[ Japanese Movie 2013 ] Midnight.Sun – Taiyu No Uta – Full Movie With Engsub Youtube

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While working at a seaside inn with his high school buddies, Fujishiro Koji meets Kaoru Amane, a street musician. Kaoru is suffering from an incurable disease called XP (xeroderma pigmentosum), and can’t be exposed to the sun. Under the sun, the two would never have met. Still, destiny brings the two together. Since the day he suddenly lost his job, Koji has lost sight of his dreams. But when he meets Kaoru, who is making positive efforts to become a singer, Koji regains his long-forgotten passion for music.


taikoking1 says:

It’s very sweet, gentle and heartwarming story. It really portrays the
cultural differences between the west and the east, I have read and heard
that the western culture is slightly more oriented towards male
characteristics, and the east has the slight propensity towards female
characteristics. I am not saying that one is better than the other, but I
think this movie shows that slight cultural differences between the
two cultures. 

Loudness Junior says:

I’ve never cried watching Hollywood films but already from 2 Japanese
movies. And I’m a dude

Ammy ENJOY says:

The real tittle in romanji is “Tayou no uta”

Syahira Nasir says:

This movie has drama version?

The House of Ten Genres: says:

yes, the ending is missing, but you can watch the last 9 minutes (or so),
here: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av814721/ and just fast forward to
right around the 2hour, 39minute mark to see the rest.

wacky chan says:

So Sad,but really good film

Rina Nightshade says:

she sounds familiar does she sing forreal I feel like I’ve heard her voice
from somewhere *scratches head* and also I don’t like how she is blaming
koji like that Kaoru never told him that she was sick

Eyder Guevara says:

so nice movie I think that I’m going to cry…

tho code n go says:

yui arakagi ahh…. enak bngt lagu yaa……..

PhuckHue2 says:

where is the screwing

Andy Zhang says:

Gw nontom ni karna ada YUI nya…

nald rus says:

is that YUI who sang rolling star soundtrack of BLEACH!!!! nyaaa!!!

dimas amira says:

Hhhhhhhhhhhbh[ Japanese Movie 2013 ] Midnight.Sun – Tai hh hyu No U…:

MilanNERO FEBRio says:

I am watching CUT Version One of the Song before, But I dont know about
this Film….
Now I am watching this Film… #IReallyLoveit #ILoveYUI

Min Myanmar says:

what is the name of the singer? lovely

Angelo Natividad says:

I loved this..
my idol`~

Nguyen Hung says:

I like the film so much and also the song that present by herself

Bekkie McAllister says:

Do you know what song goes well with this film…If I die young by the
Perry band the words suit it so well so of course listen and watch the
lyrics. Great film btw

lina sudianti says:

Really this ia good movie. Yui…i love your voice and song too 

陈伟 says:


Armando Robles says:

good plot.. cool characters.. not really good ending…….. my heart just
froze during the last part!!

StanMark says:

Nice movie but without the end!!!

Eri Yamada says:


raymond mendoza says:

i dunno, but somehow i love japanese movies ^_^

Ricardo Cruz says:

The best Japanese movie so far that I have watched. Simple acting yet full
of emotions. The eyes of the actors showed these emotions. I love this

FunboyPupwolf says:

Kamakura, beautiful place! I’d really like to visit one day.

Brian Sweeney says:

What a great movie. I’m a guy and I even got touched by this film. Truly

nald rus says:

she is!!!! hehehehehe…

Min Myanmar says:

what’s her name?

Jazzy chan says:

this is a nice movie, refreshing, cute and the songs are relaxing! (you can
feel the emotions) though in my point of view, it’s much way better if we
hear for the last time her voice (recording), after all, we all know what
will happen to her or the movie will end up like that…(hahhai don’t want
to spoil) i will give this 7 out of 10! ^_^ thanks for uploading!

Johnson Andai says:

[ Japanese Movie 2013 ] Midnight.Sun – Taiyu No U…:

Peter Honggo says:

why there is no english sub appear? i cannot understand at all. pls help
link that have the sub

Sariana Hermiati says:


TheNanowart31 says:

At first she sounds familliar. And then I recognize her voice, her name is
yui remember full metal achemist and bleach theme songs.

xoxocheche says:

I want to hear the son she recorder at the studio though.

최서영 says:

YouTube에서 이 동영상을 확인하세욨

Krisda Winata says:

Jancok suwe nhe embhu login9 e…?

dedy utet says:

I like

nhan le says:

[ Japanese Movie 2013 ] Midnight.Sun – Taiyu No Uta – Full Movie With
En…: http://youtu.be/Xh4-CyPZ3O8

suki N says:

scene shots much better in movie, but in terms of how story is told, TV
drama version is much much better!

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