100 Years of Beauty – Episode 4: Korea (Tiffany)

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For licensing and media inquiries: mike@cut.com

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut.com

Tiffany Lee (https://www.youtube.com/user/beautystylelist)

Katya Gudaeva – Makeup (http://www.katyagudaeva.com/)
Juel Bergholm – Hair (http://www.salonjuel.com/)
Robin Park – Research & Accessories (robinisalive.com)
Marina Taylor – PA

Chalet (Instrumental) by The Plain Ensemble

Behind the scenes and high res images

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YouTube says:

100 years. 1 minute. 2 Koreas.

Imogen James says:

Can you do Britain? They change a lot

Cut Video says:

100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute: Korea

james wolf says:

It Is Proved Without Makeup Girls Sucks!!!

The Incredible Hulk says:

I hate how women are so fake these days. Teenagers in high school wear
makeup everyday. Its one thing to wear make up to a party, or a date or
your graduation but wearing it in everyday life is not fair to us men. When
deciding who to ask out, you go to the prettiest girl. You start dating and
after a while when she is really comfortable with you, she does not wear
her “natural looking” make up. You realize she’s an ugly scar face and
break up with her

Hatsune Miku™ says:

Please help me reach 200 subs thx =)

A Entitled Mentally Ill Gay Man says:

EWWWW! Women are ugly! I prefer men! The world can do without women. All we
need to do is clone eggs. It is easier to clone good eggs than find one
good sperm out of millions. Artificial wombs are already a reality. Women
will become obsolete. The straight men will prefer robot women with
artificial wombs in the future. I say all men be gay and all women will
disappear. If you disagree with me then you are a homophobic terrorist. 



Christian Martinez says:

Do mexico please and thank

pio dal cin says:

100 years. 1 minute. 2 Koreas.

Dog says:

dam we will all be dead 150 years from now

billions of dead people

Bullet Holes says:

1960s is the best!
Check out also my channel please :)

PD says:

Oh It’s not a real of South Korea with 2010s makeup!!!!TT
Plaease search again. It’s wrong!!!

Lushdemohaul1 says:

Maybe 100 years of Beauty in China

daein park says:

100 years. 1 minute. 2 Koreas.

ThePsycm says:

The biggest difference between south and North from what I think I have
seen in this video is .. modesty. North haircut for woman are a lot more
modest and more practical.

Анна Нейчева says:

100 years. 1 minute. 2 Koreas.

Et universe says:

Do 100 years of beauty : Adolf hitler.

grandePaoloDiCanio says:

Living in Korea, I can tell you only 1% of women are naturally pretty, the
rest is either average or did plastic surgery. About 40% of women over 18
did plastic surgery, especially eyes, nose and even jaws … so repealing
imo …..

nuffflavor says:

A lot of those styles (including the South side version) were same as USA
in those times.

Vick Nad says:

please do a man version thanks.

Cuckoo Phendula says:

South Korea: needs more plastic surgery
North Korea: needs more malnutrition

samspace81 says:

Would have been cool to have been in an old car for each decade! Just sayin
:) Very cool!

budczus field says:

1910 – my personal favourite.

IndraEMC says:

It’s just me or NORTH KOREA are better ones ?

ZenPhilosopher123 says:

I gotta say, I prefer North Korea, it’s got a more natural flare.

South Korea says:

As a Korean..
To be honest, This video is not 100% true.. Detail too bad..

Zico Kun says:

weird that north korea hairstyle looks better in almost every one

TheLamelyNamed says:

100 years of superficial useless crap. 

kenzeus says:

I prefer North they look more natural. South looks too plastic these days.

Nigel Henriques says:

Sorry not to be rude, but you should not postone another country instead
for a european country…I do not get why people here even want to see a
European country…You do realize that there are countless documentaries,
television shows, movies, serials, cartoons that offer you the info you
need. Moreover where I live in Canada, its imprinted in our school
curriculum, with european fashoin being the only fashion considered when
studying history. I think these videos should be of more importance to
those who do not have the resources that just float around which is the
case for europeans…Seriously! I mean where do you see a documentary
depicting fashion of Africa, of the evolution of their fashion because
there is I am sure a lot of evolution in their fashion…Sadly I personally
have never heard or seen this before! But I can teell you about the
corsets, the fans, the high heels the capes, the parasols, the hennin which
all are marked european!!! 

dechen dorji says:

I kinda preferred the north more to the south’s. 

Faith David says:

I would like to see the evolution of Philippine beauty. How we started from
native tribes or villages, then through the spanish colonial period, until
we’re influenced by the modern American culture

SuperQatarGirl says:

I’ve gotta say that the 60’s look is my favourite by far, more so in the
case of the south than the north. I really just adore that poof <3

Busra Gursoy says:

Turkish women ? Why not.

G says:

I love how even the division of North and South were compared but it does
feel a bit of a mix of maybe a Korean-American? Modern South Korean
standards in my opinion seeing it every day is more pale skin, big eyes,
light makeup, etc. But otherwise amazing video.

김영진 says:

전형적인 양키들의 편향된 한국여성상.. 찢어진 눈과 돌출된 광대뼈… 그리고 저 유치 찬란한 패션 센스…

101yayo says:

I wanna see this but for the pubic region.
Mine has majestic mohawk.

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