Artists vs TMNT. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Finale.

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Wish my videos got views like this. 

Prank Files says:

Great finale vid…love those turtles! #prankfiles

ERB says:

Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Finale! Artists vs Turtles, feat/
Smosh and Rhett&Link

omar rasmussen says:

Pokémon vs Digimon

BWNGames says:

Nice Peter VS EpicLLOYD PART 2!

Toad Sage says:

Thomas Edison vs Benjamin Franklin.

Ricardo Elizalde says:

Sub-Zero and Scorpion vs Ryu and Ken 

EvelynTracy Harris says:

Elsa vs Anna 😛 From Frozen

Douglas Shulby says:

Who won? Issac Newton vs Bill Nye.

JaronZ says:

Nobody won! Again…….zzzzzz

Corsharkgaming says:

Gordon Freeman – Half-Life vs Link – The Legend of Zelda

denton trevino says:

did u guys notice that ian and antony are in this from smosh XD

Break The Blood says:

Donatello the artist is Anthony xD

Frank Pinson says:

Leanardos blades aren’t actually katanas they something else

Kritz Krieg says:

Daenerys VS ??? (leave suggestions please)

JesusPaid4You2 says:

God loves you so much that he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for your
sins. Jesus was buried and rose again. Everyone that believes on Jesus
Christ will have eternal life in Heaven. Once you are saved by believing on
Jesus Christ for eternal life, you will always be saved no matter what.
John 3:16.

Humanifestion says:

The best part about the epic Rap Battle series is the fact that it helps
connect Youtubers, Rhett and Link and Smosh, Pewdiepie only did a cameo,
Jenna Marbles, Ray William Johnson, even Snoop Dogg, Key and Peele, Weird
Al Yankovic and more. It excites thinking of what next Youtube celebs will
appear in your Season 4 videos if there is a season 4, will it be Nigahiga
and D-Trix or Whiz and Boomstick, Matpat, Matthew Santoro, Dashiexp,
Vsauce’s Michael, Jake or Kevin? You never know who will appear next :D

RedSlayer59 says:

You guys should make a new series, “Epic Rap Battles of Video Games”, and
then do Call of Duty vs. Battlefield or GTA vs. Watch Dogs

Axel says:

Kill yourself if u actually enjoy that piece of complete shit they require
absolute no skill and r an absolute waste of time and ur just a brainwashed
moron by the elite 

Jovani Cambero says:

Deadpool vs. death stroke :)

Asada Shino says:

What happened to his voice at 1:13?

Eric Gordichuc says:

realy… you couldent have come up with something better… i am

Connie Lee says:

Omg GMM and Smosh

BeautyByMe says:

Simon cowell vs. Gordon Ramsey 

Christian Cervantes says:

Who else thaught that anthony and ian got the shortest time to sing.

MegaGangsta4life says:

The Joker vs The Mad Hatter, theyre both creepy, insane, and wear
clown-like make up :D

Zachary Benavides says:

This is my favorite one.

Thundrillium says:

Tin man VS Iron man

Forgus2000 says:

Smosh – Ian vs. Anthony! :0

YepX says:

TMNT didnt put up much of a fight.

MysticalKitty71 says:

ugh this is hard

HkTV says:

So Romeo and Juliet versus Bonnie and Clyde?

Joshtie says:

Lara Croft VS Samus Aran

Billy Mays says:

James Bond vs. Austin Powers

Ian Borton says:

Hit-Girl vs Tank Girl

Ewan J-M says:

When leonardo said: I like to keep it mellow’ am I the only person
expecting a bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso reference?

PyscoAcademy says:

Dear ERB,

I do love your battles and have been watching them since Mr T vs Mr Rogers,
but maybe at the beginning of season four, have Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd
battle rather than Hitler and Vader.

Just my personal judgement.

AwesomeDwarves Fror says:

Pewdiepie VS Tobuscus!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

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