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Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show) EXTRA REACTIONS:
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Jenna Marbles
Roman Atwood
Michael Jones
Tay Zonday
Tyler Oakley
Jake Roper
Philip & Christine
Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)
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Video Featured in this Episode:

Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with “Saved By The Bell” Cast

Lip Sync Battle with Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon

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Music by: Cormac Bluestone

YouTubers React #58 – Youtubers React to Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show)
YouTubers React to Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show)
YouTube Stars React to Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show)

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TheFineBros says:

Watch till the end, very interesting conversation and information about
YouTube, and TV starting to find success on the platform. This will be
fascinating to look back on 10 years from now. Thanks for watching! –
Benny & Rafi

PS as REACT at the fact states at 8:10, if you go to the Popular page, you
see a TV show clip every single time, wonder for how long that will be
true! :) 

Fatima YTB says:

LUZUUUUU!!! omg sorry, Spaniard fella over here :)<3 

TheFineBros says:

YouTubers have an interesting discussion on traditional television entering
new media. What future do you see for YouTube?

JennaMarbles says:

So much love and respect for The Fine Bros thank you for having me!! I had
such a great time

Vsauce3 says:

Great episode, +TheFineBros!! Thanks for capturing me turning into a child
during the Saved by the Bell clip! 

Wong Fu Productions says:

Thanks for having us! Go FINE BROS!!!

Gabe Helmy says:

I hope this gets on The Tonight Show. 

javier ortega says:

no hay comentarios en español .-.
que raro

Miharu Kanaka says:

I never really watched “Saved By The Bell”

Sharxy says:

I’ve been waiting for someone from RoosterTeeth to show up on here! :D

Jay Venne says:

I want to be friend with Mat Pat.

Jmiah Covers says:

I just thought that I should bring up that Jimmy did once have Miranda
Sings on his show, so he has collaborated with YouTubers before.

TheFineBros says:

Fine Fans are the best subscribers EVER!!! Thanks for watching our shows
every single week! NEW Vids Sun, Thurs & Sat! Subscribe:
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iHasCupquake says:

Great vid guys!! Thanks for involving me! Always a joy to film with you
both and love the positive messages behind your videos! <3

SavySaysTV says:

I am obsessed with Jimmy, through watching him on YouTube I started to DVR
all of his shows every night. I think with the way he uses YouTube it is to
see the “Saved By The Bell” skit and go wow I want to share this with my
friend but can’t if they didn’t put it on YouTube. Also are all the
YouTubers forgetting that YouTube’s own Miranda Sings was on Fallon? And
yeah he does “the whisper challenge” and gets ideas from YouTube but
viewers write in. Every morning when I wake up I watch his YouTube videos
in the morning. I think there is space for everyone.

Lilah Smith says:

kids or elders react to metalcore or deathmetal

Goat Helm says:

Michael MY BOY!

Epic Shadic says:

Elders react RWBY

Erin Behnke says:

Now all we need is the other half of Team Nice Dynamite!! Or the other two
Lads, or The Slow Mo Guys!

Andrea Klee says:

YouTube is NOT about the youtubers. It’s about the videos. 

anun m says:

That Mat guy needs to step down. I understand that he’s upset since some
big names are uploading, but news flash, youtube is for videos!

Javiera Ignacia says:

Luzu? LUZU tío! Dios mío te amo te adoro joder!


I totally lost it when I saw Michael Mogar!!!!!!!!

WestSideFlight says:

Kids react to 50 shades of grey

FromMeToYou says:

i literally might stop watching these videos because of tyler oakley

Israel García says:



Teens react to Monty Oum

The Game Theorists says:

YES! I got the Fine Bros. “TRUTH” rating. Check that one off the bucket

Almost as exciting…I’m in the 301 club!!!

Alex Johnson says:

MatPat was suuuuper salty in this video..that’s alright though. Awesome to
see Mr. Jones! Now get Gavvy Wavvy and Geoff please.

Felicity McNerdy says:

Teens/youtubers/kids react to little Einsteins theme song remix, plz plz

Tyler Oakley says:


Calissa Diamonds says:

I put my phone down to get a snack and as I was walking I heard “So you’re
searching for Jimmy Fallon right??” 

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