The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn PART 2 (TRAILER)

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Jenny Yampanya says:

Twilight is the best movie ever

Ara Pola says:

Me encanta esta serie y sus protagonistas

Petra Kostić says:

I love this <3

Daniella Sartori Bassanese says:

Amo muito este filme sou fã 

László Lambert says:

nagyonjo az alkonyat hajnalhasadás 1 és 2 rész

วัชระ ล้อมน้อย says:


Merie Franklin says:

I love these they are great

dennise Cherrone says:

Twilight is the best

Elena Salvatore says:

I liked the final twilight saga movie it was good …..! but i was hoping
if they release the deleted scenes of this movie and the bloopers or bts
just like the previous movies of the saga ….so like does anybody knows
when are theyt gonna release ’em……….???

jamaal sonpon says:

Are love this movie so much

lairatur turismo says:

eu gosto da parte que o olho dela fica vermelho

Julie Gagnon says:

trop cool

True Lovatic says:

I’m so excited for the new twilight mini films next year :D

Merelyn Abad says:

The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn PART 2 (TRAILER):

Andrea Pana says:

Although I know that bella is not really dead now it saddens me

louiejane verzosa says:

I love it… Edward<3Bella forever.

Smiley HAHAHA says:

I love you <3 <3 <3 Bella <3 <3 <3

Paramount says:

My goodness, they emaciated her, much better than Mia Farrow in Rosemarys
Baby ! Kudos for scary skinny special effects ! 

muhymen muhamade says:

Love yolu bella..

icha pesek says:

I love twilight….kristen and robert so romantic ♥

iYhoelCaliMV ­ says:

como se llama esta cancion

Shannon Patrick says:

Who doesn’t freaking love twilight I mean you have to

Aisha Maream Khan says:

ชอบเรื่องนี้มา ชอบทุกตอน So nice ^_______^

Isabella swan says:

i looooooove twilight!!!!!!!Team Edward!<3

Mizia Kessia says:

Eu amo esses vampirinhos.

Abrelia Steffany says:

So sweet….

Antonia Senneca says:

Qualcuno sa bella cosa diventa? Vampiro o Lupo?

Vitoria Araujo De Souza says:

Acho lindo a bela e edward casal perfeito amo os dois ♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mackenzie Rounsifer says:

I loved that movie 

The Sun says:

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee saga zmierzch!!!!!!! 

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