Skittles Marshawn Lynch Press Conference

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Marshawn Lynch gives an exclusive Skittles press conference to discuss the most pressing issues in football.


luis alcala says:

I dislike the Seahawks but this dude is awesome

Haneesha James says:

Being that I know Marshawn personally, I’m a little offended by some of
these comments calling him “illiterate” or “stupid”. I’ll have you know he
has an anxiety disorder which is why he acts the way he does when talking
to the media. He also went to Cal Berkeley and maintained a 3.2 GPA while
being there before getting drafted (his scholarship had nothing to do with
that, he very much earned it). 


I like the Seahawks because they’re not cheaters.

The Moral Crusader says:

“Marshawn, what does it feel like to be in beast mode?”
“You don’t feel in beast mode… *burp*…it feels you”

J3TTXZ says:

So many mad white people, be safe lynch it’s only a matter of time till one
of the reporters start Shouting racial slurs at you to get you to talk

Shauna B says:

absolutely awesome

#seattleseahawks #beastmode #tastetherainbow 

Norrin Radd says:

Decent interview considering he used over 80% of his total vocabulary
knowledge. Axe questions while I eat dis most delishious candy on Earff. 

Brandon Standifer says:

Why is he eating skittles out the pack when he has a gigantic bowl of them
right there?

ToPhrESHTV says:

“I wanna thanks skiddle for axing me questions, and I wanna thanks skiddles
for making the game day more awesomer.”

William Johnson says:

Skittles Marshawn Lynch Press Conference:

robert warren says:

3.2 gpa my ass. When it’s been dumbed down to Romper Room level maybe.
People are such naive sheep. College sports is a zillion dollar industry.
You REALLY think everything going on is valid and legitimate?? Pete Carroll
is one of the scummiest coaches in the business. Fired, run off, or
banished from every team he’s ever been with. The Sewerhawks are a fitting
team for him and Marshawn Lynch is one of his favorite love toys.

Illuminati? says:

mans got my surname woop :3

Geography Now says:

This was funny but I can’t stand skittles, they are SOOOOO bad for your
teeth. Skittles, if you made a tooth-safe candy I might consider coming

Eren Jaeger says:

I want some Skittles now.

kris redwood says:

How are there only 609 Likes on this video? #Beastmode #GrabTheseNuts

Skittles Marshawn Lynch Press Conference:

Ryan Wow says:

He’s there so he won’t get fined.

Timothy Oh says:

Legit question, what is the point of this interview?

I’ve watched football for a long time, but I usually tune out right after
the game ends so I never saw a Skittles interview.
Is it a small piece for humor? Also, are football players required to do
this or is it a just-for-fun kind of thing?

Pretty funny to watch lol
…and dam man, that crunching sound makes skittles sound so good.

Gree187 says:

Love this dudes attitude. F the press. They wanna see what he’s all about ?
Then watch the game. Nuff said. Now , where’s me some of those skittles.. 

M AL says:

He said “I’ll watch the cat” like a Godfather threat

Jasmine m. says:

That awkward moment when you realize you just said “awesomer”

Justise Jones says:

Mbvhuuikmmmmmnjjjjj h hkjjjj
cj OK kk MN jnnnbhhjkkjnnmmkl.kll

john thang says:

what does he mean when he says the twelve? 

Jordan Retzer says:

He finally starts talking besides saying Im here so I won’t get fined or
You know why im here

SouFLoTV @ Youtube says:

Awesomer #beastmode #souflotv@youtube

Gabriel Guerrero says:

Better then those damn reporters on media day flashing cameras on his face
all day taking pictures of you no wonder he hates it and you shouldn’t be
forced to do something you dint want to the nfl just uses him for the money
they make on media day

Josh Jelks says:

I’ll watch the cat. Legendary.

David Griffin says:

I’m Thankful!
“You don’t feel beastmode… it feels you!”
Skittles Marshawn Lynch Press Conference:

Lola Verk says:

When I close my eyes and listen to him, he sounds like ice cube.

charles hines says:

These are the only questions he can answer. lol

GrieferCian says:

Ayo these questions be maaad dumb. I really don’t understand why SKEEDULS
asks these moronic questions. They be like, “If u wuz a male repaductive
organ, would u rather use toilet paper or shake off??”

Jennifer Belanger says:


Daniel Wells says:

and idiots still think he has a social anxiety lol 

Papaya Man says:

what did he mean when he said the twelves? I think at around 2:00

Bill Jordan says:

What an idiot. Tomorrow at Media Day it will be…uh, duh, yea. Frickin’

TigersLyonsCheetahs says:

Marshawn Lynch is the first Earthling to inherit the “Beast Mode”. I swear,
why do people give this man bull? He’s awesomer!

good fellah says:

at the end of the day, answering questions is not gonna win games

BroTheDude says:

Now those are the good questions that reporters should be asking instead
of the same old tired boring cliched BS. 

melvin barnett says:

He’s been eating these since childhood; I hope he has a good dentist. 

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