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TheFineBros says:

It’s React Sunday! Check out the latest episode of KIDS REACT TO OLD
TECHNOLOGY as they try to figure out how to play with a GAME BOY! Watch the
bonus for more reactions! Kids React to Game Boy (Bonus #107)

TheFineBros says:

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crescentmoonproductions says:

I have a game boy advanced 

Robert Monjo says:

6:00 D: Oh my gosh. That this era of kids is growing up with iPads is
really weird. “It can’t sense people’s skin.” What?! To me touch screens
aren’t in the least bit taken for granted, but this is all this kid knows.
And three of the kids said they’d rather play with their iPads or iTouches.
Why do kids this young have these things? I remember when I was kid at
restaurants my parents would get us crayons to play with and we write on
the placemats and I would make mazes and my brother would draw airports (I
know a little unusual, but now he’s going to college for civil
engineering). Now, when I see kids in restaurants and they’re playing on
iPads. To me it’s really sad that they never had a childhood free from
technology like that. Granted, my parents could say similar things about my
childhood, but it’s still surreal.

KeepinStuffFresh says:

Kids react to old cartoons

ViperWolf28 says:

In the future the 3DS’ and PSP’s are gonna be OLDDDD because there will be
new hand held consoles like a apple console

Hypershadic98 and Co. says:

Make a kids react (or teens )To Smash Bros

pichugirl8660 says:

Kids react to everything is NOT awesome!

Geno zid says:

As a child I wanted to destroy my Game Boy every time I lost in Super
Mario Land.. Old times.. 😀 <3

WereTheMobz says:

Dear FineBros and Fine Family, shouldn’t 13+ be in Teens React?

WitherPig says:

I want to smack some of these kids for stupidity.

Chris Martin says:

kids these days are so deprived.. yea i have a $1400 gaming computer but i
still prefer to play the old games over some of the new ones. my first
gameboy was a Gameboy color. before that i had a NES and SNES. in fact i
still have them. the NES works… sometimes. when/if i have kids, they are
gonna play the old classics BEFORE the new stuff

SASxImmortal says:

My 4 year old little brother is addicted to Minecraft on his mini iPad5,
but when I was his age my entertainment was an N64 and the original
Gameboy… I feel old now, yet I’m only 16 :(

Samuel Vansky says:

Can I burn them all

JustPassingBy says:

kids these days

The Guild of Gaming says:

6:00-6:08 Oh the ignorance of younger children. Touch screens weren’t
invented back then. But a game boy with a touchscreen would have been

Connor Stratton says:

Do kids react to sonic the hedgehog

Stefanie Shin says:

Teens React to Kpop! (2ne1, snsd, big bang)

SonicPlayer239 says:

This hurts me… Sorry but screw the little kids

x Yanzy says:

Gameboy > iPad

Tea says:

My first handheld device was a gameboy advanced SP ; v ; then my second one
was a 3ds! haha I’ve only ever had 2… My brother used to have the models
from gameboy color all the way to the nintendo ds lite. 

Trey Alsbury says:

You should make your next video, ” YouTubers React to ‘Teddy has an
operation'”. It’s just very, very, very weird.

The Superior Spider-Mew says:

Ahhh yeess the days of the Game Boy, how I loved being able to take my
video games with me anywhere. As a kid it blew my mind away, in fact I
still have the thing as part of my game collection.

Also “kinda plastic?” all the consoles have plastic XD

Dex Holder Red says:

Kids React to Zelda!

zeonmoo192 says:

“I think the graphics are fine. Wait, what are graphics?!”
Now introducing kids these days. 

Vojislav Zoric says:

I still play Game Boy on my android. And i love it :)

schwarzroterose says:

I am sorry, but why do these young Kids have iPads? For WHAT?! And once
again WHY?! Wow I respect my childhood more and more as I watch these
videos as these youngsters react to things from the past.
Please let them react to 90’s boybands or Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls. 

MacTechTips says:

act to atari (the gaming console) not the atari game. surprisingly
there is such thing as atari gaming console.

MegaCharizard03 says:

They need to learn more about tetris

EverydayEvilGuy says:

I never Had a gameboy. I always played on my neighbours one xD

SuZuKi021mr says:

These kids doesn;t know how to appreciate old stuffs. Without the things
from the past, there will be no things 

TheCreeperKillerPro says:

This hurt me… So much I’m only 17 but my older cousins had one and I
loved it.

BloodySteel64 says:

I feel old… and i’m 17…

Reversal - Daily videos! says:


davidevgen says:

i know what you should do. kids react to pong (1975) or magnvox oddasy

AgentJohn says:

6:00 makes me feel like i’m 40 and i’m 17.

Ani M. Dismang says:

Teens react to Hetalia!

EverythingWright says:

DAng guRU roDE in the SAN anDreas STreets to ORder Meat.

Taco Smith says:

Makes me feel old.

AdnanDesigns says:

Teens react to Ayyonline

MrRiggidig says:

“This game is addictive……..and I lost” LOL

General Snivy says:

My first portable console was the original Game Boy.

Minecraftmanlee64 says:

Kids react to Brick Phone

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