10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions

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These are some of the craziest and weirdest Japanese inventions
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Japan is known for being polite and reserved. Social customs dictate a set of standards for everyday life which is why Japan often surprises the world with their unique and often wacky innovations. From pillows meant to replace girlfriends to oddly sexual devices meant to exercise the face, Japan is often the leader in world innovation even if they occasionally miss the mark.
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Motoman SDA10
Capsule Hotels
Easy Butter Former
Face Slimmer
Vending Machine Dress
Female Lap Pillow
Thumb Extender
Square Watermelons
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Stupid Google Won't Let Me Make A Good Name says:

Who else actually wants the Nekomimi? BECAUSE I FREAKING DO!!! OMG GIVE IT

mats daenen says:

japan, the most f*cked op country in the world

Joy Du says:


Danica DeCosto says:

I want those ears.

John Hilbert says:

Wow, really? You’re calling Japan weird?
Go and take a fucking hard look at yourself, America. You’re country is
full of obese people, violent and disgusting fetishes. Everytime I visit a
porn site I always end up looking at either a black-ass nigero vigorously
humping an ass so large I can’t even see his dick, or ten dudes doing weird
shit to a single woman. I mean, seriously, I once found a video of a man
getting humped by a horse, or a man fucking a dead corpse. You
motherfuckers even have the infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup.
And you telling those Japanese that they’re weird? bitch plaease

Wilford Brimley says:

Japanese are most perverted people. All they ever think about is sex and
anime (and robots but only if they have sexual purposes).

Serena Yvonne XY says:

I want a Necomimi!

Gianluca CNSLLO says:

You people are the SICK ones talking about another country like that. If
your country is so much better , wouldn’t that mean you shouldn’t be so
racist towards another fellow human country? Shows how much little respect
you have for one another. If you think Japan is fucked up country, smash
your technology in the house, cause i guarantee most of it is Japanese
technology .
When you or your family is in the hospital and getting surgery done
especially open heart, tell them you will opt out for “General anesthesia”
and would like to be awake, you hypocrite should never use it because
“fucked up” people invented it.
You people make me disgusted , this is why the world is in trouble. No it’s
not Japan and what they eat, it is you racist bastards who think you’re
superior than anyone else. I’m not Japanese btw , I’m Italian but I live in
the US so I have no preference, I am a human that’s all but I was raised to
respect all races and customs.. I see more weird fucked up shit going on
here in the US classified as “normal” I can name endless examples.. Please
wake up and smell the shit around you first before you criticize another
culture and take it too far with the racism. We are all humans. Youtube
comments should be always disabled because every video there is some sort
of racist fighting going on about nonsense..

PS: America dropped 2 Atomic bombs on a country that has already
surrendered , they were just to proving a point to the Russia that WE are
the most fucked up country and are willing to kill and fuck up anyone to
prove so. People willing to suicide their planes for their country, that’s
real patriotism and honor nothing “fucked” up about that at all.

I hope Japan will prosper and its people will be one of the wealthiest. 

Liberty4Ever says:

My favorite wasn’t included. 7 Day Underwear. Three leg holes. Day 1.
Rotate. Day 2. Rotate. Day 3. Turn inside out. Day 4. Rotate. Day 5.
Rotate. Day 6. Rotate. Day 7. Hang loose on wash day!

There’s also the hat with the toilet plunger on a stick that allows the
wearer to suction cup their head to the window of a bus or train so they
can sleep during their commute.

jamie bondie says:

1:25 when everyone clicked this video. im pretty sure that you tought it
was a device for blowjobs.

Ben Best says:

Whoa, Japanese people are very creative with inventions.

ryuko matoi says:

The vending machine skirt doe XDD I saw one in the suite life on deck….
Memories X3

Heropup P. says:

a freaking TAIL like that!!!

Psyntaur Vishnu says:

Fuckin weirdos. Japan just freaks me out. They’re like a different species.

Mariko Aihara says:

I’m a Japanese girl.
Listen.I have never seen such weird things in this video.
I’m really upset that some of you think that Japan is fucked up.
Well, it’s your opinion so it can’t be helped,but please don’t speak badly
of some other countries.
The creator of those things are fucked up.NOT JAPAN.
Please come to KYOTO (Not TOKYO). You will definitely change your mind.

RedThebigOne says:

The MOST misleading “avatar” for a Youtube video. Hence close to 5 million
views as yes, IMO it was a device for oral sex in Japan.
Not proud of clicking for that but at least HONEST!

Reed Lua says:

Neko-mimi during sex

Out Of Place Ninja says:

I sometimes wonder if there is a market in the USA for capsule hotels. I
will say though that many “Japanese inventions” as well as trends just
won’t work in the USA. Society in Japan is a lot more refined and peaceful
compared to the USA. For example, if there is a vending machine in a dark
area in the USA, it will be destroyed within a few months. In Japan, it
would remain unharmed potentially for years. In the USA, a capsule hotel
may not even be legal, but if it were, the customers would probably be too
loud and rude in their capsule and generally make a mess of things. Would
probably not be “worth it” to the other customers. I am constantly amazed
at the polite nature of the Japanese in general compared to Americans. In
the USA you have to actually worry about where you walk. Mugging, killings,
etc are a real problem here. Especially for women. In a nearby city, the
homicide rate for that city alone surpasses that of ALL of Japan in a year.
Why? Why can’t Americans be more polite and refined? Why are Americans so
rude and obnoxious? Is there any hope for a refined and polite America?

Kaci Smith says:

ok… The cupman is something i need.. lol 

トミー says:

How is a capsule hotel weird? I use these when I travel outside of Tokyo
and only stay for a night or 2. they are really cheap and quiet. you can
get a goodnight sleep in these.

rene kenshin says:

Maybe it’s better if they invented something more useful like free energy
to stop the use of environmentally damaging fossil fuel imo

Bora Rossi says:

1:24 ….Processing visual information….ALERT!! ALERT!! system
overloaded…ALERT!! ALERT!! 

Ekaterina Shilkina says:

Про квадратные арбузы то с нашего канала взяли)

Mia Nicholls says:

What’s wrong with a necomini?

ALI CHAF says:

I thought the lips thingy was a BJ thing, there is a lot of biters out

Crafta9000 says:

You call that weird? Most of these are actaully grnuinely creative and/or

Rainbow Defense says:

Man, I really want the cat ears….

Amara Smith says:

I want the kitty ears!!! So kawaii!!!!

madlenox says:

well, the capsule hotel or rather a hostel is even in Poland, so i dont
really see anything bizarre about it at this point

League of Smiles says:

that face slimmer object looks like a sex toy 

Conqwiztadore22 says:

Rapisssst wont be fooled by that disguise 

Nik Las says:

2:57 Lol i thought those watermelons are in minecraft only

Serge Smith says:

More dumb ass shit we don’t need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Behrman says:

What number two was not bizarre it was awesome I love tight spaces and have
dreamed of that and also it between twenty and fifty dollars, come on that
just cool

MonkeyKong says:

japan has an obsession with sexrobots tho

MintyMiku says:

I got that big ass lips in Cereal box. Lmao

Cookiecrzy says:

I want neko ears!

Angela Dan says:

Those ears are the best

Courtney Wright says:

By the way im 14 and I get bullied enough at school and its been that way
since I was 6 old so PLEASE DON’T hurt my feelings for saying any of that
just because you don’t agree!
For those who are nice to me, god bless you your family,friends and every
living creature
you come upon!!!!!!!!!

Amr Mohamed says:

10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions: http://youtu.be/wOFEvUdHsbE

Daigo Kawai says:

Japanese guy passing through. Remember kids, anything weird to you, is
weird to Japanese people as well.

Rinyotsu says:

Those ears look awesome!

Matthew Norrington says:

I knew this vid would bring out the morons to the comment section

HappyManVID says:

#10 its basically a proof on concept that you can make a robot that can
work at your house and cook for you, Wait for 40 years and you might have
#9 Not sure if proof of concept but is an really cheap way to get housing
and its extremly efficent, I wouldnt mind sleeping in it.
#8 Whats wrong with it? Its an good place to store your butter and you can
use it to spread it, Nothing bad.
#7 If it works I wont be surprised if women will use it at their home, NOT
outside! When I saw it I thought it was …. for….. something else…..
#6 Why? Just why?
#5 Usefull, Small thing that lets you make sure your food is being cooked
correctly and quickly so you will have a delicous cup of noodles. Nothing
wrong with it.
#4 ….
#3 Actually really usefull, Just wish they made it look better or turn it
into a glove then it would have probably sold well worldwide
#2 IF it was edible and was in a reasonable price then I’d get it, Its
easier to cut easier to eat and good for parties. But inedible and at such
price makes it a NOPE
#1 AWESOME! PURE AWESOMENES! Look at how far we got! TECHNOLOGY!
I will buy it as a gift for my GF!

Jonica&John YaoiBrothers X3 says:

I want those cat ears so I can be..KAWAII ◕w◕

Taylor Maynard says:

did the thumbnail remind anyone of miranda sings?… nope, just me then 

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