Adam Levine & Anne Vyalitsyna Get Sexy @ “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” Video Shoot in Hollywood!

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We can’t wait to see the music video!


senmi yoksa benmi says:

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Fern Gully says:

ugh…he’s just so icky. from his awful tats to his thin, girl body.

Jackie Ramage says:

Watch out for the boils on the back hun.

Fizzy Flare says:

man.. not gonna lie she is very lucky

hasan farahi says:


Nambuya Winfrey says:

that is a messed body there soooo off

kittyskippy Ward says:


Ahsan Goli says:

چرا داتلود نمیشه ؟ لطفا راهنمایی کنید

Gelaylay Eugene says:

They’re very sweet… Too bad, they broke up.

treyspurge says:

That looks really awkward

Camara Hamidou says:

Xxxl be rihanna

Leila Alizadeh says:


wan nayah says:

cute!!!!!!!! moment I Love this Video thank a lot 

Jazziijemish says:

D’awh! Her nose is so tiny and adorable c:

helllocathy says:

this is so awkward to watch hahha

George Perera says:

Very intrest to see it

ali abdlluh says:

Very magnificence

Akif Okutur says:

internet cafefede porno açılmıyo :(

Huyen Kun says:


عباس فدعمی says:

چطوردانلودکنم راهنمایی کنیدممنون

Sohrab Khan says:

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CloudySalvatore14 says:

Now we know adam has back acne lol

King Kami says:

I might be gay after watching this. But for Adam Levine, it’s worth it.


sexy i turn to be horny

عباس فدعمی says:

چطوردانلودکنم راهنمایی کنیدممنون

H Edmonds says:

The girls flat!!


cool i like this

bleh ber says:

He fucked her and now he is fucking behati.

countrygal525 says:

Shut ur mouth

Sirius Black says:

The girl is gorgeous.

dkkumar741 says:

dighwa dubouli

amj199991 says:


Thảo Lê says:

oh my god, he’s so HOT

Reyna Suarez says:


Hmoode shbab says:

الي بياء نيك يجئ جادة

Erke yıldırm says:

bune lan

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