Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

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An angry father runs over his son’s video game collection with a lawn mower.


ShiggyDiggyDoo says:

Even if it’s fake. That’s what he get for being a console peasant. 

Mono Nonny says:

So I see how many of you really can’t tell the difference between a fake
reaction and a genuine reaction. It’s amazing how many ppl can’t realize
that you can’t get reactions like this by faking it.

McJuggerNuggets says:


Krillinator says:

Okay. For all you assholes siding with the dad. That game collection must
have cost AT LEAST $500. So this is a big middle finger to money. And who
would side with some bastard that can’t come up with a better solution than
Harassing his own damn son, mowing over $500 worth of games, laughing after
he does it, feels no remorse, and doesn’t even pay him back A LITTLE. This
is evil.

EDIT: Okay, I am so done. I have said nothing about me and my life. Enough
with these fucking stupid assumptions about me. I never said anything about
myself. Take your inferences back to 5th grade, damnit.

Lenny Bel-Aire says:

hurr durr this is why i game on pc now i will shove a buttplug up my anus
and fap to the glory of pc gaming my butthole feels

grant pefferkorn says:

That fucking dads an idiot! What if his son didnt move? He would have been
killed says:

Congrats on fooling millions of idiots. Respect.

GuiltyMiner0343 says:

You can’t Shred a Steam library.

NEVdD says:

6 millions views in less than a month, dad got 6.000$ back with youtube
commercials, way to go dad!

KuchenTV says:

Und deswegen nutze ich steam.

XxmorwullxX says:

Why not donate the games or sell them? I mean, there’re some charity
associations that want games to give them for the hospitalized children,
that could have made so happy a lot of people, or sell them to get some
money, anyway, there were alternatives before destroy them :/ 

Дмитрий Нарванов says:

Отец – моральное уёбище.

archlorddestin says:

Fake as fuck.
And anyone siding with the dad, is a cunt who either doesn’t have kids or
doesn’t know a damn thing about how to parent properly.

Jason [Professor Fennec] says:

If only he were a PC gamer, this never would have happened.

Friends don’t let friends game on consoles. 

Daniel Rodriguez Diaz says:

Well, Harry Potter got screw by his daddy. That is a hell of a punishment
but must admit there are really parasitic gamers-geeks-nerds that don’t
cope very well with having a life while enjoying their hobbys…

robpsychobob says:

I don’t usually say this but it’s clearly fake. That’s not a bad thing by
any means though because I did laugh my ass off!

Hypothetically, if this were real, it would be a massive parenting fail.
Gaming can be a legitimate career and it already is for thousands of
people. Like any other career it takes a lot of effort and dedication to be
successful. A good parent would support their kid’s desire to pursue it. 

Mailto Sage says:

Title should be “Unnecessarily angry dad breaks Little autistic bitch boy’s
games while homosexual brother films it”

Marui Infantry says:

+Aoi Yamada 

Саша Жутник says:

Папаша- красава ! Так и надо с мыльцом и соснолями !

Thremle says:

YES. Videogames are kiddy shit. VIDEOGAMES ARE FOR PEDOPHILES!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dimitrios F says:

I would rather have a son that had a passion in gaming and wanted it to
make gaming as a career then him selling drugs and getting girls pregnant
and starting trouble. We are in a second important generation in gaming
with oculus Rift virtual reality. Also portable gaming like tablets and
phones and people making easy stupid games and making millions like Angry
birds. His father is probably a Landscaper owner telling by his weight and
his mower and no scars on his lower legs from not weedwacking. I’m guessing
he has a fat wife, Ford 350 and a bunch of MEXICANS!

Berkay Temiz says:

What you gonna do if something like this happens to you?

Geoffrey Wiebe says:

A lot of people are posting the link to this with comments like “Yeah!
Father of the year” and “Way to go dad!” but the video and those kind of
comments just make me sick.

What’s shown in the video is the exact opposite of good parenting. In fact,
everything about this video describes how to completely fail at being a

No, I’m not saying the son should be allowed to spend all of his time
playing video games, so don’t even go there. In and of themselves there is
nothing wrong with video games nor with letting your child play them.

But how did it get this bad in the first place? If the son doesn’t have a
job then how did he afford hundreds of dollars worth games, not to mention
the hundreds or more dollars for the equipment he plays them on? If the son
did pay for it all himself then the father just stole from his son and
should be charged. If the father paid for it all then he’s financially
encouraged his son to this point and needs to include himself in the blame.

Part of a father’s job is to teach his children how to maintain a proper
balance of life: Balancing intellectual with physical, work with play,
socializing with time for self.

Not only has this father has failed in teaching this, but he let it build
to a point where gaming has become his son’s only real passion.

“But I’m REALLY good at it!” screams the son but the father doesn’t care
about the achievement he has encouraged his son to make simply because it’s
not an achievement he chooses to recognize. And so the father takes the one
thing his son is passionate about, the one thing his son feels he is REALLY
good at, and laughing destroys it while his son watches on deriding his son
the whole time, essentially saying “It’s not good enough that you’re REALLY
good at something unless it’s something that I, your father, see the value
in it.”

My son’s best friend on the world is his bunny, Esther. What effect would
it have on him if I stole Esther out of his room, waited for him to come
find me in the backyard, and then burned his most prized possession in
front of him? Would you nominate me for Father of the Year? Would you tell
me what a good job I did raising my son?

What should the father have done differently? Any number of things, but it
all should have started with talking to his son and treating him, and his
possessions, with respect. Discuss the issues and what he thinks his son
should be doing and encourage the change in behaviour by supporting him. If
the son isn’t willing to compromise then the father could tell him he needs
to contribute $XXX towards the household expenses each month or he needs to
limit his use of those expenses (ie electricity).

Regardless of whether this was staged or not, to me, this video says more
about a fathers lack of parenting skills than it says about the son and no
one should be praising a father who cares so little about the feelings of
his children that he would destroy something they are passionate about,
regardless of what that something may be.

jacobonix says:

That’s why Steam it’s better, no one can “blend” your games xD

Carsten Hoppe says:

*Get a Job, get a life* !!!

J Cassidy says:

Move out of the room and get a job!

Andreas Straeter says:

Aaaaaalter, was ist das denn für ein Psycho?! Der braucht dringend
ärztliche Unterstützung. Nein, nicht der Vater. Der hat das einzig richtige
getan und seinen Filius auf kalten Entzug gesetzt.^^

Ich glaube, wir sahen da den nächsten Columbine-Spezi. Oder er bringt seine
Alten um.

w00tz0r9000i says:

Fake as fuck!
Fuck as fake!

Gabriel Montesdeoca says:

This Reminds Me Of When I Got My Arm Broken At School When A Couple Of
Bullys Cornered Me On My Locker And They Broke My New Three Games Pvz
Garden Warfare GTA V And MinecraftThat Day I Lost 142$ ;_; Ps.And Me

Afonso Yamaha says:


Truth Monger says:

Seems kind of fake to me. He had plenty of opportunities to pick up his
favorite games on the lawn but never does. But this video totally made me
LOL nevertheless.

Pavel Jaroš says:

To je geniální, ale nejspíš to bude jen sehrané… Líbí se mi, že ještě
existují rodiče se zodpovědným přístupem ke svým dětem :D

Exbrayat Jean-Luc says:

Exaspéré, un père pulvérise les jeux vidéo de son fils avec sa tondeuse

“Trouve-toi un job. Aie une vie!”, voilà le message qu’a voulu faire passer
un père à son fils addict aux jeux vidéo.

Nombre de parents choisiraient la solution du dialogue ou de l’autorité
péremptoire. Ce père a pris une option plus radicale pour résoudre ce
problème familial. Il a posé les fruits de la passion de son fils au milieu
du jardin et a roulé dessus avec sa tondeuse.
Un témoin de la scène (un membre de la famille semble-t-il) s’est délecté
en filmant la réaction du jeune homme au bord de la crise de nerf.

King Divinxchi says:

not fake you can tell

EAPvideoz says:

If I were the dad, instead of going the harsh way (shredding his games), I
would instead do something else to bribe him into getting a job. Even if it
takes a long time.

Sean Jones says:

That dad is a douchebag. I would probably disown my Dad if he did that. Is
it that fucking hard to just hide the games from him and not give them
back? He apparently would rather demolish probably $1000+ worth of games.
Worst parent known to man kind.

Steve Coan says:

I LOVE IT!!! Every parent needs to share this!!! Video Games Suck the life
from people!!!

Paweł Fabisiewicz says:

Fake. A real gamer would cover them games with his own body :D

Rob Clary says:

This looks staged, but if not? GREAT JOB DAD!
No jobless adult son of mine may live at home playing games.

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