TMNT s05e10 Fathers and Sons (WIDESCREEN)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode 114 in High Quality.


Jenifer Leo says:

You gotta wonder what kind of struggle Splinter had been through. Raising
those four turtles all by himself, feeding them, hiding from the surface,
teaching them, etc, etc. He’s a great father figure. Man, why are
Splinter’s fan so few? 

GRIMLOCK07 says:

Donny threw the Biggest Rock.
Strong little guy, huh??

braeden lavergne says:

XD wow I’m 14 n even today I’m still a tmnt fan 

Simple Creations says:

I like teenage mutant ninja turtles and I am 8 years old

Brittney Robinson says:

The turtles are so adorable when they were little :)

MistressFailGame says:

Even when young Raph was still a jerk…but a lovable jerk
Poor Mikey when Raph snapped his crayon

AnimeObsession3000 says:

BABIES!! <33

Monica lips says:

My son listens to this song and now he cusses because of this song 

celinda abney says:

Im a boy

Justice Molloy says:

Is this in a playlist?

MJ Pyle says:

Hey everybody out there just a quick?? Plz and thanks. I’ve been watching
TMNT since the 90’s. Can any one tell me how to find the 90’s series
cartoon. They came on vhs taps. For THS I think or something lol. But
anyway if u can help thanks

Pasta Lover says:

One of my favorite episode of teenage mutant ninja turtles >u<

Karen Marie Ramos says:

Soooooo damn cute

Mitch the girl says:

uh i dont like dis

Zenardo says:

But that doesn’t explains how Rafael is able to see him.

Kumutha Kuhan says:

I’m 21 years old and I still loving it

Snow Neko says:

so all the turtles have buck tooth’s who knew.
they look ugly though what if they were toys D:
i will kill this episodes FANDOM if they still make turtles with buck
tooth’s D:( don’t kill me just because i think turtles with buck tooth’s
are ugly. I WUV TMNT 4 LIFE XD

Carlos Javier Pallens says:
Cyberpanda81 says:

the ancient one is fat

Zeinab Elmahdi says:

When I was 6 I saw stuff like that but now I am 16

RaiseTheWoof says:

Aaah! Such adorable little turtle tots <3

Micaela Amán says:

que susto cuando se aparesio de una el fantasma 

ℓιмє нєαят天使 says:

I just adore the episodes that show the Turtles as little kids.

Twilight Sparkle says:


Leovigilda Curry says:

I like the movie and the song

tuschman168 says:

The one thing I don’t like about this series is Splinter’s voice. It sounds
like a young dude trying to sound old and it sounds forced.

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