Haider Trailer (Official) | Shahid Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor | In Theaters October 2nd

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Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, Haider – a young man returns home to Kashmir on receiving news of his father’s disappearance. Not only does he learn that security…


UTV Motion Pictures says:

Presenting the official trailer of #Haider. Releasing on 2nd October.

Click here to watch – http://buff.ly/1qecjEr

Rahul Maheshwari says:

Haider Movie Trailer (Official) | Shahid Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor | 2 Oct.
#Haider #haidermovie #haidertrailer
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Bangla Natokzzzz says:

It’s so sad that this kind of movies only get critical acclaims, I hope
this will be an exception…….One thing is confirm that Shahid & Tabu
will get lots of nominations in upcoming award shows for best actor & best
supporting actress category respectively…….

allstardesiraja says:

Bang Bang will bang Haider out in theatres! This shit is nothing compared
to Bang Bang!

kapil jackman says:

Bang bang from hrithik..nd haider from sahid on same date

. Which one guys?????

Arpit Sharma says:

Not appealing if you already know the plot of play Hamlet. Be ready to see
most of the characters die unless the director puts a twist in the story
like Anurag Kashyap did in Dev D

Aamir Naim says:

My god!!..another flop movie of the year..

ladies man says:

Feel tight for Shahid Kapoor, he needs a hit but we all know weather you
will like it or not, bang bang is going to destroy the box office, they
should release this on another date where no movies come out on that date. 

Paauvale Lee says:

when i see some indians comments, i ask in my mind, what are u doing here?
i don’t know, if it’s for fight, insults ur actors or don’t know, just get
out! it’s no the good place to do that! it’s just a TRAILER! this movie
will be a flop in india, i’m sure cos u don’t know see the talents of
indian cinema industry!, but for others countries, it’ll be a hit!!! 

Abdul Aziz says:

fuck all these Kapoors, khans out of bollywood. Bollywood fans became more
superstitious. They made Kapoors and khans almost Gods. why the fuck you
don’t encourage new ones? Shame on bollywood. This is why no Indian movie
could get Oscar until now. look at SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. Totally new actors.
First timers won Oscars. But these fucking Khans and Kapoors are fucking
for decades but could get nothing.

suzane suzan says:

I’m not an Indian .. but i read the comments and I’m ashamed of you …
the whole world loves and respect all your actors and actresses but you say
very bad about them, you talk about them last words ..swearing ..well ..
maybe idiocy or envy .but very very bad..your movies instructive .. but
it just proves that the appropriate people in İndia very little. very much
can learn.. not do evil, to be fair. to be good your laws obsolete.
everything new but teaches you to your movies which loves and understands
the whole world except Indians..but all the right and good teaching your
movies .. and say these last words of an actor .. but think, analyze the
essence of the movie that we wanted to tell you. rather than what ,how of
man he is 

Ashani Perera says:

shahid has got so much to give an audience.. his movies can never be boring
to sit and watch.. i accept the fact that he has done some flop movies, but
giving flops doesn’t make you a bad actor.. :) i’m sure haider is gonna be
an outstanding movie.. i expect him to at least be nominated as the best
actor for this movie.. the trailer says alot.. i’m so daim excited to watch
this.. :) #haiderfever #shanatics 

Dekey Wongyal says:

Shahid is the most underrated actor in B-town.
thumbs up if you think his role will be better performed than Kaminey!!

rocky maninlove says:

looks promising but why shahid kapoor?? fucker cant act for shit!!!! the
supporting cast is awesome I hope shahid and shraddha dont ruin the movie
with their shitty acting skills

Jenan Samannaz says:

haider is going to have a hatd time…. bangbang will bang haider… they
should push the release date of haider

krish govs says:


Abhishek Suryawanshi says:

Best of luck to Haider from a HR fan, I will watch it after watching Bang

Mani Ram Rai says:

Plz change ur release date, clashing with bang bang will be detrimental.
Sahid always unlucky :(

shubham asd says:

Nice ..

theking88fifa says:

So sad that bang bang will be a blockbuster movie and haider will not have
a chance :( ! I hope people will watch haider

khsadad binsajed says:

this kind of film has to be blockbaster in india to cope with international
films and standards…only remakes and copies with item songs won’t
work…there are lotsts of films in china,japan,italy,france etc are very
good.but in india films are run by item songs remakes from fucking south
indian movies and run by superstars

MIrza Sakib says:

Why its want to compete with Bang Bang?

Pia Begum says:

This film doesn’t look like it has much of a story to it, nothing I haven’t
seen before, I was hoping that shraddah would do another film that is
different from the rest like how she did aashique 2 and ek villain. It
seems that She isn’t even a important character in this film. In all the
scenes shahid acted phyco. Very disappointing! I would defiantly choose
bang bang over this film for various reasons. I expected much more from
this film! 

ashish patel says:


Mohammed Nadeem says:

Yeah, so this didn’t quite live up to expectations, I expected it to be a
lot more darker! But will go see it non-the-less.

Aziz Nasir says:

Please Hrithik Fans .. keep the hatred aside .. both Shahid n Hrithik are
good friends , Praise the work if u have liked it .. 

simmy kaur says:

Wow, It’s really nice to see that Shahid is taking on such a new character.
It is very different from all his previous movies. I love salman khan and
all, but eventually I started not liking his roles in movies as much, just
because of the fact that most of them are the same. Typical hero movie with
action. I would love to see Salman in a new character, to see more of his
capability on screen. In resemblance, Shahid was similar to salman, shahid
also played a similar character in a lot of his films, asides from
R…Rajkumar, it was a change from romance, to action. I love both types of
films but its nice to see a variety in individual actors,rather than a

Sandeep singh Chhina says:

its up to us, d audience, to decide what we want to be served with. i can
see that there is a huge proportion of us, who wants to see these proper
kind of movies. the ones which have decent content. but the problem is that
we don’t want to spend money for watching such movies. only blaming others
for going out to watch those mindless masala entertainers is just not
sufficient. if you feel like watching content based movies, go watch them
in cinema halls. at least d makers should get some sort of dividend for
their efforts. once these kind of movies start doing good business, we’ll
see makers coming with more of such stuff, and other audience will also

Akshay Jakhotiya says:

Vishal Bharadwaj seems to be back in form…
This film has potential to revive the falling career of Shahid Kapoor…

Hen Tenshi says:

Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing in the trailer? I
love it! Really want to see this movie too, I love Hamlet, and am always
willing to take a look at new adaptations and inspirations of the original


Speechless! This movie is going to rock! Brilliant trailer! Shahid is back
after idiotic films like R Rajkumar and PPNH. 

Jagriti Thakur says:

Haider Movie Trailer (Official) | Shahid Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor | 2 Oct.

Rohit Raikwar says:

My Favorite Trailer of the Year #Haider

Haider Movie Trailer (Official) | Shahid Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor | 2 Oct.

Nature Boy says:

flop trailer = flop movie

tanvi agharwal says:

after a brilliant movie like r rajkumar shaid again doing silly roles .

Vickey Chettri says:

Haider is the Hindi adaption of Hamlet which has drama, revenge , Human
relationship and its a family movie whereas Bang Bang is the High Octane
action Movie which has no Good story its just a action movie copy of
Hollywood. Haider will be more better movie than Bang Bang.

Abhay Salvi says:

So the Top 3 Bollywood Movies of 2014 are
1) Peekay by Rajkumar Hirani
2) Bombay Velvet by Anurag Kashyap
3) Haider by Vishal Bharadwaj

Paprika Harris says:

Shakespeare’s hamlet … Nice try.. As soon as I saw the posters and the
name itself .. I knew it was hamlet .. 

Mayank Thapliyal says:

Some ppl also hv said promising movie to MATRU KI BIJLI KA MANN DOLA.
No doubts they hv done a new experiment, but i think agar is film ko VB
nahin Anurag Kashyap bnaata to zyaada sahi hota…well that’s my personal
Well our cinema is growing, we should welcome everything. But dil ko chup
kaise rakhein.
VISHAL ki movies, normal viewers ke liye nahin hoti waise bhi, he has his
own class.

julia stoica says:

thanks a lot for subtitles ….I look forward and a lot of curiosity
HAIDER, I am accustomed to Western films, but are a fan of Shahid and I
think he is closer to Western tastes … I am sure this film will have
international resonance. dancing is part of him and I like the mixture of
traditional and modern dance movements that he make …FORZA SHAHID ,FROM

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