[HD] Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 – Taylor Swift 1080i

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Taylor Swift at the 2013 Victoria Secret Fashion Show performing “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” with Fallout Boy, and singing her single “I Knew You Were Trouble”


Revaline Isle says:

This is so awkward to look at.

もんてかるろ says:


Alex Fung says:

Give me a like if you know Taylor will be back to perform in VS Fashion
Show 2014 then you need to watch the 2013 one more time. XDD


Taylor Swift shouldn’t be doing singing that.
Also, 4:42 RIP Taylor Swift 

acrossthestars says:

lol taylor strutting the runway like “move, bitches!”

DoGgYDiddy says:

I’m not a fan of Taylor’s, but can’t deny she looks fierce here!

Elva Lee says:

What song was the guy singing?

stream A little says:

what’s the song name in the end?

Amy Pond says:

Fall out boy + Taylor Swift + Victoria’s Secret = PERFECTION!

Khoi Ngo says:

bài hát cuối cùng lúc kết thúc tên gì vậy mọi người.

THE Shalala says:

who is in 1:18, please :)

EccentricMadamViolet says:

Who is the model at 12:20??? She is SO uniquely gorgeous!!

Shirley Lim says:


Alexander Mrt says:

Whats the name of the model in 7.42?

Danny Goncalves says:

The dude next to Adam levine isn’t one of the former n’sync boys? the one
who is gay?

FeoFUN says:

With all my respect towards Taylor Swift…

Brayan Yepez says:

1080i my ass.

Rayan Kidia says:

Behati, Candice and Adriana IS THE BEST

Hellen Aranda says:

am i the only one to think adriana lima has weird teeth ? ( i should’ve
been defending her since i’m brazilian too , but i had to say it haaha) but
she’s beautiful anyway… :)

Seo Jessica says:

What was the song when all the models went out on stage like before they
went backstage to take a group photo?

Ricardo Teles says:

Cuz you know Im all about that bass bout that bass no treble

Red Apple says:

I feel like Taylor was trying super hard to out shine the VS models…she
was like move over bitches I look like a model AND I sing too. Well I got
to admit she looked breathtaking in that dress 

Ünlülerin Renkli Dünyası says:

Bu Performans Aklımdan Çıkmıyor Taylor Bir Harika Dostum 😀

normster1000 says:

Taylor Swift standing next to a Victoria Secret super model is
like ordering chopped liver
when filet mignon is on the menu.

michi recasens says:

Como se llama la primera canción?

Blu Cheese says:

I watched this just for Fall Out Boy and that model was kinda fangirling
at 3:37…..

Jerry Tsai says:

i wanna know who’s the girl in 9:08!!

Lauren Elaine says:

No, it’s cool Taylor Swift. Just take one small part of the song, ruin it,
and Patrick will hit all of the high notes since you can’t.

Liz says:

taylor did rlly good with guest vocals in light em up instead of her going
pop with country she should do more of a rock album

LordADNmusic says:

Hehe se ve que tailor queria sentirse tambien un angel de victoria y cada
que podia aprovechaba la oportunidad para lucirse en la pasarela. :p 

Lada Lebedeva says:

Как зовут певца который первый пел??)))

Shirley Lim says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

titus saha says:

Candice is the best.She looks so innocent and sexy.Wow!

sebastien ceniceros says:

I don’t know about everyone else, but I watched it just for fall out boy. 

EsteruBeru says:

Is it just me, or do Karlie and Taylor look alike?

Nikita Curnuck says:

Taylor swift to be honest doesn’t have the right voice for my songs know
what you did in the dark

冨加見雄二 says:

blue red white talor swift.

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