me home. Nice car though”

Dein Namen says:

A Lamborghini and the Doors sound like a Opel Astra…..

Tosh Itora says:

random girls on the street wearing microphones? seems legit

Simon Lavelle says:

So Easy In Classy Wheels! 

RecklessRookies says:

your a boss vitaly! haha 

Allee Keene says:

These either have to be actresses or women who have zero common sense. This
actually makes me kind of sad to watch. I was really befuddled by that
woman who left her friend. I don’t understand how someone can rationalize
abandoning their friend and getting into the car with a stranger who
doesn’t speak not knowing where they’re going or anything. “Just have fun”
is probably the most horrifying statement ever in this video, what do you
mean? What is fun about this situation? It would be terrifying for me. Then
you have the woman from the beginning of the video who states over and over
again “I don’t know you” and still gets into the car. Now, I realize it is
possible that in that woman’s case she may have been scared to say no, it’s
no secret that many men don’t take rejection well and she may have feared
that he’d hurt her if she didn’t get in. But that just doesn’t seem
plausible to me considering he never said a word or showed any aggression.
I just don’t get what these women were thinking. They’re so lucky this was
just for a youtube video or else we may have had a ton of new missing
persons cases.

SpikedYum says:

Sigh You know, I used to be a misogynist years ago (got past that stage),
however it’s hard to stay out of that mentality when videos like this come
about that show that in this case, what misogynists say is true…

xxxfancydude says:

I thought vitally had a jaguar and not a million dollar lamborgini 

belli acpacis says:

come 2 macedonia with that lambo

TheDanocracy says:

Now try it with a Toyota Echo.

gizem aydın says:

How much a fucking lamborghini ?

SimplyBen says:

All I know is Vitaly has a ton of STD. And ladies, this is why you keep
getting raped in the butt.

Jimmy Gee says:

money truly does buy you happiness 


How do you get that much money vitalyy wowww man your lucky

Shauna Cardwell says:

this is so sad.

Yahya Ahmedi says:

So riding a Lamborghini with a stranger once is worth leaving your

blackcherriesx393 says:

ew I’m so embarrassed lol 

Kenwon Mack says:

first girl nice ass

Janson Eric Hawkins says:

Wanna take a selfie? Hahaha

Wacb889 says:

all women are whores

K King says:

He’s NOT the one picking the girls, its THE CAAAARR…

Cpt McFly says:

The chick at 1:30 got so butt hurt lol

prettyTipsy says:

What’s her pornstar name LOL

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