Lia gets Braces?!

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Lia goes to her orthodontist for braces! Dr. Anthony and his staff do a great job taking care of her, and she ends up with some cool looking braces! Comment down below what color bands Lia should get on her next orthodontist visit.


Kiera Louise Cupcakes says:

I got spacers on Monday and I’m getting braces in a few weeks.. I’m so
scared and I have anxiety and I’m so scared I’m going to have a panic
attack while my braces are being put on! Does anyone have any tips?

Shady TVava says:

I have wanted braces, cause my teeth are horrible – I might get them when
I’m about 12. I have a gap in my teeth- and my teeth go up. Furthermore,
when I get braces, I’ll be much happier – and I’ll be SO happy if they grow
back by itself. I’ll be scared.. I want glow in the dark pink ones to make
it stand out – pinks not my favorite colour- turqoise is. If there is
turqoise I’ll get turqoise.. Thanks for wasting your time to read this<3

Emily Nguyen says:

I’m getting mine on Monday! Do they hurt A LOT the day after?

Devon O'Toole says:

She talks really slow

Cammie M. says:

How come Lia needs braces? Her teeth are beautiful!

Aislinn G says:

everyone whos worrying about braces hurting, i’m going to say IT’S NOT BAD
AT ALL! i had braces for about 3 years, and had rubberbands on them, and i
can assure you it doesn’t hurt that much! it does hurt when you get them
tightened, but not for very long after! and your orthodontist will give you
an entire list of stuff you “can’t” eat, but i ate everything on the list
except for nuts (broke a bracket on pumpkin pecan cheesecake) and raw
vegetables and fruits, like carrots and apples. and to everyone, make sure
before you get your braces off that your teeth are absolutely PERFECT! my
orthodontist didn’t wait long enough and my teeth were crooked still when
she took them off, and i’ve been to two other orthodontists since then to
try and correct the problem! also, don’t get a clear retainer when you get
your braces off, get the bar one, it’s much better! honestly, i feel the
worst part of braces is the retainer that comes when you get them off!

Zoe Howes says:

I’m getting my braces in March. Any color tips?

Jeremy Carmona says:

I just subscribed this channel
I watched a few videos a loved them

Hattybeebopz says:

I’m getting braces March 3rd any advice on what colour s would suit brown

Aliyana kelly says:

I’m getting braces April 21!!!!!! Yay

beauty Drose says:

I think it look likes that hurts and I might want braces now

zaara p says:

I am getting braces soon. Any advice which color I should get??

Emiliya Parrey says:

Can anyone tell me if getting braces is paniful? Pleasy pleasy pleasy

Steven Rosa says:

u copied seven super girls name disrespectful

Tayo Oluwatoyin says:

Dreaming pink

Elizabeth K says:

My name is Lia too!! <3

levi Tania says:

You are still beautiful Lia!

Karisma Leal says:

did it HERT you sould GET red and blake bandes

Callista wirya says:

You should get the color teal

Baraa Burahamah says:

I am getting braces in September or October. I am really scared especially
for my wisdom teeth. I think I have one. Plz some one give me tips my teeth
are a mess.a one tooth down one behind and two at the top. Give me tips plz
I need help 

Anya Pilkington says:

How did it take for you to get them parts on which you get on first because
I’m getting braces one day. X

Cookie Monster says:

In July i’m going to get braces. What colors would go good with blonde hair
and blue eyes?(I also like to wear bright colors)

Veronica Ril says:

I like iparkiling pink

Dan The man says:

I got my braces today

susana luis says:

Why do you need braces for perfect teeth

ღ☮Dıχıeđøøıšαωešøмe☮ღ says:

I’m SOOOO happy my teeth came in straight… You don’t even know

The twins Unicorns says:

Me and my sis might get braces I’m so scared!!!

Lucy Lulu says:

But its so hard if you brush you teeth if you have braces . because the
food block in your braces… I don’t like thats…

Joshua Richard says:

Screaming pink

2 best friends says:

Get screaming pi k 

Cupcake 123 says:

I’m getting braces in a week,so I’m really excited.

Chris Anderson says:

Lol you made me feel brave so when i go to get. Brasis i will be brav

Gracie Mcadam says:

I am gitting braceses so think you.

Yvanna Salazar says:

Lia omg u look beautiful I know ur thinking that I’m barely watching its
just that I love ur videos so much by the I think I said already ur
beautiful and I love u

Hannah Banner says:

Screaming pink and midnight glow

Alina Mielniczek says:

Does it hurt when you put it on, i will get braces.(aaaaaa)

Zoey K. says:

Lavender and light blue

Luiza Dogaru says:

You should get lavender and screaming pink 

Megan Martenet says:

Did they numb you? I got hooked up to laughing glass and they numbed my
mouth when I got a tooth removed.

William Kohler says:

extreme green is what color i think you should get

David Martinez says:

She can do it I can do it I’m 11 and I think I’m going to cry I think lia
your brave

Laker's maker says:


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