HUGE Baymax Toy Egg Play Doh Surprise Lego Marvel Big Hero 6 TMNT Shopkins MLP LPS Eggs

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Giant Play Doh Surprise Egg Baymax Big Hero 6 filled with lots of toys – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TMNT Mashems, Marvel Lego Hulk Mini Figure, Littlest Pet…


roxylovesmusic890 says:

its a pink chihuahua

Surprise Eggs & Kids Toys says:

Are you in the club? YES I AM!

Disney Cars Toy Club DCTC says:

Opening our giant Play Doh surprise egg Baymax from the Big Hero 6 movie!
What was your favorite toy and who would you like to see us make next? Like
and Comment :)

PinkyThePuppyProductions says:

I think the lps thing is a chihuahua because it looks like a dog, it’s has
big ears, and it has a collar

barbie Girl says:

its a teacup chawawa

Emma DeLaTorre says:

What’s wrong with your thumbs Becuase so beandy ???

Jaydalis Perez says:

Hey amy jo and brandon I hope u got my letters in fan mail and
congratulations on getting one thousand subs u are my favorite youtubers
love jayda

Marco A Garcia A says:

Amy jo do you have time to text

Graciela Castro says:

Check out this video on YouTube:Finally out of the hospital after a long
week at the hospital! In three weeks I will start my hardest battle which
is chemo! Seeing my dad put a smile in my face. Thank you to everyone who
prayed for me and wished me a well recovery.

SweetsAndCandy says:

ist fun to be in the Club :)

Nikita Mulrooney says:


Stella Lee says:

I like the my little pony , shopkins, princess pet, 

yukiableful says:

I think you actually got the carl minion haha

tabby727 says:

Where did you buy the My Little Pony Clickit blind bags? My little girl
watches your videos a lot and she wants some just like them :) TIA!

Incredible Ian says:

Ges what I got blind bags and blind boxes out of my present

Yamirez Ledesma says:

all of them are so cute

+!! :-( I just love them all they’re so gorgeous

jesica pasag says:

Big Hero Six was Nice!

Summer jeanne says:

my daughter liked the big hero 6 necklace… where can i get one of them
eggs?? do they come with all tht stuff inside??? thank you good video

Premium Scoot says:

I’m surprised you guys didn’t get the flapper bird or trash packs. 

richard eynon says:

Why were you holding onto the transformers sheet

lynette gibbons says:

The the pink animal is a fox and in Ireland big hero 6 is not in cinemas
till January 2015

olufemi olaniyi says:

noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! why…why megatron

Victoria Song says:

my favourite is the minion !!

Gisela Arroyo says:

It is not a bunny, it is a chihuahua.

Zombie Cat says:

my fave is Minecraft cuz i have 4 of them!

Edwardo Figueroa says:

my thing was the minecraft horse!!!!

Ivy Ice says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Monica Boada says:

I love your videos make more and my favorite was the shopkins

Agnes C says:

It was buttercup I think

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