Britains Got Talent 2011 Olivia Binfield

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OfficialBr4daz says:

high school musical

AS474923 says:

they better have alcohol ready to rub on lucy’s face in case she decides to squeeze her.

josiahkelii says:

Lucy the name………yessssssss

mizzbahamas88 says:

lion king

bruno myftari says:

hakuna matata

dsnfldgfds says:

great poem

Swati Swain says:

which movie song is this??background music???

ajay reddy says:

Declan = The Predator at 2:31

GG G says:

can i just keep her??

Hachem Weirdo says:

2:10 whats wrong with her ?

Hachem Weirdo says:

she’s cute <3

cyndish1 says:

Like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like . . . .

LeyLashaa says:


Lee-Anna West says:

Oh, my God, please just let me hug her forever.

taifhamid1 says:

it’s wonderful but the girl seems to be scared like shit xD

PennyPlyman says:

Absolutely wonderful!!!

the guy from the desert says:

972 people are jealous
she was amazing, cute, basically she was a little angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zach marshy says:

Hello Lucy is strangling the poor kid make up ur mind

john mohsin says:

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LoveForCafeLicor says:

The snake begins to close on his neck, because the noise scares her and feels threatened…
I really scared about Olivia… very scared!!

Lisette Mar says:

As an avid herper (reptile enthusiast), I wish to warn parents not to place large snakes around your childrens’ throats. No matter how timid, the animal can startle, which can lead to injuries/stranglulation… the petite hand on his trachea won’t save you. Nice boa, though. o__o

dezy hales says:

that snake look like its trying to choke her

PaperBag24 says:

If someone attacks her, good luck getting past the snake…

CandyVon2014 says:


Saratonin34 says:

Out of the mouths of babes

Heidcast says:

I love this little talented girl!
and much more because she is pretty far
from Spears, JLo and Beyonce stup…d ordinary icons!
(I just wish nobody take it from her!)

MrsPewDiePie says:

@thebooboosisters thanks hun :)

Devyn Neal says:

the snake is around her head
Lucy is around her head
oh rlly?

dancexitxoff says:

“I haven’t finished!”

LadgerMC says:

I like Lucy ^ ^

megan cosgrove says:

the song near the end was my spring concert song last year 0.o

ImaximX says:

Only watched it coz there was a snake in the picture. On a little girl. But glad I clicked it. She’s adorable 😀 And I guess the girl is kinda cute, too.

lilmissghetto101 says:

When she came out I was like “Weird choice of scarf…”

pixelatedtenshi says:


phatal45 says:

but you know what free speech is ? it mean we can say wathever we think bout you too. so basicly yes we can judge you

VivouZZZ says:

democracy means that you can say your opinion without anyone, anyone can judge you. so, i told my opinion and noone can judge me. ok? i told u. and i didnt tell that u are rude or something-.-


so cute

thebooboosisters says:

No I’m not happy, your freaking out at me when I just asked what it had to do with democracy. I would really just like to know, what it has to do with democracy. I wasn’t trying to sound rude but its the internet I can’t really make it sound anything. But it wasn’t meant to be rude. So calm down and tell me please what it has to do with democracy

Andrew Espinal says:

That snake was gonna kill the little girl if they said no. Hmm smart move little girl, its like coming on stage with a bomb. The joker would be proud.

thebooboosisters says:

I love your username!!!!

DrugAddictedNun says:

Sorry but wearing a snake around your neck and reciting poetry isn’t a talent and she shouldn’t have gone through

tigermad101 says:

im called lucy !!!!

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