Top 10 Best Auditions Of All Time, Any Show (GT, XF, SO), Anywhere (US, AUS, UK) *HD*

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I did all of the auditions that I thought were the best from any show, anywhere in the world. I did not include Susan Boyle’s simply because I think everyone…


CynosureEPR says:

Jai Waetford.. wow.

I will never make it further in this video because I cannot stop repeating
her section.

Rebecca Engels says:

who is that adorable little boy? he reminds me so much of my son! soooooo

wylfwylfwylf says:

How can singing be so popular? seriuosly anybode with some training can do
some sweet ladybay voice that melts the girls away, seriously it’s not

Forasteira says:

The first act, lol, just laughed out loud.

stella emrald says:

What song is number 1 singing?? Amazing voice!!

Stone Brick says:

I didn’t really think No. 5 was that amazing…

Justin Bieber says:

Love Jay ^__^ .. He makes anyone else look like sh*t 😛 .. He should be
number ONE !!

Alamohammad aria says:

How about Matt cardle jamie afro? 

STSairman says:

The guy on the guitar!!!!

xBradley5000 says:

Number 3 should have been number one. I understand that the best 2 were
pretty good singers, but singing just seems like the most generic thing you
can do. All the people who were playing instruments such as the guy in
number 4, just seemed to outclass all of the singers. I do admit, the
singers were very good, and I was impressed, just not as much as the people
who played instruments. LET THE HATE COMMENTS BEGIN!

Other says:

That ridiculous outfit of the judge 5 minutes in, how can he take himself

Erza Scarlet says:

wait, i thought i saw another audition of ellas? didnt she sing her own

yield269 says:

Just me, or does Sam Kelly at 02:28 sound like Tracy Chapman?

DigBick says:

The I Will Always Love You was weak seen much more soulful powerful
performances of the same song

Marius Uranium says:

13:53 from other world !

Ano LikezAnime says:

At 9:10 PENTATONIX!!!!!!yay

Lily verschnaetti says:

somehow the singers sound all similar, slow songs and high pitched, nothing
original. Shit shows by the way, as real talent grow outside commerce.

Zathr0sMC says:

Lol that mini justin bieber is finished when puberty takes over

Sorcha Sevenwaters says:

no.2 guy melted my heart with that beautiful voice

Stef C says:

awks cause i know no.1, ive met her and we have mutual friends. i didnt not
expect her to be 1 wtf

Jessica Kua says:

the first one that showed was awesome.

GewoonEenEpicKanaal says:

that choocka was so flippin awesome

piratequeen says:

the Ella girl looks kinda liek adele

ByaMary Clarice says:

Ella Henderson! 😀 Amazing!

Adam Brake says:

Wow… all so good. 

The Dude says:

Mother fucker is standing on his seat distracted the shit out of her! Lmao.

Steven Ramos says:

where the one with panda, or Vin even??

Christine Yen says:

My favorites were the 10, 5, 4, 3 and 1.

GiftedHancok says:

People who hate on someone are just jealous.

divajazz says:


Gerrard Walker says:

Don’t agree with this line up but good viewing anyway

MikeEgypte says:

I like your choices. Thanks for posting.

Meraal Zaib says:

Bella was just amazing !

Dakebs Catalig says:

my tooth ache’s with all this teeth grinding.

Heather Cheesey says:

There’s no originality in people’s voices these days they all sound the

My real name is I AM says:

“I wonder who compiled this list?”, says the American. I’m sure whoever it
was has spent hours, upon hours, researching… or just made a list to show
what they prefer based on their limited experience. Disappointing,
although, interesting.

Keith Espinosa says:

bella is like the lost cousin of katy b for some reason

madison davis says:

4:23 sounds just like justin bieber at 13

TerriblyExcellent says:

A lot of these are Australian ;D

rcmanization says:

anywhere = 3 countries.


fikaso says:

maybe 3rd best 10 auditions :)

jalila guemane says:

nicole is always crying during the show cuz she realized that all thhe
candidats are better than her voicely hahaha

Kamah Bivins says:

1 is the best singer i ever heard

Mutsu Hanma says:


B. 羅曼加 says:

You guys really amazing…

emre d. says:

find via lyrics at Mr. Google…

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