Teairra Mari ft. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy – Sponsor [Music Video]

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Music Video for Teairra Mari’s “Sponsor” featuring Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sponsor-feat-gucci-mane-soulja/id351170553 http://souljaboytellem.com…


style makeup & shoe freak says:

Teairra Mari ft. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy – Sponso…:
http://youtu.be/81jdzS4sbq0. I’m feeling this

sassydiva93 says:

im happy mona scott told Hazel E to dye her hair blond for the show, most
girls look good with black hair because it brings out their features, but
in this video I don’t like Hazel E with black hair.

TheMindOfMagnus89 says:

And she’s still looking for one

Shae G. says:

Did y’all see hazel e in the video? I guess they were really friends for

Theonenonlyjw says:

she’s like an uglyfine

jasmin garcia says:

She was so young and skinny now she older and thick but she pretty

Latoya Menard says:

I see u hazel e

Judahmourneth says:

She sound alright… I was expecting her to be like all the rest of these
love and hip hop wanna be singers/rappers.

Roy S says:

I knew that this song was her. This is nothing but a gold digging ass bitch
song. If you can’t B-B-BUY BUY BUY your own shit then stop moochin’ and
actin’ like you got it like that. Everyone of those women on LHHH are
broke. All this show will do is ruin careers, because NO ONE will take them
seriously anymore.

Daniel Lindsey says:

was this a 1hit wonder 

Phillip W. says:

She’s talented, I will give her that, but the way she acts on love and hip
hop is a different story….. she is RATCHET lol

Cheryse Patterson says:

Her and soulja boy on love and hip hop la will be interesting…

TheMzzFoxx says:

Damn she got fat AF…I’m sorry for all u who call it “thick”….she’s
beyond that…her neck tells it all. Still pretty but wtf!?

phylicia smith says:

Teairra need get back in this type of zone. She was looking fly and I’ve
always loved her voice.

Candy Rain says:

Only came here to try to remember what popular songs she did. After seeing
her on love and hip hop lol 

Hannah Sebokonyane says:

I still like her.

Deidre Young says:

aww look at hazel e

Ossama Harchi says:

can u call this music, these cheap women in love and hip hop are gross, no
talent, only givin them pussy to get famous

Ello M Skrilla says:


Ercilia Hernandez says:

Dumb ass song.

Loreal Madonna says:

OK so we know this whole video is a lie. She could have 2 friends for long
anyway lmfao plus this dumbass was signed to DEF JAM at 16 plus her first
Hit was done with and by Jay Z lmfao she got dropped at 18 on her prom
night lmfao! She will never make it! She just doesn’t have “it”! 

Skyla Shanell says:

LOVED this song & her! Under rated.

laciena says:

You guys spot hazel e ?? 

ItsVahola says:

Love and hiphop holly wood yall. This is way better than VA VA VA Valley
girl- oh lord nooo lol.

Jaliyl Bruessard says:

I remember this


she was pretty bad damn now she’s fat and a damn psycho

Mia blue says:

I love Tierra Marie I hope she get her career back 

T Stark says:

And Soulja Boy stills raps like this. Even tho he try to talk about gangsta
stuff now he still has that teenager cadence 

Pedro22sjcBRAZIL says:

Tearria ^^

Dezz L says:

She need to make a comeback instead of being on lhhh

Rodney Taylor says:

Soft porn

lalaland2199 says:

Holy shit she was skinny… That weight gain within 4 years

Wendy Powell says:

Guess now we know who her sponsor was (Ray j)

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