Girlfriend’s REVENGE – Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper in Butt Prank

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Navarro714 says:

Women have the worst fucking pranks. They just hurt you. 

Johnny Valda says:

Lenka Kučavíková by měla točit všechny pranky za vás :D

ryaan Asady says:

if my women ever did that to me and started filming it. i would have
probably whooped her ass and smashed that phone/camera to pieces. i mean
its one thing to prank someone, but then theirs another thing to physically
cause him harm. i mean the bitch broke his tv and yet he is still with her.
i think this so called prank is enough a reason to breakup with her crazy

Suzuya Juuzou says:

Next time you fuck, put that spray on your condom. 

aleksi503 says:

So now I expect all the people who complain about him doing pranks on her,
to complain that she is doing them on him.

James Cowan says:

OMG! So wrong,.. but so funny, the ice was a nice touch.


Slow Mo Lab says:

That’s hilarious!!! Where are these guys from? Poland?

DDiez15 says:

Men’s idea of a prank: ingenious, innovating, creative, clever and funny
way of tricking someone for a funny reaction.
Women’s idea of a prank:… inflicting pain.

Zatamazal says:

I am so glad this chick posted this.

That way if I ever see her lame ass, I can run like hell.

Andy H says:

The funniest prank ever 

Yuri Savelich says:

Вот как выглядит настоящий способ отомстить бойфренду! Берете туалетную
бумагу и прыскаете на нее из баллончика с перцовым газом для самообороны.
Потом вешаете туалетную бумагу в туалете и ждете))) А когда жопу начнет
припекать, предложите ему лед. Который тоже предварительно попрыскайте

AsKaGangsta says:

RIP to your Asshole :D

Mihai Damaschin says:

This is insane. This is way too much for a prank. Pepper spray in the anus?
Are you nuts? He probably shat blood for the next weeks. I’m all for pranks
but this is extreme man. If a guy does this to a girl it would be abuse and
everyone would get on his case and it would end up on CNN.

Eating a ghost chili pepper, which is 5 times less powerful, can
hospitalize people. Now that guy took something way stronger up his butt
where there is NO defensive barriers to protect him.

Sorry guys, disapprove. It’s too much. You could of just put itch powder on
the toilet paper instead.

Zepharius Be says:

How come every time I see girl pranks, they’re violent and so mean that
they aren’t funny? I’ve never seen a girl prank in a way that wasn’t either
really dumb or really fucking mean. I mean, I’m sure there is girls that do
funny pranks, but the majority are mean ones like this.
FYI: hurting people is not always funny.

Alias Aliases says:

She is fucking stupid!

MythenAkte says:

his prank was not this bad xD

Mushu says:

Hahaha, I feel her, I am vindictive as well, and regarding physical vs
psychological pain. Men are more honest with physical pain, with the
psychological one they act like children, either exaggerate or play it
cool. Men can’t handle shiet like that well… neither can women on that
matter but not many women would consider hitting like many men would, just
look trough the comments, guys saying they would beat her if they were in
the situation..
Men tend to forget bad stuff they do or downplay it, it all just builds up
for women usually cuz we are wired differently, and they wonder why women
do shiet like this… :) cuz ur less likely to forget 

Lazos3 says:

I feel sorry for that man. You woman return to your kitchen and shut the
door. You are not able to do pranks. This is torture not a prank. Remove
the video cause little kids watching it and maybe will be try it in their
homes as a prank and make permanently dmg in their anus. Next time spray
all the bottle in your mouth to reach the brain to understand what you have

Berry CZECH says:

Nechápu proč na něj dělá ten její “prank”, když on jí vyprankoval snad jen
jednou nebo 2x a ona jej asi 4x…

Michael Conte says:

Girlfriend’s REVENGE – Pepper Sprayed Toilet Pape… :

Jasmine Chantel says:

i thought pranks were suppose to be funny?! i didn’t even laugh. i would’ve
fought her.

meiky007 says:

to tej blondavej mrche nestacilo ze mu rozbila telku, lebo mu vliezla do
telefonu a nasla nieco co nechcela? moja zlata, toto nie je vtipne a nie
len ze si spatna a hlupa, ale smejes sa jak drbnuta na tom, ze ublizujes
chlapovi ktory sa nad tebou z nejakeho dovodu zmiloval a je s tebou. Takze
teraz vezmi ten sprej, bez do kupelky a nastriekaj si ho do ucha nech v tej
blbej hlave aspon nieco mas.

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

This is beyond a prank, when you cause physical harm to someone then it
crosses the line. Especially chemical burns. You should pepper spray her
tampons and see how she likes it.

xander yitsuht says:

que alguien me diga que le puso ?

Georgi Kaua says:

Girlfriend’s REVENGE – Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper in Butt Prank…dafuq?

Abraham Lincoln says:

What is she revenging from ? looking at his phone and breaking his TV?
what’s wrong with these people

SPOREAlliance Demonology says:

That girl is a bitch. Laughing at such pain. I have felt that pain in my
mouth before. It felt like someone stabbing you.

JohnBK34 says:

Yeah this is so real! Because nobody would use yellow toilet paper! Most
people would think poss is on it!

Tom Hendy says:

Já si myslím, že teď už by nikdo neměl mlet, jak ten minulý prank proti ní
byl hrozný… 😀 Teď si jsou Quit. :)

janrdoh says:

In episode two he pepper sprays her tampons and pads .

Mikel3509 says:

Пошел бы в душ и вымыл зад, нежели чем валяться на полу.

Rax says:

Good job, girl!

And…Do I sense a butthurt in a comment section? :PPPPPP

Robert Castro says:

You Czechs take pranking to a whole new level. Clever!

Petr G. says:

Jestli se ti to dostalo až do prdele, tak by se ti mohlo podle mě něco
stát. Radši bych s tím za někým zašel. Vím, je to trapný, ale zichr je

SnakeSpaghetti says:

What this cunt just did is a felony in most nations, probably her nation
too. It clearly says on the packaging to use pepper spray for any reason
other than self-defense is a felonious act. It would be funny if somebody
raped her as a “prank,” since she finds felonious and injurious behavior so
goddamn funny. I truly hope she dies in a fire, but only after trying to
escape and ending up crawling through broken glass while burning to death
starved of oxygen. 

bones22j says:

I’m not buying this. He would have smelled the pepper spray the second he
walked in the bathroom.

Mr. White says:

This was the best revenge HAHAH

Lexa Laurin says:

Lenko moc fajn jen pro příště mu tam dej chilisprej a to něco zažije :D

JiLoa13 says:

What kind of sick woman does that? Everyone knows toilet paper goes over
the top vs under, for ease of use!

Ramiro Galletti says:

question HOW did he pick up the toilet paper winout noticing it was not

Kip Kip says:

She destroyed your TV and now your asshole? Hmm… PAYBACK!

-xXx_Pussydestroyer_xXx- says:

Luckly for you he didn’t depped his pippi becuz if he did…he might never
be able to f*ck you in the pussy ever again 

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