Moko Moko Mokolet Fun Fizzing Ramuna Cola Candy Toilet! – Japanese DIY Kit

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Eating Japanese candy from a toilet! What a blast. Butch and I had fun making this video! Buy Here ▷…

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Japanese Kit – Kracie Happy Kitchen Popin’ Cookin’ says:

Japanese Moko Moko Mokolet Fun Fizzing Ramuna Cola Candy Toilet!

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#ToiletCandy #MokomokoToilet #JapaneseCandy says:

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ajnerd iravg says:

7:10 thats a eye not a nose

Calvin Lin says:

one is sugar flavored, and one is cola.

Christine Oliveira says:

I love your videos so much 

SouthernBelle22 says:

I have a big pet peve of the sound of somebody eating or chewing it makes
me cringe like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard i cannot stand it 

Loopy Lunar says:

Omg lol he said it’s coming then Butch said you sucked that one down LMAO
and the ‘toilet’ is full of white stuff. Sorry made me chuckle and my mind
is messed up…

yvette zuniga says:

T one time I saw a penny

Nick Tech Talk says:

The dog was a good touch 😀 Nice video as always, keep up the good work!

chanm01 says:

Butch is hilarious. He slays me! Absolutely kills. Hahaha.

CookieCrumbs165 says:

Can someone tell me if there are refill packs for this??? Thanks!

Angie Ianna says:

Cool luckypennyshop your awesome

Faith4526 says:

Is the dog a puppet and where did you get the dog

Renee Riley says:

So cool I like how you made it look like the dog ate it

Giselle Harrell says:

Your toy dog was crazy,funny,and dumb.

Alex Wolf70 says:

Love your vids so so so much!!!!!!

Adrienne Scott says:

were did you get buch

Heavenlea Bernard says:

i’m a BIG fan og LUCKY PENNY SHOP and could you text bck for me please that
you soo much bye

juliana noreña morales says:

time 7:13

Zerokitty says:


Huang Emma says:

Where do u get that?

Kleber França says:


SpazzyBoy26 says:

This is the first vid of yours I have watched, but I am wondering how Butch
talks. I am assuming you talk as him, but I am curious. Also, how did his
mouth move while you were assembling it?

Nikola Slawska says:

Nierozumiałam nic i to jest rzałosne jak chceće rozumieć to wejćcie se na
japana zjadam i tam tesz jest muko muko let polecam

ⓒⓤⓣⓘⓔ ⓒⓗⓐⓝ says:

What would happen if you add both flavor packets at the same time? :D

jacky salas says:

do you know the mommy and gracie show?

Arianne flores says:

The for the eating sounds warning and you rock

John Mcmann says:

I remember watching your channel a while back. It’s good to come back and
see your channel becoming so successful! Props to you!

John Koester says:

Make butches dream please

katie galindo says:

thas cool

Jolene Flores says:

that is cool

gay thin says:

Hi where did you get that Japanese candy

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