Piranha Attack

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The piranha is a deadly fish known to attack humans. Be careful when you’re swimming, because piranhas will eat you alive.

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What is it?
The piranha is a fierce fish with tightly packed, interlocking teeth used for rapid puncture and shearing. Its bite is sometimes sharper than scissors. They travel as a pack–or shoal–of about 20 piranhas and are capable of stripping an animal of its flesh within minutes. They are sometimes seen vs sharks where they quickly devour their prey. When they’re in a feeding frenzy, the water appears to boil and churn red with blood as is seen in the movie trailer.

Where are They located?
Piranhas are indigenous to the Amazon basin as well as other rivers throughout South America such as the Orinoco, the Paraguay-Paraná, and the São Francisco River. Some Southern Americans go piranha fishing because it is a good source of food for them. The biggest piranha was found in the Amazon River and it looked like a monster of a fish.

How Will They Kill You?
Piranha attacks peak in the dry season when food is scarce and water levels are low. They’re more likely to attack when splashes are made, at which point they come and start tearing off pieces of your skin. The blood from these wounds attract even more piranha that come to prey on the rest of your body. If you’re not eaten alive, you can bleed to death from all the bites you’ll sustain throughout your body.

How to Survive or Avoid Danger:
Avoid swimming with piranhas in the dry season. This typically lasts from April to September. And if you MUST enter piranha-infested waters, wait till night time to enter the water as they typically hunt during the day and sleep at night. Also, cover up cuts or open wounds since blood attracts this vicious and deadly fish. Once you’re in the water, avoid making splashes by swimming or walking in smooth, fluid motions. And as a last-ditch effort, create a diversion downstream from where you’ll be at by releasing a substantial quantity of raw meat such as an animal carcass. If you’ve been bit, exit the water immediately in order to avoid further bites and to get your wounds treated and prevent infection.

So which horror film director made a guest appearance in the 2010 film Piranha 3D?
Eli Roth made a brief appearance in Piranha 3D where he played the role of the wet t-shirt contest host who died in a bloodbath. Check out the full movie Piranha 3DD to see him.

So would you rather…be bit by piranhas? Or be born with Harlequin ichthyosis?


luckyclover3 says:

I was watching another video, but I couldn’t help clicking on this because
of the thumbnail…

They will Kill You says:

The word “piranha” comes from the indigenous Amazon languages meaning “fish

S bannoura says:

Bullshit, they don’t attack creatures that are bigger than them , they only
eat their dead flesh. I have seen the aftermath of a 9 year old that was
eaten by them, he drowned and died before, then was eaten by them . They do
some nasty work though. 

Elizabeth Ortiz says:

how to avoid an attack….if you must enter piranha infected waters wait
till night time since they typically sleep during the night and hunt by
day….typically??? how about just don’t go in the freaken water.

Dallas TX says:

I don’t give a fuck if a piranha was to bite me I’ll pick it up and bite
that little bastard right back

Caliapi I Miss you forever says:

Be bit by Parana’s o.o

Leroy Fox says:

That question at the end… Brainless American… -.-

Charlie Whelan says:

I owned a large piranha.. it was as aggressive as a toddler

Babymaker twosixsevenfive says:

I own piranhas they are not that scary

Fire and Ice says:

Fishies don’t sleep

Antoine Salloum says:

How about: DON’T fucking swim with piranhas?

DeyCallMeCereal says:

u fhuken dum amerikanz r th resin behynd pirana atakz eyorup iz th bast

rayelle penny says:

Do the black scorpion

Crazy Drops says:

How about you do a video about the great white shark or the megalodon

Dan F Luz says:

“Piranha Kill In A Pack – You’ll Run
Piranha Start To Attack – You’ll Done
If You Think You Can Beat – Deadly School
If You Think You Can Live – You’re A Fool”

Luis Burgos says:

I’d like to be boot by piranhas cause it’s more Lilley that won’t go to
infested rivers

Carlos Rojas says:

Me gusta el pene

Eric B says:

Everyone in the comments is an expert on piranha’s now. 

jayson limos says:

B yessssss I did it

Haley Dockery says:

I didn’t even see the movie and guessed it right! (FYI I have a friend who
is named Eli!

Luke Lindstrom says:


Deadlygangsta says:

Educational but troll trickery used.


I had a pet piranha. (her name was toko) She’s dead now, lived probably
about 3 years in my giant tank. I have a ton of Wiccan friends and I happen
to be a mortician in training, so we have similar views about “returning a
corpse to nature.” So my friend Wesley’s rabbit died and he wanted to keep
its bones for articulation and asked me if I had any Dermestidae. I took
really bad care of them and they ended up dying (I know I’m an awful
person) so I told him there was another way he could get the bones back in
less time it would have taken the Dermestidae. I just plopped his hare
right in the Toko’s tank and within 5 minutes I had a very fat fish and Wes
had his bunny bones.

MrHacksss says:

This whole channel has fake thumbnails…

MC chinbinha Oficial says:

amazon brazil! o/

Orange Yuna says:

in the last i would choose none and i guessed it right i get B

freddy fazbear says:

yes they do well some

Tara Mist says:

My cousin was born with Harlequin Ichthyosis and she survived it and she is
very beautiful today :)

xTanistax xTanistax says:

To be honest, pretty sure cows kill more people per year than piranhas.
Cars also kill more people per year than Piranhas…
There are plenty other things that kill more than piranhas, which only
attack people under the rarest of circumstances.

Peter Greene says:

the antichrist is digitalization

Lucas G says:

I was attack 5 times over the years by piranhas and died 3 times do to lost
of blood. Honest ly.

Ismael Vargas Gutiérrez says:

The Thumbnail : O

Midnite Reveries says:

Piranha isn’t really that dangerous as people think. 

Shirley Childress says:

So I swam with some that scary and I got bit on my leg by something o.o

Taryn Maschke says:

i would rather be bit by one piranha


how to survie homeworks
or how to be silent in the class

Rafa Pites says:

un pedazo de mierda tu video

TheKhaoz12 says:

How are you even gonna live with Harlequin Ichthyosis?
From what I’m seeing , you skin becomes pale(low melanin(bad
sunprotection)) , your skin becomes crusty , your eyes become blinded from
what I’m seeing and some blood seeps out.

I don’t think you can even live longer than 5 years.

Faizan Bershed says:

I just saw a video of a boy after he got eaten by piranhas

niko piko says:

I would rather be bitten by piranhas

goerizal says:

this is one hell of a stupid video. even swimming in a concrete pool is
included as one of the sites of danger if you would believe this guy. 

Courtney Rhodes says:

if a piranha is biting you, bite it back.

Boner Pig says:

I literally could not fap. Okay that’s a lie, I fapped. I just couldn’t
finish. That’s a lie. I just didn’t like the video.

Susan Claasen says:

More powerful than a fucking shark you bitch

Geir Erling Gulbrandsen says:

Stories of piranhas are usually very exaggerated, and they virtually never
attack humans. The indigenous are not afraid to let their kids bathe, swin
in piranha waters. Mind you, one bit me in my fish tank while I was
changing a filter or something. But it didn’t require stitches or anything,
and all the others remained calm during the incident. The only one during
the ten yrs I had grown piranhas.

Flinch Fu says:

I found this quite informative, Mountain Piranha are pretty common here in
Colorado. It’s good to know these things…

greenpegasus88sz says:

Rmembr to always throw a dead animal in the river bfor u go swimming in the
amazon!! XD

Hiram Kyser says:

Bitch do you think I’m crazy I get bit instead

Darkangel319 says:

I’m a starting youtuber so I can’t lose my cool in normal situations this
is not normal though this guy is so stupid that he didn’t do research
instead he just said “hey fuck it I’ll just go ahead and use stereotypes to
lure people in” well at least that’s how I see it

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