019 INGAME XBOX360 “Disney Cars” c/o Marshmelon.com

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LpsPandaCreations says:

like if your watching this in 2015

Toomas M says:

@jimmitonloqhay Yea please warch your mouth and if u can read it is xbox
not wii

firebond14 says:

@AjTheBadBoy the old version on like ps2 and shit was WAYY better

GameVidsEU says:

you’re drivin’ like my grandpa’s dog.

peterthompstone says:

@EleCtronicHouse25 goni fucking make me u gay retard

Mythic 神話の says:

” I did use to live in the fast lane! ” Livin’ life in the fast lane!

Kuba4356 says:

lol jaka nuda

tonebank2000 says:


Alberto19951995 says:

@18carNASCAR ur right

AjTheBadBoy says:

Forget This Play The Real Game NFS HutPursuit Thumbs up if you Agree 😀

Keyboardfanatiker says:

learn to drive, man! -.-

themadenglishgamer says:

@18carNASCAR i have ps3

Rafał Bedrowski says:

Już lpiej wymiatam w tą gre na pleju 2 2;45 buhahaha

Joey Mainville says:

je trouve que tu de vais donner moin de gros coue quan tu dirige la voiture

Shamil Ameer says:


Sébastien Lemieux says:

127 peoples are just trying to get some attentions because their parents
just can’t take care of them. XD

MrJRFxC says:

@jimmitonloqhay it’s not on wii you dumb ass it’s on x box360

CyclicalDrake62 says:


Matthew Carriveau says:

@18carNASCAR too many negative votes because we all have idiots on youtube.
Ps3 is better just compare all the software much much better

Håvard Nilsen says:

Where is my PS2..! :(

Andrzej Wyrzy says:

Słaba gra, muszę powiedzieć ze grafika tej gry wygląda na 84 rok

BESTvideoVIEWER says:

this game for 5 years babies

EleCtronicHouse25 says:

@peterthompstone I didn’t asked you for a reply , so shut the fuck up

jimmitonloqhay says:

@MarshMelonCOM yes, now i see why u suck. Because you are dumb. Watch my
mouth? I did not record my voice in here. On the other hand, you are an
embarrassment for Nintendo. Havn’t you read your comments here? Everyone
feels better about themselves after watching this. That’s because of your
sorry ass.

TheQwertystyle says:

Your driving’s to make fun about :)

Tom moT says:

why is this featured?

cakeninja08 says:

@MarshMelonCOM yeah but Wii is funner

Matthew Carriveau says:

@jackstacey2001 whats to say we all arnt stuffed potatoes lol

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