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Barbie Doll Toy Episodes – DCTC Barbie Videos of 2014 include: Barbie Splash n’ Spray Playset (Barbie Mini Mermaids), Barbie Pet Grooming Dog Taffy and Cat Blissa, Barbie Glam Laundry with Disney Frozen Elsa Anna Dolls, Barbies Fashion Vending Machine (Clothes, Shoes and Accessories), Barbie Iron On-Style Toyset, Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse Toy Episodes. This video is a compilation of barbie skits and toys that you can purchase at Walmart, Target, ToysRus, Amazon or Ebay.

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Music By Kevin Macleod


Cartoon Lovers - Surprise Eggs & Play-Doh says:

Barbie 😀 She is so cute !

Joy Holland says:


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maaejk. ttdadd








Tammy Carita says:

Dear Amy Joe iloveyou shows but there is one more thing that you need I
think you should put a really really really big doll house like a big ice
house like Elsa well I love your shows my name is summer I’m mom’s daughter
and I like to watch you too plus I love you so so much I can’t stop
watching them every night before I go to bed love you so so so so SSS SSS
SSS also good I just love them so much to remove the little on Rapunzel
doll with the love I’m seeing Angelo frying pan the guitar and Pascal
Indian Rapunzel hits mogasa letterma gospel and then she’s like oh wow I
shouldn’t never watch that movie it was so funny I laughed my pants off it
was so funny I was laughing like crazy I can’t stop I can’t watch it over
and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and
over and over and over its just so funny I couldn’t stop funny too I got
tired of it and I watch that other media we have in my size I’m Elsa doll
where she got my house and I also like you whipped cream that was the
funniest thing I ever 

ender man the gamer says:

Anna forgot to wash her crown

Disney Cars Toy Club DCTC says:

Some of our favorite Barbie doll videos of 2014! Which playset did you like
the most? Like and Comment :)

Andrew Vuong says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Kevin Dare says:

The necklace on a dog is called a collar

Evelyn Guzman says:

it whas annas crownd

Pharath Lim says:

I know what you need to clean up that can’t put in the washing machine and
that is important. The tiara!

vanelope Gonzalez says:

Love it

Ashlin Ella says:

Anna needs to wash her crown with bird poop

Gabriela Romero says:

Anna needs to clean the crown

catlover583 says:

oh and since you were wondering taffy is a girl dog the webisodes say she’s
a girl

EnDer GaMer says:


Jordan Smart says:

So many beautiful barbies

Chiina Fraziier says:

My daughter said her favorite outfit is outfit number two

Amber Walsh says:

Anna needs to wash her tiara and I really like this video where do you come
up with these kind of stuff can’t wait to watch a nothervideo bye

The Toy Box says:

wow great chanel awesome video liked :) all best

maikel de paauw says:

Ik vind het leuk om fumpjes te kijken 

Loraine Maher says:

Allie says: I have a kitty named Lola, too! :)

Andre Hicks says:

Check out this video on YouTube:bjkjxZcnm
Vvbnnmmmmkugx. Vj.lllpppokwcm.

Iris Funez says:

The dog I forgot the name

Snuggle Buggle says:

The crown with bird poop on it LOL ;)

PV Filming says:

I watch Barbie life in the dreamhouse, and taffy is a girl.

BooBoo OnUrTube says:

The bird poop on the ground

Erin O'Driscoll says:

anna needs to clen her teora

Msp avaalina says:

WTF!? i just spend 51 min of my life o-o

Mike Rivera says:

Anna forgot to wash her crown

Lenny You says:

Taffy is an girl

Deisel Shannoncoffee says:

I know what Anna forgot to wash the tiara

Dane Hanson says:

This is a cool show

Jasbir Singh says:

My name is rabjot

Topacio Cadena says:

Anna’s crown

Juan Manzano says:


Eun-Ju Ahn says:

my sister an i have a cat namd zoe and a cat moca

Dujiacun My says:

its Anna’s tiara

danita counts says:

Her tiara.

sayyed nadeem says:

I love this vedio

Feli says:

I like or stuff

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