15 year old James Smith sings Nina Simone’s Feeling Good | Britain’s Got Talent 2014

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Stephen Morris says:

Nina Simone is one of the greatest voices of all time. This little english
kid treats the song like it has no meaning!!!! He has no soul in his voice.
Nina is the only person who can sing this song as it is meant to be sung.
Just hearing it haunts you, and shakes you to the core. And what’s with
this latin thing he’s got going on?!? Lordy… 

Mr Sarajevo says:

He sounds gay

Chris Richardson says:

What a version!

Lisa Black says:

Nina didn’t write this song, it’s not hers.

Elayna Fernandez says:

the dads face!

eKm iLeyendz says:

Carly Rose Sonaclare does it better, sorry bro. 

Gorilla Jones says:

LOL this sucked. I’m usually pretty forgiving but this kid has no future.
His nan lied to him.

Funny Gaming and Commentary with TheToasterMon says:

This kid’s gonna get all bitches.

arianzo says:

His brother is male or female?

I love iraq because it's my country says:

He gay

Cornivus7 says:

I dont like.!
And no, i am not a hater.!

Babylululux Creations ♕ says:

He Literally Looks Like +Greyson Chance OMG!!!! Its Phenomenal o.o

BlackLionFilms says:

he looks like elle fanning

Paulo Mendes says:

I like alot of michael bublé but this guy sing better this song (and i
thing nobody gonna sing better that michael buble) 

survivrs says:

I love this kid, I’m from the U.S. and love him to death, I’m old enough to
be his grandma but I love him. Talent just jumps out from him. Brilliant
audition young man!! He is so dang CUTE with his facial expressions. He is
going places, that is for sure!! David nailed it with his comment. Love
your mom James!!

Stephen Ross says:

When he walked on stage I said: OMG!!! He’s gorgeous. Look at that
smile! When he began to sing…within 30 seconds I said: Uh Oh…He’s not
gonna make it….and suddenly…he was just overwhelming! This is the same
passion that has made Daryl Hall famous. His smile…OMG…His body!!!
What’s NOT to like about him?

kSav says:

That was class. 

logan fishman says:

omg I thought it said sam smith for a sec. I was about to die.

E.T. Harris says:

Can the british really not think of better names. I mean ‘John Smith’ was
Pocahontas boyfriend… James Smith, really?

Fatima Teresa Traore Bello says:

I prefer Carly Rose 

Eduardo Gouveia says:

Ele parece ter um pausão ‘=’

Daniel Allison says:

Am I the only one that didn’t think this was as amazing as everyone’s
making it to be. Don’t get me wrong he’s amazing for 15, but it doesn’t
sound 1 million YouTube likes good

mgawsmestevan says:

Talented, but he should have went to X-Factor. I feel like it would have
suited him better there.

verakkandy says:

<3 love him

Crystal Songui says:

Did he win the show??

Justsias x says:

I love you. Do u wanna be my boyfriend? hahah

KatWhitlock says:

I’m 15 & recently did a live cover of this song with my band in Austin, TX.
We’re all 16 yrs and younger. Check it out & let me know what you think.

shayna gober says:

Wonderful.. Good thing to have the confidence well done to your parents.

luca dolo says:

Oh my god this is absoulutly Crazy

Rula Hanna says:

next bryan adams

27SHTK says:

Malisimo la verdad que el pibe hay que aplaudirlo porque siendo realmente
malo cantando se las ingenio para impresionar al publico con su particular

Irem Tekin says:

I think this is a very beautiful cover. He gave another soul to the song. I
loved it :)

Laura Coon says:

Such a unique voice!

Nathalie Lellep says:

Hottie omfg

Tori Ingersoll says:


Sarah Tompkins says:

Jeez , so much criticism. I thought it sounded great and I think that’s
what matters most ? 

Bree Haynes says:

Wow is the only word right now. Just wow. His voice is amazing and he made
the song his own and wow wow wow. 

r e says:

Too slow at the beginning…I just wanted to pull the words from his mouth.
Carly Rose Sonenclair sang the hell out of this song..check out her

Hunter Rae says:

I love his voice for this song! it gave me chills

bigearedmouse17 says:


Penny Middleton says:

I absolutely loved this. Never heard him and this is one of my all time
favorite songs from Nina Simone and he totally gave it his own rendition
and flavour and rocked it!! Great job.

Rishi Vaja says:

Brave choice… I feel that the song is meant to be sassy, but his cover
didn’t have that. Decent effort though. 

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