A Day With Lucy!

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Kaelyn does a skit for you guys involving Lucy! Yes…Lucy! Lucy’s mom just needs to run to the store for something quick. Problem is, Lucy is being her diff…


kartika zahra salsabila says:

I think lucy better be kaelyn

Coral Swirls says:

Surely she shouldn’t have ice cream with braces

Mary Rose Ignacio says:

do my homework

Maddy AG says:

What did she do with the baby doll? Give it back? Give it to a little girl?
I’m confused XD

Andres Del says:

I scream u scream we all scream for ice cream!

_KayK_ says:

3:12. The only time i can ask for something is christmas or my birthday,
And if i said what or i didnt listen oe ignored my mom she would Slap
across the face, So Quick my head will spin.

Meraj Farooq says:

Nice but Lucy is not being good 

Thats-Bri says:

I think this is why a Women get abortions….

Maxievsgaming says:

Wow she orders the exact same thing as me when I was 6

Canan Wedoski says:

Lucy and you are the same person right? i think so im not sure.

the crafty guy says:

I think shes like 11 or 12

Ken Kaneki says:

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Gianna Zammuto says:

at 4:31 she winked lol

selena gomez says:

i cant belive she actually got the toy xD

Fun With Meryem!!!!!!! says:

why isnt she making her video today??????????

Saketh Malyala says:

Yes so true. I will never get up. Or just barely in time. 

victoria fabia says:

Going to School and i get bullied in class :-(

melissa olsson says:

Sophia grace liked this video!

Destiny Campos says:

I wish I was lusy because she gets what she wants

Casey Morrison says:

Why does Lucy always get what she wants?!

michelle dootson says:

5:01 her tongue was blue!

AllThatKazz says:

is lucy real or are you dressed up?

Taylor Cardinal says:

at 7:01 I saw something coming out of her mouth

karl david says:

kaelyn your so perfect

Maddie McKeown says:

I’m difficult about going to school

Yaheimy Rosado says:

Deciding what to buy and design for school suplies

Ciara Furlong says:

Yeah…. Getting up early!

Azra şeker says:

zeenginsin diye hava atma çok şımarıksın gerçek yüzünü göster

laura gonzalez says:

Kaelyn is that your stirster

gianna lentini says:

I feel like kaylen is Lucy

Kimberly Alfaro says:

She’s really bratty and annoying and she always want’s it her way and it’s
her mother’s fault beacause she gives her whatever she wants

Erin Mares says:

Lucy never says please

strawbinny says:

Lucy is kind of babyish and annoying

Princess Luna Moons says:

is it me or did i see mlp?

Nicole Jacob says:

Why would the mum go to toys r us to go shopping?

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