Michael Jackson Suprise on Britains Got Talent Suleman Mirza

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A great dance by these two men


sepsepinmoetitsko1 says:

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duval92 says:

This would have been so much better if they didnt show the audience so much, keep the camera on the talent!

anngranners says:

lol keep in mind that MJ was alive back then…

r0rschAch15 says:

you sir, are a very intelligent man.

john lock says:

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KKolossl says:

I think both of us have taken each other’s comments out-of-context, which has lead us nowhere.

Andrew King says:

Every good video on Youtube has a bunch of cock suckers fighting over some primitive prehistoric bullshit twisted and delivered in the form of scriptures and books. Hey listen now, lets get over Dajjals and Jinns cuz they sock my cock every day. Let’s get over the fucking religions bullshit because religions are made by EVIL people. Most of all, keep that shit OFF the videos FFS.

KKolossl says:

It’s not beyond science.
When someone says they posses or have anything (even magical or imaginary), it is still a object that is either there, or not there (disproving is hard to do).
When you add in the claim it is beyond the realm of physics (which it can’t be due to probability), the object becomes non-existent, and the claim of it existing would be false to begin with.
If he said just a ‘magical mini unicorn’, then I would not be able to disprove it in that manner, and maybe not at all.

gaviscon1979 says:

I think they were brilliant, who cares about religion, this is what god wants to see, people happy, united. God bless!

Kilox1000 says:

Don’t get why people are arguing about religion on a fucking michael jackson dance video

yuujin7788 says:

Ah, yes of course you haven’t proven him wrong. ‘to the best abilities available’ is not enough. Dude was talking abt a fucking magical unicorn, for God’s sake! LOOLOLOL! It is not that I can’t ‘understand’ your ‘proof’. This guy was talking about something beyond science, and you are talking about science?
His point is that you do not have to prove him wrong. I can tell you now I have something that science cannot explain. Are you gonna prove me wrong with science?

yuujin7788 says:

Also, I wouldn’t say atheism has nothing to do with religion. Obviously, religious people would find that atheism challenges their beliefs, and many are known to actively pit themselves against atheists.

yuujin7788 says:

I did not add religion to a scientific approach. I already acknowledged religion and science don’t go tgt. I also acknowledged that you perhaps went bonkers because of geturphil69’s use of the word ‘physics’. In that same comment, I made it clear that I think his point is that no one should be burdened to show proof that God doesn’t exist. I have no idea exactly what it is you think im trying to ‘disprove’, when all I’m doing is to agree with another youtuber’s point of view. LOL!!! (”,)

KKolossl says:


When you first made your reply to me, you said that I have not proven anything. That is where you seem to not understand that I have proven it to the best abilities available.

By you stepping in and saying I haven’t proven anything, it may be true to you. But in fact I have provided proof that you just can’t understand. You provided no proof with your claim that I have no proof. I gave you the ability to gain the proof you would so much like. I suggest you read it and learn something.

yuujin7788 says:

let me repeat again, as I have made it clear before, I did not entertain your ‘scientific approach’ at all.
So you DO understand that the magical Unicorn remark is in reference to Atheism. And yet you could not see any link to Christianity? When I made reference to Christianity, you could not see any link whatsoever, and got so sensitive and upset by it, thinking I was insulting you? LOOL. Actually, I was insulting you, but ONLY if you are christian. HAHAAAHAA

KKolossl says:

First you never took a scientific approach. I didn’t say or imply that in any way. Once again re-read. What I stated was you have taken the scientific approach presented, and now added religion to it.
I spoke nothing of religion, neither did geturphil69. His remark is an Atheist idea, which has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with proving God exists or not. I think you’re very mistaken about Atheism. That is why I pointed out Atheism is not religion.

yuujin7788 says:

LOL I haven’t had 23 years yet. Don’t trust everything you see on an online profile.
You should re-read everything and point out where I took a scientific approach, and where I claimed ‘atheism is a religion’, and exactly what statement i was trying to ‘disprove’.
Rather than just resort to ‘facepalming’ and talking about cookies and milk.

KKolossl says:

In no way did I fail. I urge you to re-read everything. Your 23 years have been wasted learning how to be incompetent beyond compare. I give you a medal, or would you like a cookie with your warm milk?

yuujin7788 says:

AHAHHAHA that’s the best you can come up with after realizing your fail? LOOOOOOOOOOL

KKolossl says:

Truly over your head. *facepalm*

yuujin7788 says:

LOL WUT? I did not take a scientific approach. Since when did I take a scientific approach? And since when did I say Atheism is a religion? LOL only the religious would claim that! A discussion about Atheism is a discussion about religion, but Atheism is not a religion! Surely you know that? 0.o
I’m not trying to disprove anything, I made it VERY clear that you (or anyone) ‘shouldn’t have to’ disprove anything. Do you even read? LOOOOOL!

w1o2l3f4i5e says:

There seems to be too many people using YouTube as a means of getting into an argument with somebody………..ALL OF YOU GO TO ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES OR COUNSELLING SO THAT WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE SUBJECTED TO YOUR ANGER

KKolossl says:

Your views can be about religion all they want. But if you take a scientific approach and make it into something religious, problems arise.
If he mentioned God, I could understand your reply. He didn’t.
Atheism is not a religion.
This ‘thread’ was about no proof on either side. None of your replies had anything to do with that, just an attempt to disprove something without any proof of your own. I provided a source so you could determine for yourself. It’s up to you if you use your noodle…

KKolossl says:

“Apparently his #1 ability is to defy any form of logic.”

Brilliant! lol.

KKolossl says:

I actually screwed up on my comment. It should have said ‘The Probability of the Unicorn Actually Existing’ at the begining.

That being said, yes of course he could be wrong, but until it’s proven otherwise it is considered one hell of an explanation (from a scientific viewpoint).

yuujin7788 says:

Perhaps you went bonkers because geturphil69 mentioned the word ‘physics’ Still, if he wants to believe in something that exists outside of physics, you can’t prove him wrong. His point was, you shouldn’t have to. If he wants to convince people that he has something that actually CAN exist outside the realm of physics in some yet to be scientifically understood way, He should prove it.
Get… it… now..? LOOOOOOL

yuujin7788 says:

Yes, well, my views ARE revolving around religion and it’s ‘involvement’ with science. This whole discussion is about religion. geturphil69 was mocking the classic ‘prove the atheist is right’ viewpoint, with his magical unicorn.
Of course science has nth to do with religion. That doesn’t mean this discussion has nth to do with religion. This ‘thread’ was about religion, and geturphil69 was mocking a religious viewpoint. Suddenly you’re all like, ‘no! you can’t talk about religion at all!’ LOL

hullamajascot1 says:

Isaw this on the night and it was brill, enjoy .

Perktube1 says:

Ahh I see, so as an impossible probability, could it be probably impossible? he could be wrong, like Einstein was wrong on quantum mechanics

Check0utMyGunz says:

And the argument continues that that is part of what makes it ‘magical”. Which is why people still believe in god. Because he’s god and that’s just what gods do. It’s a circle argument no matter what you bring to the table because god can do anything and he has always existed and yada yada yada. Apparently his #1 abiility is to defy any form of logic.

KKolossl says:

I know very well what this discussion steams from.
My views are NOT revolving around religion, I’ve simply given a means that can help provide an answer to the question of ‘Proving It’ (not for religion, but that a ‘magical mini unicorn’ can’t exist). Religion has no place within a scientific answer.

The way you seem to perceive the information is quite funny to me. I took a straight-forward Scientific approach, but for some reason, you need religion to play a role in the way I’ve answered.

Kate Vissers says:

OMG! There’s nothing else to say! Fanominal.

av8rable says:

i really taught it was michael jackson

Robbie Barton says:


KKolossl says:

Wow you really don’t grasp proper sentences do you? The manner that you place words within sentences matters. Same with punctuation.

The way you write your sentence does not play out the way you think it does. In fact it quite the opposite. If you tried to make a clever comment in any way, it failed due to your incompetence of the literary structure.

To sum things up, here’s a quote from you:

“LOL hold your horses! Im not taking an ‘educated’ approach”

shall I say more….

yuujin7788 says:

Holy shit. I just realised its possible that all this while, you didn’t know this off-topic discussion was kinda about religion. 0.o

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