Awkward Family Photos: 18 Weird Bridesmaids Photos

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BuzzFeedYellow says:

Have you ever been a bridesmaid or groomsman in a wedding? 

Joey Marlin II says:

Fact: Women only get married to men for their money.

The Outcast says:

Please believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior! Have a good day!

Immajeanyus says:

So the last bride took her bridal shower to the next level.

vegasjill21 says:

Now…isn’t this just somethin’!! This video has been up for what???
Going on 3 days and has 1.7 MILLION views??? Absolutely incredible.
If this video was pertaining to who and what ISIS really is, or what
really happened to those 2 Malaysian Boeing airliners, or how the Towers
and building 7 really fell on 911, or even HOW the events of 911 were so
easily executed, or who was really responsible for murdering Pat Tillman
and 22 members of our elite SEAL TEAM 6 along with 14 others in the
Extortion 17 helicopter AMBUSH that crashed in Afghanistan and
conveniently killing all on board, or who was really responsible for the
ambush and murders of our men in Benghazi ….. well, this video would
only have a couple hundred views. Sadly, this is what our mentality is.
And THIS is exactly how and why the corrupt and evil factions within
our government continue on a daily basis, and why it’s so easy for them to
continue to get away with their crimes. And that’s a really sad commentary~
Oh… hilarious bridesmaids pics. Thanks so much.

Nadia Lynch says:

I’m getting married next July 4th in Paris!! Soooo excited!!

lease2coach1 says:

You can tell these are Americans. So many disgusting sloppy-fat girls….

random thingz says:

Under 301!!! FINALLY 

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Ramona Cruz-Lamb says:

Oh yeah NO!

iEpiKs says:

i feel bad for laughing at 1:05 XD

El Gato says:

Stupid thumbnail

BaboonLoveMonkey says:

I’ll never understand zealous gun worship.

Michelle Ngyuen says:

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olaniyi570 says:

Nice but too fast

StephanieLorenG says:

Why are no videos working?

GoldenSoccerBall says:

0:43 we all know what really happened after that photo ;)

Austin Texas says:

Only buzzfeed could steal original content and repackage it into a 6
million view video.

Egg says:

I want moar oddly satisfying pictures.


SpyChiick says:

0:45 Literally, that was my moms wedding…

Michelle Leighton says:

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ShallShaLilcookies says:

What does throwing that flower thing mean? Please explain…

Bish Wuh? says:

I wanna get married but I don’t want a wedding. I think weddings are a
waste of money and time. the attention is always on the bride and I’m too
shy for that.

Tandorkus .Tandorkus says:

Why are bridesmaids so notoriously slutty? They’re just mostly the skank
friends of the bride who can’t stop sleeping around long enough to settle

Steven Malone says:

Who farted?

Alexander Easton says:


Justine Klee says:


NeKailah Harrison says:

First comment/like!

Joshua Whitsitt says:


Russ Chapman says:


aze606 says:

99% of women out there will only marry for money and then sleep around
with other men. marrying someone because of their assets. bitches wana
drive nice cars, live in nice big houses, but don’t wana work for it.
There’s very few women out there that will work hard just like the man. its
not sexist because its been proven by psychological studies. SCIENCE

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