Epic Fail/Win Compilation February 2014 – Best of Pranks & Vines, Funny People Accidents

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Fails /Wins: http://youtu.be/gywyjCQ04Sk Best Vines, Prank and Fails/Wins Videos!


Udalix Llew says:

What’s the song at 14:30 anyone know maybe?

Selinor578 says:

At 2:26, what caused the water in the pool to shake? What is “pneus” in
english? Anyone know what that black slithery thing is at 21:38? 

SanativeRevolution says:

11:45…..”I wish I had 60 dicks, DON’T YOU!!??”

Andrey Buchnev says:

Am I the only one who clicked on the video because Michelle Lewin was on
the cover?

Ильгам Батршин says:

Сколько смотрю подобные подборки, всё больше убеждаюсь, что англичане в том
числе и американцы, да как в принципе многие жители Европы невероятно
глупые. И глупые они не от безделья, а сами по себе, Труд из вышеупомянутых
давным давно начал делать настоящих людей, а из бездарностей –
приспособленных и талантливых. В отличие от кучи россиян, которые глупы как
раз от безделья и лени. Сам родился в РФ и живу в ней. РФ со своей
европезацией всё больше стала непредсказуемой, необразованной. Всё от лени
и желания не прославить свой труд и его результаты, а от лени и желания
кого-либо выставить дураком, обмануть, обвести вокруг пальца, причем
абсолютно беспричинно.

Christiaan Schulz says:

6,28 :( so sad for that guy

ImTehOzzy says:

Lmao I actually fell out of my chair at 11:20 trying to dodge the ball.

TheGhost GM says:

15:36 holy shit HAHA

how wei sheng says:

hey whats the song at 24.30 anyone knows ???

SNAKE Jack says:

10:29 what is the name of original video

andrback says:

Where are the hot women in the thumbnail for this video?! False
advertising. Never ever tell people there are good looking women in a video
without living up to that promise. You suck!

William Hall says:

6:28 poor guy lol

Plisk001 says:

I flinched at the baseball.

Артур Семенов says:

zapping is annoying 

MrKiwi4lyfe says:

so far my favourite of all epic fail win compilation! well done

pursuing222 says:

People come here just because of the cover pic. Like a dumb animal going to
the slaughter. I’m here to say that, and to invite you to my channel to
find out more on that topic…

brandon persinger says:

Anyone else cringe @ 11:20 ? lol

Ultraz 3T says:

I’m aurprised this channel isn’t flagged yet

Azure says:

15:00 what song ??

Mighty Timbers says:

russia sucks. 

Michael Mercuri says:

why would you eat a cactus?

Merlyn Pyndragon says:

3:31 Why would he…? Oh, of course, a woman must be involved!


Pourquoi vous parlez en français?

jack heinrich says:

Anyone else seen “The Mist”
I already know whats going to happen after ._.

Javlon123 Gaming and more! says:

6:38 i died how the llama runs XD

Robert Beer says:

There is a man eating a cactus with spikes… I am sure he is poor and does
not know a better way to make something out of his life. Maybe YouTube
should remove those clips to prevent other people from doing the same. You
risk your life if you eat a cactus. Doing this or swallowing a fishbone or
small piece of bone or alloy foil could kill you because it rips fine
wounds into your stomach or alimentary canal.

TheReddaredevil223 says:

I kept watching this to practice my french

Carter Byers says:

lol that chick using gun relax relax idk how to use this thing… RELAX!?

Robert Abraham says:

9:55 Idiots!

Teflwn_don says:

song at 24:30 ?

TheMetkalf says:

υπεροχα πραγματα

Ruan Razor says:

11:55 – I Wish I could be there, it will be the best time of my life!

Flying Ez says:

11:45 is that my 72 virgins? :-D

Shattered Essence says:

What is the music playing when he eats cactus pls?

Jorge Cázares says:

Somebody can explain me, why the woman hit with an ukelele that guy? i dont

Le Nom of The cookEs says:

24:50, it’s too much! Too cute! I cannot be manly anymore!

Aniket Karvir says:

Smbdy plz tell me what was that explosion in the sky 

chris bastian says:

14:16 song name please .. 

PageFound says:

Russian drivers…OMG!

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