Top 10 Anime Movies

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The characters in these flicks have got big eyes, fast moves and when they want they can really kick ass. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 anime movies.

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Moby Dick says:

Just watched Akira today. Simply amazing film. If you haven’t seen it,
see it, it’s a must.

mryoyoserpico says:

Akira? Really?? Why wasn’t princess mononoke or spirited away at the top of
the list? And why was howls moving castle not even on the list?

Wahyu Febriansyah says:

5cm persecond? kara no kyoukai? samurai x trust and betrayal? the
disappearance of suzumiya haruhi?

Alexandre Prince says:

I can’t get why retards keep saying like “no naruto movie this is shit”
while all movies there are classics. That’s like someone complaining that
Transformers is not on a Top 10 Best movies.

Kaylee Ismail says:

For me number 1 is Wolf Children ^^

Sam S says:

You can’t look me in the eye and tell me that the stuffed animal scene from
Akira didn’t inspire Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Frodo33 says:

What? No Dragon Ball Z movies? No Broly or anything?

schpoingle says:

hmmm…..i’m sure enough people have commented on how ghibli this list is.
and no ninja scroll?!! it should be akira, ninja scroll, then ghost in the
shell, and the rest is debatable. 

RedWolf_29 says:

This list fails due to lack of Laputa.

jesus aponte says:

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Wing Beifong says:

I was expecting Wolf children on this list. :( 

Jason Franke says:

Akira is at the number one spot.
Right where it should be.

Simone Bernacchia says:

Missing the two Patlabor movies: might be a bit slow but packed –
especially the second – with deep political and ethical reflections, by the
way both were directed by Oishi, the same director of Akira and Ghosts in
the shell

LaDon Boyd says:

anybody else think that akira shouldnt had been number one?

cabso says:

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise says:

Today marks the 30th anniversary of #NausicaaoftheValleyoftheWind. Check
out our list of the top 10 #anime movies for the occasion!

Hechun Ouyang says:

In my opinion, The Garden Of Words is the best anime movie of all time.
Please at least watch the trailer… PLEAAAAAASE.

Camwow880 says:

Castle In the Sky is my personal favorite but great list none the less!

Daniel Temov says:

Hey….were’s pokemon the first movie?!

ashmazyn says:

The disappearance of haruhi suzumiya 

Jesús Ceren says:

Where’s Paprika? or Millenium Actress? My score for this list is 7.8/10 too
much Miyazaki xD

Max Gray says:

My top 5:
5.Whisper of The Heart
4.My Neighbour Totoro
3.Nausicaä of The Valley of The Wind
2.Spirited Away
1.Porco Rosso
(1 and 2 both equally awesome!)

Максим Щербань says:

Hehe, I’ve watched 7 out of 10. And I think this list really misses

BelpherithStudios says:

Akira: Best anime movie EVER! That movie brought me to watch some anime

Daniel Inskip says:

imo Akira is the most over rated garbage ever

Alex Badila says:

So, half the list is Miyazaki films and the other half is full of the same
fucking anime movies that everyone talks about. Everyone knows about
fucking Akira, Perfect Blue, and Ghost in the Shell. Show something that’s
fucking different already!

Sophia McQueen Schmidt says:

where’s the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya….x'(

Faith Ward says:

What about wolf children and from up on poppy hill

Looping Ropals says:

1. ponyo
2. ponyo
3. ponyo
4. ponyo
5. ponyo
6. ponyo
7. ponyo
8. ponyo
9. ponyo

VivaLaCoolwhip says:

Hayao Miyazaki films take up half of this list.

It’s really unfair to other films and your audience to list multiple movies
from the same director. How about movies like Wizards? Metropolis?
Millennium Actress? Grave of the Fireflies? The Girl Who Leapt Through
Time? Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade? The Place Promised in Our Early Days?
Maybe not the *best* out there by your grading system, but unique enough to
hold their own next to this list.

Sticking to Miyazaki films, since they’re so mainstream and world-renowned,
is almost like a cop-out. We all know Miyazaki films are awesome, but we’ve
already seen them a million times. They’re everywhere! Even people that
aren’t fans of anime have seen them. Maybe we are watching this video to
see what other undiscovered masterpieces are out there and watch something
a little more obscure – or something that’s been out for years but we can’t
believe we haven’t seen it until just now.

There are more anime films out there besides Miyazaki creations – as
amazing as those are – and this list could have been their time to shine.

Sorry, got a little carried away there… otherwise, great video. O:)

:steps down from soapbox:

Chris Maldonado says:

Now I’m not saying these are bad movies but What about others like Jin Roh,
Cpt. Harlock or Trigun badlands rumble

Spooky Jorlan says:

Akira was great, but its an improper adaptation of its genius manga.

eclipsesonic says:

Wolf Children definitely deserves a placement on here in my opinion.

coltonedwards93 says:

what anime movie was that from at 7:27?
right after the Akira scene

SonicOrnitorinc50 says:

Where is Naruto movie 6: the road of ninja ?

Redon Bejtullahu says:

no Lupin The Third movie WTF guys WTF ???”?

Helen N says:

I feel down whenever i think of mr. Kon’s passing. Such a shame…so
passionate and talented animator. His movies were always unique, fresh and
groundbreaking, often experimenting with medium and ways of storytelling.
As they say, good people always go first ._. I wish he could have created

Le Roi qui pue says:

What about Steamboy ? This one was great !

Brian Hillyard says:

So we are more worried about princess this and prince thhat than we are
about the destruction of our country under the current administration. No
wonder this country and world is in such dire straights right now. You
people who value you video games and fantasy world better wake up because
that too will soon be gone.

Lieby Girl says:

I started watching Akira a couple of days ago. I am not an anime fan…but
the movie was visually amazing and there are so many stories that lie
underneath that movie. Definitely would recommend it to people into
sifi/political war/violent films.

David. Vox Populi says:

No ‘Air’ or ‘5 cm. per second’ ? 

aliking rochefort says:

For all of you whining bitches about not seeing your favorite anime movies
stop they clearly said their picks “THEIR FUCKING PICKS” for “THEIR FUCKING
TOP 10 VIDEO”. I’ll said it before and i’ll say it again it’s their opinion
leave It alone.

Maddii Mayhem says:

I’m really surprised the first pokemon movie wasn’t on here

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