Bracket – Mama Africa [Official Video]

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Oh na na - says:

The first time people sing about Rwanda!! I love you my friends

Amy Okoh says:

I am proud to come from igbo tribe. The tribe that hold the entertainment
industry and handsome guys and girls in nigeria. Movies and music etc
flavour,p square , don jazzy, patoranking, kc ,and numerous of artist in
movie industry my goodness igbo kwenu 

JustForYou♥ says:

They obviously only mentioned countries that would flow well with the song
(if u know what I mean)…if you didn’t hear your country’s name & you
feeling some type of way, go and sing your own song

ThePharaoh92 says:

An Egyptian here. Wish we could all unite as Africans and repel the wrath
of colonialism together. We are closer to each other than we think. 

dhizcaribbeangirl didi says:

not african but this song is just <3 ^_^ AFRICA where the human race
started !! Proud to be of african descent !! Ce West Indian fille aimante
la musique africaine !! Mama Afrique ! Amour des caraïbes … Vive


I’ve replayed this song over n over again am proudly African and Kenyan for
that matter , I love Nigerian music and the people are always welcoming
can’t wait to visit this place.

sparkle on unicorn says:

Culture was stolen from african Americans my mom can’t even tell me what
beautiful country we were stolen from :///

Marlie Martial says:

Oh my goodness! I’m Haitian and I love Nigerian music so much! *kisses*

Mehdi Tazi Labzour says:

No North Africa…..

Asedri Amin Amin says:

Mr Bracket is a ” uniter “. No doubt the singer is from West Africa! but,
in his song he mentioned the names of African countries that are far from
West Africa, that is; East, South, Central and then back to the West! all
points to a tell tell signs of United artist. Some Africans will be
offended because the names of their country is not mentioned, that
shouldn’t be a reason to be angry, because, different artists compose their
lyrics differently. 

Ellie Saye says:

Flavour is that you I see in the middle dancing?

Adam Smith says:

thanks for mentioning Cameroon in ur music…..Cameroonians welcome u at
anytime as u have always been visiting them in the past years….

Sunday Makuach says:

I’m Southern Sudanese and love music like this

Amanda goto says:

So proud to be African, one love from north Carolina, USA 

hotbabealways999 says:

Feeling this jam!! My New Years go down song!! 

Ejike Emmanuel says:

like serious to those who thumbeddown this song, pls the thumbdown is not
the download sign its for haters, by the way what do u hate about this
song, nija fly high like eagles, come to think of it we the super eagles,
j’aime mon pays, gros bizou a tous mes frères et soeurs nigerian

meski Love Ben says:

I love u mama Africa!!!!! God bless….from Ethiopia

Abang Abang says:

Love the song bro keep it up from South Sudan :) 

Kemet Empress says:

Love how the ladies in the video are loving the Mama Africa song in their
european extensions.

Brite Bille says:

OMG hun am sooooooooo delighted
Cameroon came up
Thz guyz

ichliebeBill4leben94 says:

Im so in love with this!! <3 GAHHH SO freakin DOPE! <3

Patrick Nkhoma says:

love from zambia loving naija music like for days

Elizabeth Ayete says:

i really love this music… everything about it is perfect….

A White says:

Tuneee xx <3

Daniel sá says:

where can I buy this music?
I try itunes but isn´t still there..

Solomon Onyemetu says:

African one love nice music bracket

MrSirPlz says:

I am from United States and I like this song just everything about it makes
it good I’m not from Africa or black but I definitely like this song .”

Mwana Afrika says:

Luanda/Angola <3 ;)

Roland Brownell says:

Check out this video on YouTube:trying not staya sa we just need ae people
are pho utterly

Okoubeyo Okou says:

je kifff trop ce son depuis la CI


j aime beaucoup votre musique

Benedict Hebie says:

I don’t understand why ppl feel the need to say where they come from.
1/ this is music, art => emotions = universal so just enjoy it.
2/ those who proclaim the African mentality, the moment u state ur country
of “origin” you already play the game of the ppl that divided the
continent. I know its something that rooted inside us now but try to see
the bigger picture and be part of a wider community, your country doesn’t
define you, your culture does and there is a red thread that links every
african countries to one single “original” culture.^^

salimatou balde says:

Vous être les meilleur je vous depuis guinée Conakry 224

I ' m M i k a i l i says:

Am I the only one noticing that African women wear HORRIBLE weaves!? In
Nollywood, in music videos, in everyday life…. just, ugh. Please wear
your natural hair! Or if you’re going to wear weave, buy weave that looks
half decent. 

Diana Apollon says:

Love bracket

Karen Sherry Brackett says:

Fun song…. kinda just stumbled across it; however I like the beat and
good to see something creative coming out of Africa these days instead of
war and Ebola. Keep singing 😀 

gaffy phardy says:

Great song===love <3 <3 ## from UGANDA.

Ângelo Pina says:

Someone can give more names of good Nigerian musics like this ?? sorry for
the english.

MegaLiisha says:


1LOVE_09 says:

Great song even thou I don’t understand all the things they are saying.
Love From Eritrea !!

Mohammed Mubarack says:

music is a real consolleer

naima williams says:

and SOMALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! but is full of hapiness!!!!

adomayank adolj says:

you forgot my country “Djibouti” in Africa Bracket 

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