Robin Williams Tribute

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Slender Man says:

I’m also thinking of committing suicide , but no one gives a flying fuck
about me .

PurpleKosi says:

I am thinking committing suicide my dad died and my mum takes drugs. So I’m
all alone and I think it’s the end of my life:( 

Zee M Kane says:

Perhaps the best Robin Williams tribute video I’ve seen… just a minute
long. Tearing up.

FIRSTconcentrate says:

The emotion of suicide (despair) manifests by not doing enough for others,
by taking drugs, by neglecting meditation, by giving our attention to bad
movies and music, and by ejaculating. In short, if you live unnaturally,
you lose touch with reality:

Annie Yim says:

Yes sir, you sure did.

Pierre Le Van says:

Un joli hommage à Robin Williams.
Thank you Sir!

Raleigh Burke says:

Make it spectacular!

martoon says:

i think he should’ve muscled through the depression. seems a bit selfish to
do something like that

jam2music says:


zakariya starley says:

Isnt it funny how people go crazy whenever someone famous dies meanwhile
there are war torn parts of the world with women and children dying but the
media tries to focus all the attention to other matters like this…this is
just another phase that will get peoples attention like paul walker or
michael jackson before him, i’m not trying to sound like a person who acts
like he is just one person so we shouldn’t care, but what im trying to say
is that there are far worse matters in the world that need attention. 

MrStupidLemon says:

1000s of people murdered daily, no-one bats an eye

… Robin Williams dies, everyone loses their minds

kristopher masterson says:

im only being honest but only 10% of his movies were watchable the rest
were awful and annoying stop saying he was the greatest actor ever because
he’s dead 

duck films says:

The cunts that disliked this video don’t have a heart

Paragon Film Music says:

Perhaps the best Robin Williams tribute video I’ve seen… just a minute
long. #RobinWilliams #RIP 

WTFDieUbitch says:

oh come on, he wasted his life, don’t be like him, be happy, not drink and
don’t take drugs. He was a good actor- but it was not real, he was just
acting in that movies.

CiaraPhelan says:

Weird thing is I only watched Jack a few days before his death, and that
speech touched me so much. Then I was watching NATM the night he died in my
friends house, then I come home later to discover he died. The pain in my
heart is real. Honestly, I usually don’t acknowledge celebrity deaths that
much, but Robin Williams death really bothered and upset me. I actually
cried a lot. I tear up even seeing him in my social media feed, or watching
something dedicated to him. His face and voice was always so comforting to
me. I don’t think I’ll even be able to watch his movies the same way
anymore. He was my favourite, such a great person overall. And to think a
man that brought so much joy, happiness, laughter and comfort to people
could have felt so depressed. Now all the young kids won’t know of this
amazing man and how great he made childhoods. Ugh. Heartfuckingbroken.

R.I.P Robin Williams, you will forever live on in mine and many others

abimael rodriguez says:

He was a great actor but i dont understand why ppl doing tributtes. he
killed his self …c’mon … 

LuxShadow1 says:

He committed suicide, so we shouldn’t be praising the man. But it is very
upsetting, RIP old friend. 

Lydia Steuart says:

Between 00:40 to 00:50 which movie is that? It’s been bugging me for two
days and I can’t seem to remember. ..

Theodore Ahn says:

sorry if i’m ruining any moment, but i wish to know this speech word by
word. can someone give a caption ?

martin shervington says:

Perhaps the best Robin Williams tribute video I’ve seen… just a minute
long. Tearing up.

GIenys Wiseman says:

Was a good man, no forever in hell

Garrett Ashton says:

The best one I’ve seen

Fred Frankenstein says:


BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

Who could ever forget the scene where his son walks in on him taking a piss
in full Mrs. Doubtfire costume. Time stood still.

Susana Morin says:

*El mejor tributo a Robin Williams*

Robin Williams
1951 – 2014.

#robinwilliams #robinwilliamsrip #robinwilliamswillliveonforever 

Mike Allton says:

Perhaps the best Robin Williams tribute video I’ve seen… just a minute
long. Tearing up.

Ali Newaz Shah says:

*Best tribute to Robin Williams so far*


This fucker killed himself, there’s nothing to celebrate. I’m never
watching one of his movies EVER again.

Marcko Albert says:

the man who made comedy true

EnderOwl says:

i do understand that robin williams was a great person and he did make us
smile but we all get depressed sometimes and that is not much of a reason
to give up your life. Dont go hating on Gerald and yes he did say bad
things but in one way he is kinda right. And robin could have prevented
this by getting help but he didnt. Most of that is and opinion so dont
bother arguing over it.

Karen Harvey says:

Lovely…funny and compassionate Robin…Kx

Louis Trapani says:

A touching Robin Williams Tribute. Almost comes across as a goodbye note to
us. It’s only a minute long. Worth watching. #RobinWilliams 

Nick Snow says:

I know this a bit late but I was looking for a really good one. R.I.P Robin
Williams. #rip #robinwilliams #best #movie #actor

Michael Kolesar says:

A great tribute to Robin Williams in the words of the man himself.

piratexander says:

Before his death – oh yeah.. Robin Williams, cool -_-


Wesley Tynan says:

I think its funny that all the hateful comments are from these stupid
religious fucks.

JennaSim Movies says:


Gerry firman says:

Another dead celebrity please…
I’m sick of hearing about this….
Differences between me and him:
He had loads money beautiful wife
Beautiful daughter lived in some mansion get a grip people will ya

timjax991 says:

god doesnt exist and the bible and everything related to religion is
*Grabs popcorn*

John Goods says:

I wish YouTube would create a “replay” button!

YoungMeek says:

For those contemplating suicide, Suicide is never under any circumstances
an option. talk it out, you have a voice use it, trust me you’ll feel

Steph Sancia says:

The older I get more and more of my all time Heroes pass on. A painful
reminder of the short time we have of this Earth. I will miss You Robin,
Nanoo, Nanoo, Shazbat, Peace and Blessings, Steph xox

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