Eko Fresh – 700 Bars

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Bartleby1892 says:

God knows, I stood up for Kenneth, said: “Bu, come on, we push this guy
together, now!” He said: “Whack, stay away with that guy, no, man, really!”
Thought, he was embarrassing, really and that he rapped like shit. But I
stand up for “Kay”, would’ve never forgotten him, remember that part, later
I will come back to it. It was “Nemesis” meanwhile in Berlin, but something
was missing: My “German Dream”.

Chabo Babo says:

Und immer noch jeden morgen 1983 nananananan bester mann eko

IIPoMMeZII says:

eko ist mir gleich sympathischer geworden 😀

boBbYStAYlEr says:

O(h)rgasmus ♥

gungortintas says:

21:19 illuminatie Zeichen unten links… :-/

Lieutenant DE says:

Deine Dummheit tut mir weh.

Hamza Dogan says:

eko würde jetzt savas anal ficken

Sait Lepracorn says:

Dein Name aber auch 😀

sefa Ünal says:

So lang und keine Sekunde wird langweilig! Respekt

Salih sentürk says:

Mann eko du bist nicht mehr der König von Deutschland sondern der König von

Bartleby1892 says:

And lots of people switched sides then, that was the point when I noticed:
“Life is a bitch.”. For example: “Subword” didn’t answer the phone anymore,
they jumped from one dick on another dick. I drove there, got the
responsible guy out, threatened him loudly and got a judicial order to stay
away from Sony. They allowed “S” to bring out a mixtape, and when I did
one, a letter came to my house: Lawyer – I was supposed to hand over an
award to “Fifty” they called and cancelled it right away.

BossXVII says:

ja man richtig nice :)

Kiiing23 says:

kann mir einer sagen woher der beat kommt ab minute 26??

Bartleby1892 says:

selflessly featured them on the whole album. Because my name is a guarantee
for success and that was my third hit in a row, Capish? But the more TV,
Bravo and so on the more i got dissed by the underground, “Aggro” and so
on. “Bushido” and “Fler”, “Sido” and more, those went later from street to
commerce themselves. You notice something? Actually everybody just wants to
make it, today I understand those things and take it easy, but back then
that wore me down.

S Li cK zn says:

30 Minuten Headbang *.*

LifePlaying says:

es sind ja auch 700 bars ( gereimte Zeilen ) da muss man das auch auf 30
mins verlegen aber er hat einen sehr geilen Rapskill Kool Savas hat sogar
damals von Eko Fresh gelernt

Genetikk DNA says:

get a life.

MrJayCloud says:

Eko sagt es Bushido sagt es Emory sagt es Arafat sagt es und noch viele
andere, das kay ein Heuchler ist

Floydhyde89 says:

Wahnsinn, der Junge hats einfach mega drauf!

Bartleby1892 says:

But I don’t want to blame anyone on this verse, I’m only talking about my
life and these things are just a part of it. Where was I? Dude, shit on
this shit, My first album has the most hype 2003. Life is life, I didn’t
feel good where I lived anymore, wanted to “G-Style” and the boys and moved
to Cologne. Oh, oh, because I was not the troublemaker here, founded
“German Dream” with my old friends. I was in love, so I made “L.O.V.E”,

Bartleby1892 says:

But it was inside me, Hip-Hop, even if it doesn’t work, I risked it and
didn’t point it out until today. Fuck it, what has to be said, has to be
said, I settled old scores and the crowd goes wild. I mean, seriously,
something like wasn’t seen before, it was over the topic, it was above
relevant. It was a long time before Facebook and Twitter, I gave
Interviews, journalists shaking next to me. You know what I mean? That shit
was hyped, and even my label “Subword” kissed my ass.

Boo Boo Jackson ! says:

hey dude , i wrote 2000 bars on patagoniac , can you translate it for teh
peoples pls XD

Trap Son says:

1.509 die nix verstanden oder kapiert haben KRASSE “700 BARS” LEGENDS NEVER

SKSeriousKilla says:

Ein Paket, indem Klammotten der Modemarke Fubu drin sind 😉

ralf ratze says:

wow geiler track ,ganz ehrlich

ewsgedg egedsgvb says:

ich glaub du hast den Song falsch interpretiert

Bartleby1892 says:

And I don’t want to diss anbody with that, it’s totally normal. If I don’t
like a single, I don’t give a cock. In retrospective people already bigger
conflicts and still relaxed later, that is the truth. “Essah” was my
mentor, I don’t have anything against him, I’m glad that he gets what he
deserves after all this years. The biggest beef of Germany, like 2Pac and
BIG, there will never be somebody to fill our shoes.

Bartleby1892 says:

“What can be wrong about that?” I thought, but “Savas” was not amused – I
got dropped. What a lot of people still don’t understand, I got fired, man,
I didn’t want to go, A little boy, who endlessly cries about it and not a
detached pig rubbing its hands. … New Beat

Tony Montana says:

oder Ohrgasmus?

Bartleby1892 says:

Why that? Definitely not to give up now. Second single: “Ich bin jung und
brauche das Geld”./watch?v=0ddyWIEDMcg Meanwhile I was everywhere, also on
RTL. That song was initially ment to be a joke, and I didn’t know that this
would be such a hit. I was praising myself so high, that it was already
funny, because actually I was just a little body, a running gag, up from
the underground, this track has been sold a 100.000 times.

maxiking2166 says:

vom hater zum fan in 30 min!!!

Bartleby1892 says:

Check out my translation if you want, fatty.

Max Windbergs says:


Leguan Waslos says:

Warum kommt bei Eko One Direction Werbung ? 😮

Andreas Das says:

Die frau hat alles kaputt gemacht. sie hat savas und eko getrennt.

Bartleby1892 says:

I sat down and wrote everything down, Ah yeah, it was time for the second
album – “Hart(z) IV”. The sound of my hood, with beats from “Kingsize” and
somehow that thing wrote itself. “What’s up, nigga?” It was classic, An
album with more hammers than Praktiker. It was perfect, I sang the hook
line: “Eko Fresh, ghetto chief, boy, because it has to
be”./watch?v=WDnpLdMDflk The track was the essence of the gangster rap
trend, one that every rap fan knows on the bottom line.

Bartleby1892 says:

It really wasn’t easy but we unfortunately broke up, I admit I wasn’t the
plainest person, either. And I didn’t do myself a great favor with that,
the kollabo album was therefore cancelled. Had signed a contract which
reads: “Do your solo first, then you maybe get your kollabo.” What a
moment, my world was falling apart, but I had to continue, the money
doesn’t come by itself. What can arise from that? I felt like shit inside,
so I wrote a pretty deep insider record.

Rick Rebel says:

Komm mal runter du Spast. Der hat sich ne verdammte Mühe gemacht die Lyrics
zu übersetzen. Idiot..

rofl70oxD says:

alter…. zu viel zeit? 😀 respekt

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