Black People Vines Compilation 1 Craziest Vines OF The Real Niggas PART 1

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jon howard says:

Why do black people never get sunburns?

Because most prisons are indoors

Grammar Nazi says:

Dear viewer, if you came here to watch these Vines and you didn’t like
them, make sure you don’t voice your opinion.

You see, since these Vines were done by BLACK people, you are not allowed
to have a negative opinion about the quality/humour of the work; you will
be declared a “racist” clan member. Freedom of speech? what the fuck is

In conclusion: EVERYTHING that black people do is worthy of praise. WORSHIP
black people and EVERYTHING they do, otherwise you are racist. Also
remember, that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a black person to be racist. ONLY
WHITES CAN BE RACIST. BECAUSE FUCK LOGIC. Trust me, I left a comment here
on this video, and I am still getting responses 4 months after. 

Lloyd Frank says:

Black people = fun culture!

Pentech Yoki says:

If there were white people vine compilations of them trying to be funny
everyone would think they are so annoying. Like the majority of white
people on vine are annoying to me..

HybridEdits says:

Dear viewers, before you scroll down through comments, PLEASE READ THIS!
Every single one of them are about racism! The end!

NeneeBomb says:

Lol why do people that hate black people watch a video called “black people
vines” lol wouldn’t you just skip watching it?

Zuuhu Nuuhu says:

Attention all non blacks….please park your lame asses somewhere else.
Blacks make the best vines…..FACT. 

JaySpacey says:

“Black people are fucking apes” Tell that to the president, bitch.

Amari Bell says:

Why are white people mean to blacks… We never did anything to them?

Josipa Tokic says:

Black people rock!

Jessica Davis says:


Kija Walker says:

+JaySpacey I understand the quotations some people are so caught up in
their heads that they dont understand basic reading and writing
skills….plus you look like a cool guy lol

Gref Klayn says:

In America it’s always about race, the comment section proves it. This is a
compilation of Vines ffs.

It is sad though, many white people don’t want to see black people having
more fun or being more successful than themselves.
Posting a racist remark with a smirk is the only thing to relieve that
Well, I will tell you something; You can’t break the black peoples through
anonymous hate comments, the black peoples have been through worse.

KayLuvSpngBob says:

Dear people of YouTube,
White people,along with other non blacks,but mainly whites,are jealous of
the culture of black people. See, black people can have fun and be
excepting to everyone. Black people dont care about degrading other races
for no complete reason. Black people love to have fun. Fuck the hate,nobody
aint got time for that

P.S. white people are just mad because they have pale skin,smell
doggish,cant naturally have nice asses,arent as ethnic,or hospitality isnt
in their definition. But then again, im just one person 

TheWhiteWolf 789 says:

Oh my god.
Fucking everyone in these comments is doing something racist.
Can I please just make this comment and like…fucking talk about the
weather? Or my favorite part in the video?

It was actually pretty cold outside today, I had to wear my heavy coat.
The funniest part to me in the video was the man slapping everyone.

Was that hard?

DuCroockMusic says:

dont act like u want discrimination u niggers
cheers from a whitey

alwaysbeliever_ 1 says:

What is his name 6:39

KeesusChrist says:

On white people vines they try too hard to be cute, cool, or funny. They
try to imitate the black vines but look lame.

Whites are win at extreme shit like pranks and fails though.

robert parker says:

Coming from a white guy, some of these comments are disgustingly racist,
and it hurts to see how small minded people are.

Danna Jordan says:

all u people dissing my black people can go right now because ain’t nobody
asked for ur opinion and for ur information, black people be the main one
in sports and they come up sith the most used songs that white people be
listening to so shut up being racist like that. I can talk cuz im light

I sleep under your bed and stab you to death says:



Dfizzle says:

Stop judging people by their skin color!

Although I never want to be in a fight with a black guy…

miloradvlaovic says:

Where is them watermelons mah nigga? XD
Don’t hate me :( I had to. I actually love black people :D

jake g. says:

Bunch of worthless porch monkeys that birch and moan 24/7 .. get a job you
scrum bags

Victor Hugo says:

Music Intro?

Ivano says:

Why do black people look like monkeys?

Eleanore Leveque says:

All I’ve been seeing these days is a shit ton of racism towards white
people. Every race has been trashing them. And that’s pretty fucked up. I
have seen only about 2 racist comments from white people on here, the rest
are hating them, saying that their race is superior… It’s really
disappointing… Why can’t everyone just lay off eachother?

famous221000 says:

Us black people are funny, we have funnier comedians than white people. We
even have white people laughing at our jokes, and the white people think
that we are just telling jokes when we are serious and saying things that’s
true and really have happened. We have a better since of humor than them,
and they hate that. It impresses them, we have more talent than white
people and they know that. So when they call us the word “Nigga” it just
makes them sound jealous of us. They say that word just to get under our
skin and try to make us mad, but they don’t realize that word don’t even
faze us we use it all the time. Or we can just get ignorant and punch them
in they fucking face when they call us that word, and all they gonna do is
call the cops on us cause they mad pussy. Then they need to watch their
mouth, We have better looking babies than them. We have better sex than
them, and we have more $$Money$$ than them.

Erick Chongo says:

Someone knows the song of 9:35? I’ll suscribe if you tell me :)

Bianca Anderson says:

when your mom gets mad at you you bee like shutup

Mo Deveraux says:

Did you guys expect something called “Black People Vines” to NOT have
racist comments? Seriously? 😛 

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