Full Performance of “Valerie” from “100” | GLEE

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Brittana is back with Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson’s “Valerie.” Subscribe now for more Glee clips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=GleeOnF…


the OrangeKid says:

Am i the only one that saw Mike twerking at 1:23 xD

Susan McFarland says:

am i the only one that thinks mike is really sexy? just wondering..

gleekykitty says:

I wonder who is the hand model for the “L” in the glee logo 2:05 

VABozorgmehr says:

Naya looks anorexic……so sad

BlaiddDrwg2009 says:

Naya’s lost a shed load of weight :/


Mike and Britanny are the best dancers in Glee

chinyere amaisatu says:

Rachel is a pain on 0:56 because when Valerie stood up, she clapped her
hands some of u cant see her hands but her arms is moving like she ‘s
clapping her hands

Hana Pham says:

I don’t know this song, but Santana made it amazing 

寺田萌香 says:

Why Rachel isn’t enjoy this song?

Maicon Pauli says:

Glee can not end :(

Zoïe Newton says:

mike twerking at 1:25 xDDD

princeofdatny says:

This is Santana’s signature song. Same as Rachels is Dont Rain on My
Parade, Pucks Sweet Caroline, Mercedes- Im telling you Im not going,
Quinn’s- Say A Little Prayer

Mercedes Salvatierra says:

Soy yo o veo a Santana muy flaca :/

Vico SDL says:

Oh my god, this is so amazing how this episode makes me think of the REAL
Glee, the one we had before the 4th season. The new actors really don’t
have a milligram of the something-special that the first actors had when
they were together.
I think this episode is really the BEST EPISODE since the end of the 3rd

Lillian Graham says:

i wonder what episode “100” would’ve look like with finn /cory 

Hannah Bergman says:

i don’t get y ppl are sayin rachels not enjoying it she’s SMILING THAT

kenza taga says:

Rider 0:29

Cheyenne Metcalf says:

Jake just ruined it when he got up to dance too. Sorry, but I just don’t
like the new cast members

Claudio Dalli says:

Lea does not clap or dance in this song….because Maya is singing it

Panbo the Rainbow Panda says:

Lol 1:25 Mike twerking haha! 

Jonya Devonish says:

April is so funny at 0:02

jodie williams says:

they are talented singer

laurielle carter says:

Naya is so gorgeous!!!!! I’m in love with this performance!!!!

fergonuria says:

Mike is great. <3 

Adams Lindsey TV says:

Who else notices at 0:31 HeMo doesn’t move her lips but you still hear her?

Vanityyy says:

that dance at 0:07 was funny

supersitter128 says:

Everyone’s blabbing about Naya’s body, which is fine BTW, but this was
filmed just MONTHS after Heather had a BABY! she looks amazing

Klara Burns says:

Actually this song is not by Amy Winehouse. A group from Liverpool called
The Zutons originally did this song :) 

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