Taylor Swift: “Welcome To New York” – David Letterman

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From her new album, “TS 1989,” Taylor Swift performs “Welcome To New York.”


Leon Li says:

i used to be a fan of taylor swift but now i am a hater. i mean, this is
the kind of song i could have made in garageband when i was 14. there’s no
authenticity in it. there is the musical equivalent of campbell’s tomato
soup: mass-produced and soulless. what the heck does she even mean by
“welcome to new york” ?? she has no claim to that identity. does her song
represent the millions of hard-working new yorkers who are NOT yuppies, who
are NOT young and wealthy, who are NOT privileged or noticed by the mass
media? come on taylor swift, why don’t you make the world a better place by
being yourself rather than letting the music industry appropriate your
voice to mass-produced musical sludge.

cJinL says:

This just doesnt fit her at all. She’s trying to go all pop-y, but every
little dance move she does is just cringe-worthy and awkward. And this song
is bloody awful. It’s bad even for today’s standards. It’s literally the
most generic pop song in existence. She needs to stop this. I’m pretty sure
she used to sing songs back in the day. Why not stick with that?

GrungeDistortion says:

I am using my freedom of speech to say that this is autotuned garbage.

CCRules123 says:

Ew what is she wearing and everytime she dances I cringe lol

catlikesb00ks says:

Why does every song nowadays have to have some serious deep meaning for it
to be considered “real music”??? Why can’t artists just have some fun
songs? Even megastars like The Beatles had some meaningless songs but that
doesn’t make every single song meaningless. You guys need to relax. Besides
Taylor is making more money a year than you will in a lifetime so…..

WinkSmileWave says:

“She Doesn’t Even Go Here!” -gay guy from Mean Girls

Mace Moneta says:

If NY doesn’t make this their new song, they’re missing an opportunity.

George Orr says:

What the HELL are grown men (and women I guess) supposed to listen to now
that Taylor Swift has put the nail in the coffin of Rock Music? Its
getting pretty damn bleak out there. Have kids today ever heard of “Led
Zeppelin II”, The Beatle’s “White Album” or even Guns & Rose’s “Appetite
for Destruction?” Did the whole country just go gay ? Leon Li’s
comment is correct: this is soul-less, programmed, auto-tuned crap you
can do in “Garage Band.” Well said young man.

alice cullen says:

+leon li she is a wonderful singer and if you don’t have something nice to
say don’t say it all

jessica wiehoff says:

Why does everyone hate this song. I love it 

Preston Justice says:

I’m not a Taylor swift fan. I’m actually a post rock loving hipster.
BUT…blank space caught my attention with its witty lyrics and swoony
vocals.a Additionally, she’s really hot guys..not just physically..she’s a
beautiful adventurous individual who made a drastic and defying turn in
order to go “pop” and this song is her personal interpretation of New York.
Sure, it’s smothered in pre-judgements based her upbringing and
luxurious/non working class lifestyle. But why not embrace her artistic
representation of the US’s greatest city?? It’s fun..and reminds me of 80’s
pop in a way. Haters need to wake up and smell the beauty. Finally, I would
donate every organ in my body to buy her ice cream and listen to her play
an acoustic version of Blank space. Cheers swift fans. 

Giles H says:

Fucking excellent

Alastair Carnegie says:

New York could not have chosen a more charming and stunningly beautiful
Ambassador. Taylor donated all the proceeds of this number to support the
educational needs of New York Kids. In India the word is “Dharma” which
means living life the way it’s supposed to be lived! There is nothing so
attractive as doing that! because Dharma radiates pure love!

Serena Chou says:

Her teeth are beautiful. 

excelerater says:

the official NYC has gone 100% corporate ..

TrainFeathers says:

OMG, the comments about this song are ridiculous. It’s a typical “wide eyed
girl moves to the big city” type of song. SHES A POP ARTIST, SHE ISNT GOING
kinds of songs, go listen to Jay Z or any other rapper that grew up in New
York, but that’s not the type of life Taylor Swift, a rich young woman
living in NY, is living, so no, that’s not what she’s going to write about.
It’s not the most inspirational of songs, but that’s not the point of the
song. Take your political correctness bullshit somewhere else. Jesus,
people can find a problem in absolutely anything…

Rino The Bouncer says:

I’m not a die hard Taylor Swift fan, nor I’m one of those idiots who go on
Twitter to talk shit about other artists and compare. But this song is
pretty cool. It could be generic, but guess what? a singer can do whatever
he/she likes. It’s your choice to listen or change the channel. They don’t
wake up in the morning feeling agitated about a few who didn’t like their
work in comparison to millions who love it so much.

Joty S says:

Taylor. This makes me want to go to New York.

Aya Labnine says:

Everyone is hating on her, seriously if u don’t like the song, DONT LISTEN
TO IT is that simple

Rick2526 CMLG says:

+Leon Li I thought you hated Taylor Swift so why are you using her
reference of haters going to hate,hate,hate then?

Gyl Morial says:

i am not a fan of taylor before but since her album 1989 came out, i can’t
stop listening to it..then i became her fan :)

Anit kaur Bagga says:

im like a huge ts fan but why would someone write a song about a PLACE
unless its an advertisement for tourism??? i mean this song is just so
meaningless……..i regret listening to this song cause now im a little
smaller fan of hers……the music was fun though and the song is very
catchy but the lyrics is like EWWWW cuz ‘welcome to new york’ is the only
thing she says in the whole song……

RandomVids says:

Please keep your music like this. No more country.

Surfercharlie25 says:

The acoustic cover version I’ve been hearing is way better than this
official version. The acoustic version has some soul to it; it’s
reminiscent of the Greenwich-Village, Bob-Dylan, folk-music vibe of the
1960s. This is way too autotune-d and electronic for any real emotion to
shine through.

I actually like a lot of Swiftie’s music, but she messed up royally with
this one.

Gordon Chan says:

There is such a great stride to the music, Great for walking. This song and
Style great beat and provides a stride for your walking.

Melany S says:

i love this so much. like, people who are hating his new music and haters,
you think that’s is good seing all his videos for sending hate? guys, is
just stupid and phatetic. like, you are not better than her, you can’t sing
better, you can’t write better, you can’t be her. and that’s is the problem
with you. always thinking about herself, sad. you never will be better
person of taylor swift, and im so so sorry, but she is the best anyways. 

Johnny Hibner says:


Taylor Griggs says:

I Love Taylor swift I think her songs are great! i am a lover for her songs

Sage Osborn says:

It’s official. Taylor can NOT dance!!

Anna Chapman says:

I actually am not a massive fan of Taylor Swift, however I really like this
album much more than her other albums. Well done Taylor !

miloradvlaovic says:

This song samples something ( illegally of course ) as I could anticipate
the melody…and this is the very first time I am listening this.
Also, this is an extremely generic, unenjoyable and dull song. At very
least her music ( on the first album which I somewhat liked ) was original.

But I have lost all my respect for this utterly wretched individual, upon
finding out she is probably the most contrived pop “artist” ever, hiding
her skin-deep excuses for emotions, such as envy, arrogance, and malice
behind the face of the innocent girl.

If I was not the gentleman that I am, I would use sh** instead of Swift,
when referring to her. I sincerely hope, for the good of humanity that in
few years, not even people from Americas will be able to recall who she is

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