The Tragic Death of Mr. Paper

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The last tragic moments of Mr. Papers life. The language is danish. What Mr. Paper basically is trying to express is how much the poop stinks. Made by William Findinge and Mathias Tegtmeier…


Carolina Macedo says:


Will Gunther says:

The stupid part of my brain brought me here.

Jarl Ballin' says:


Ольга Папсуева says:


Darky Dark says:

He is copying annoying orange.

Tommy Brannon says:


DeathDragonDK says:

lool first danish verson of this and i’m danish and you make denmark a
better contry with this video

Semper Cogitatio says:

*Tragische Momente ;)*

David Uryus says:

Nooooooooooooooooooooo Mr. Paper Noooooooooooooooo XD

Elle Tì says:

wht kind of language is that ?!

Skorpionen100 says:

Swedish language

Mariela Armenta says:


Thomas Franklin says:

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Son Goku says:

So funny.

Kamil Łuczak says:

Mogło by być po polsku

leonilde quaresma says:

the papel even got no NOSE!!! how can the papel smell????

Cathy Scott says:

i would rather pee in my finger nail’s than get face planted in a butt..

Ignas Kadisa says:

° °

luan assis says:

too lil paper…most of it went to the persons hand.

Tomass Praskelevics says:


Lakhdeep Kaur says:

Very cool

Hallo Lolig says:

hahahha lf

Felipe Montecinos says:

I think he just got (putting on sunglasses) shitfaced.

music arrow says:

scary face D:

Lia Divito says:

Its speaking in a differ language I cant understand :(

Justin the hedgehog says:

im glad that toilet paper not are me

Axel Andre Rivera Corra says:


James Newman says:

Why is the title written in english, while the paper speaks in viking ?

Jenna Mavez says:

Lol I would hate to be him

Andrew Sowden says:

how can the toilet paper smell? It doesn’t even have a nose!

Jamie Pulido says:

That’s the kind of murder I call shitfaced

Buse Değirmenci says:

stop it man muhahahahahahahahahahahaha

iM7mmD آلككنج says:


iZi Ozy says:

Lol didnt understand a thing! But his face made me LMFAO :)

julio cesar hernandez rodriguez says:


Mohammed Imran says:

He doesn’t even have a nose

daryx cod says:

that was so funny i forgot to laugh…



Carl Ritchie says:


devin glidewell says:


Patrick Odonnell says:

Ok can anyone translate th- on second thought, never mind. I do not want to

Nico Vice says:

is that a real face?

Pino Foggia says:


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