Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014

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2014 brought us a number of great films…don’t expect to see any of them mentioned here. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 worst movies of 2014. Check us out at, and Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)

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Derpis Malerpis says:

Drive Hard (which I have never heard of before this video) sounds like a
hardcore gay porno says:

We published our picks for the Best Movies of 2014 yesterday, check it out

Hugo Joubert says:

Blended fascinated me, seriously. It would have a few seconds of good
dialogue and actual real chemistry between Sandler and Drew, but then it
would remember it’s an Adam Sandler movie and ruin it with a horrible joke
or fake acting. It was like the movie was written by two people, an
adult…..and Adam Sandler

Hibernating... says:

Haven’t watched yet but I’m cheering for Frozen to show up…

Kevzete says:

Transformers is like the Call of Duty of Hollywood. You’re always gonna get
the morons it was made for trying to defend how bad it is simply because
“it wasn’t supposed to be a well thought out plot with great acting and
original screenplay but that’s why I like it, hurr hurr hurr.” Okay, if
you’re 12 years old and you like Michael Bay movies then that’s fine but if
you’re a grown adult whose obligated to show signs of intelligence from
time to time during your lifetime then you’re doing something very wrong

girlsrock236 says:

I thought If I Stay was good. I saw it with all of my friends and we all
cried. I don’t know why it’s in honorable mentions :/ also Chloe Grace
Moretz is an amazing actress says:

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Noah Burkett says:

They pick amazing movies and say they suck maybe watchmojo sucks

Ian Hollier says:

Not quite sure why people didn’t like Expendables 3. It does what it
advertises. Guys shooting things. Don’t try to look for a story in that.

DimentiosLoyalest says:

I’m stunned Birdman wasn’t on here.

Fushicho Kurayami says:

it just go straight to DVD/BLURAY?? HMMMMM…..
3:38 …..OUIJA made me sad…..I was exspecting IDK….something scary in
the psychological department that eventually turns into actual real scarey
shit…..Kinda like Grudge….But Americanized…..LOLZ!!!

velociraptor4you says:

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)” was NOT a bad movie to me. Heck, my
mom saw it with me twice, and she herself says that it’s the best
interpretation of the Ninja Turtles she’s seen. Sigh. I swear, it’s like
everyone has this ultra-STUPID, ultra-CHILDISH prejudice against anything
by Michael Bay. It’s like people can’t look at what he brings us REALLY
DEEPLY. That way, you can actually form an intelligent, thoughtful critique
instead of going the juvenile ‘quick-to-judge’ way. -_-

The Vicatorian says:

Ninja Turtles was not bad for a Ninja Turtles movie. 

Alexis Alonso says:

Am I the only one who liked The Nut Job?

CHAPPiE says:

am i the only one who honestly liked TMNT?

Rish Chalam says:

Where is Amazing Spiderman 2?

Ian Scott says:

The Fault In Our Stars should have been on here

cat101 says:

Fuck you the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie is awesome so go fuck
yourself and they look nothing like shrek and also it wasn’t the best movie
of the year but it still did not disserve to be on this list so FUCK YOU

CatMaster90001 says:

What the actual fuck was with the thumbnail icon?! Was that Will Smith with
freaking demon teeth??

Tyler Shewchuk says:

What… No Kirk Cameron Saving Christmas?

Gia Blue says:

WHAT?! blended was funny.

xTerminal-Daily Gaming Videos says:

honestly for me transformers age of extinction was the best of the 4

Monkeyyyy says:

Amazing Spiderman 2 should of been on the list, that movie basically ruined
the franchise for Sony and forced them to do a deal with Marvel.

XM1STERX1 says:

Lol this list is bullshit. There are like 3 or 4 good movies here.
Everybody likes transformers. Get over it. “Critics” have been talking crap
about it since the second one came out. Yet people still go watch it and
enjoy it.

TimedRevolver says:

Alright, I’ve heard this mentioned all the time in reference to the newest
TMNT movie, and I have to say something.

Everyone I hear talking about it compares it to TMNT II or the 80’s
cartoon, as if the cartoon was the origin of the turtles. It wasn’t.

Eastman and Laird originally created the turtles in a comic series that was
dark, bloody, violent and bleak. It wasn’t goofy ass catchphrases and
surfer talk. They were ninjas and they fucking killed people.

Once they started trying to market the turtles to a broader audience,
that’s when it got kiddified. The first TMNT movie was based off a
storyline in the comics, not anything from the cartoon.

So, here’s an idea: if you think the cartoon is where the turtles started,
you need to shut up, because you clearly know jack shit about TMNT in

Also, it WAS a good movie. Could it have been better? Absolutely. But it
certainly wasn’t one of the worst movies made in 2014.

Neither was I, Frankenstein. It was based on a graphic novel, not just
them pulling a reinvention of Frankenstein’s monster out of their asses.
Do your fucking research before opening your mouths.

And no, I’m not mad someone has a differing opinion from me. That’s fine.
But I HATE the spread of misinformation stated as fact.

Thang Nguyen says:

Worst movie of 2015 so far is Taken 3, what a pile of shit

TronmanZ says:

The tears of the Michael Bay fanboys is delicious. Stay salty, MB white

joshua31524 says:

All of these movies were good


How the fuck can a movie with adam sandler and terry crews be bad ?!

christo90th says:

TMNT made the list ?! ARE YOU FICKING KIDDING ME ?! 

Walter C Dornez says:

How the hell was a million ways to die in the west a horrible movie? It was

Levani Gelashvili says:

Stupid Channel :))

Niki YT says:

Are you kidding me? “If I Stay” was one of the saddest movies I have ever
seen… Why is it on this list?? 

Elijah J Williams Cordero says:


Anonymous says:

Frankenstein is the monster, not the creator

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