Americans Try British McDonald’s

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BuzzFeedVideo says:

Which of these menu items do you want to try? 

Richard Ames says:

The American McDonalds has horrid tasting food. U.K. Is the best!

MintCookieMC says:

All these guys are like, “This British food isn’t good.”
1. You’re being rude about your opinion, you could’ve just simply said you
didn’t like it.
2. It doesn’t taste good because we didn’t deep fry it pigs fat and then
smother it with oil to ensure you get diabieties.
Guess im being hypocritical but you Americans (no offense) sometimes really
piss me off

Alex marshall says:

0:28 0:40 1:04 1:24 1:38 2:05

Jon Rugova says:

I only came here to read the butthurted british people comments. 

Hayden Decker says:

Most americans wont know this the reason brits are huge dicks to us is
because they are jealous of our lifestyle we are a superpower we have
amazing citys, nature and climate they are just fuking jealous 

darysons1 says:

Like American McDonalds is any better than British McDonalds lol. It’s all
crap and will make you sick and fat. Go vegan! 


Let’s keep it this way in the UK. We can stay less overweight yous can keep
you special items.

Addison Moreno says:

Brits are jealous of our freedom menu.

Miles Ceplecha says:

the dumb brits are so ugly and weird. 

Mr Stabs says:

0:27 as a serial killer, it will be great for my kin if I slit her throat
wide open until it’s hanging from a thread and my descendants will tell
story’s of how I killed a snobby bitch who hated everything she came

Nicky Rose says:


Yuri Queen Sachiko Shinozaki says:

1:57 OOOOH YOURE SOOOOO SMAAAARRRTTT (sarcasm) Seriously why say that so

LikesToRaveDave says:

As a British person, that girl really irritates me. Saying she feels sorry
for us and that our bacon isn’t bacon. Just because our food is different
and not necessarily as big or as fatty as yours doesn’t mean it’s horrible.
She picked out a problem with everything, ugh.

Awkward Friends says:

I think its sad I knew there would be british people callling us fat… I
love the United Kingdom, yet they call my home fat in exchange. Why?

Jimmy Rustler says:

Looking at all these Britfags being jealous of the USA is pretty funny. I
would be mad too if I lived in Pakistan 2.0.

Brittany Day says:

In Canada they have a double big mac…

Liam Steeper says:

another thing british people do better than americans is take over most of
the world

Cassandra Love says:

I hate the fucking british. so annoying period.

TalFx Golan says:

England sucks

Luka Megurine says:

I’ve never seen any of those sandwiches before.
Any of my British friends had any of these before?
The Memphis Special does not sound or look good at all >.<

ProtoMario says:

I should be working on another Pokemon Theory, but… Buzzfeed!

Rammstein6001 says:

Really, judge us Brits on an American food chain??? Wow that’s smart


oh god Americans don’t even know what real bacon is 

max uitterlinden says:

Ignorant Americans how I hate them…

Pawsy Cuddles says:

A few reasons why Americans are fatter than Brits.. So the obesity rate for
america is 74.1%… UK is 61.1% …

mrblackhunk says:

i wouldnt try any of british mcdonalds that would cause tooth decay

TheGapsterPool says:

muh freedoms

Winter is coming says:

Yeh, they try everything but a big mac or quarter pounder. Never heard of
most of this stuff, why not try the most common stuff and see how it

Dumb Americans.

Haley Erin says:

Mayo BBQ sauce is weird? The brisket sandwich at Arby’s has both. 

badwolf66 says:

What you call “Canadian Bacon” the British Call it “Back Bacon”
What you Call “Bacon” the British Call it “Streak Bacon”
Anyo other bacon types out there?

Kuroi Pingu says:

I honestly can’t believe how many American whores are complaining about our
food…our traditional food is Fish and Chips, with no grease what’s so
ever. America’s traditional food is Fast Food with 100% grease. British
people are nice, kind and welcoming. Most Americans are fucked up whores
who have been home-schooled and masturbate to CoD, and are also ignorant
cunts. I have a few American friends and I respect them, but most of the
others are just fucked up have no care what so ever. I don’t care if I
started WWIII in this conversation, I’m ready for the american whores to
start shouting at how much Britain sucks. Bring it on queers.

VocaloidMau5 says:

The girl at 0:40 like wtf… That’s not a sandwich? It has bread on the
bottom and top with shit in between I think it qualifies as a damn

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