America’s Got Talent S09E05 Mara Justine 11 Year Old Superstar Singer

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Eleven-year-old singer Mara Justine takes the stage to show off her unbelievable talent. She belts out “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Hudson. Mara’s singing voice is ridiculously powerful, and her stage presence is remarkable. She is such a natural once she starts singing. It’s an easy decision for the judges.


Pinkie Pie says:

That girl is so talented! Hats off!

Cyd Clair says:

Literally half the people in the comments are jealous that an 11 year old
girl can sing better than them. Sad.

Adriana Diaz says:

I’m so excited to audition next month…so so excited.

John Justice says:

She’s very good BUT if you want to see something even better check out 9
year old Amira Willighagen who won the Dutch version. Stunning…….

Rewilz? Rewilz. says:

The blond one looks like Heidi Klum… She isn’t Heidi Klum, is she ?

efesgirl999 says:

Mara chose a difficult song, and I thought she did a bang up job for an 11
year old!! Mom looks like Sandra Bullock. 

DumDieDumb says:

This girl is going places. Also, she is going to grow up into a gorgeous
women I can tell. Got that pedo sense XDDD

Jordyn Hughes says:

I don’t think she’s that good . She’s not that bad but it’s my opinion 

Alexandria Infante says:

people today are just sad…encase the lot of you have forgotten…this is
an 11 year old child. Wtf is wrong with you people? How do you trash an 11
year old child? And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us. You
people have serious issues…the end…

Gwen Ferry says:

Yes, for an eleven year old to have this much power, she will go a long
way. Hopefully she does not blow out her vocal cords singing so strong in
the chest voice. Please stop the negative comments. If you think you can do
better, get up and give it a go like Mara did! We can then judge you on
singing instead of your comments!! Well done Mara!

Jasmine C says:

Am I the only one that thinks she sucks? :/

Laila Johnson says:

she kinda sings like me but one detail i am scared to sing around other

christa hammons says:

i hate it

Grace Thompson says:

I am not being a hater, just critical, she is not an amazing singer, she is
mediocre at best, she has a great foundation but she has fallen pray to the
“popular” style of singing which is incredible damaging to the vocal cords.
Other then using her voice incorrectly and inevitable damaging her voice,
she is also relying to greatly on her nose to help her get the perfect
sound even though she is singing a song in a lower range which should not
be sung ” nasally” but from the stomach, and from the sound of it, it’s to
low for her voice and this point in her life.. Good foundation, but her
voice is being abused and will be damaged.

Aleksander Abdulov says:

Why do all girls have the same singing voice? 

Mystical Gypsy says:

She fell a bit flat if you compare her version to Bianca Ryan. It was an ok
performance but I have to agree with felicianomike.. a bit pitchy with no
depth. Bianca Ryan’s version was way better. Sorry guys

Xander Taylor says:

OK, not dissing here, but she proves she can belt and ape an adult. Great.
But the true test would be if she can sing a soft, quiet song. Can she sing
without all the drama? Can she sell a slow ballad? A lot of girl singers
can belt a tune, but not all are versatile enough to sing different kinds
of songs. Yes, she’s very impressive, but there’s a difference between
shouting a song and singing it.

Amber Bruce says:

This girl is 11 years old? -.-

Doctor says:

Kid, Your to young for this, Go play with ponies and that crap. 

Kassy Smith says:

Not to be rude. But Biancca Ryan was way better and she did the exact same
song seven years ago. She copied biancca. I mean she was great but i LOVE
Biancca. No hate please

Ordep Blez says:

Bianca Ryan was the first one! *w*

RamZoTube says:

lol but she ugly as fuck

RainbowSuds16 says:

How can an 11 year old look better than me?

Yuqi L. says:

I rewatched the “I’m not going” part of the song like 13 times lol she’s so

Ruby O says:

*singing* I’m amazing
After watching this I’m like ‘I can breathe’

Olivia Moten says:

Eehh she’s really not that good. She only got a pass for her age.

MCA Plays says:

You guys are never gonna belive this but she’s down my street and she’s in
my sisters school, unless she moved 

shivana persad says:

For her age you’ve gotta give it to her, she’s pretty awesome!

Luladee says:

So pretty and so good

Renee Miller says:

Holy shit! Anybody who puts get down obviously knows nothing about soul or
singing! I loved it! 

annatikitiki says:

OMG WOW !!!!!

channel says:

She doesn’t look 11 yrs old its crazy she looks 13

melissa wells says:

I thought this was America’s got talent? not America’s got SINGERS! why
not focus on acts or people with special talents, leave the singers to
American idol!

Yvette Ugalde says:

This girl is AMAZING!!!! BRAVA!

Kim Rodriguez says:

She is good 1-10 I say 9.7

Ungung Gluk says:


Julio Reyes Rodriguez Cruz says:
Baby Kiera says:

I hate her voice any boo you should listen to now your gone so cool #
loosed whatever that means

Christie Leanne says:

Her facial expressions when she sings cracks me up

Paige Garwood says:

Shes well good hope her caereer goes really well like it should

AlabamaRaine says:


tyrell wright says:

I didn’t think she’s was that good but she is still very young 

Kevin Heard says:

Can anyone tell me the name & artist for the music playing after Mara’s

Kırmızı Karanfil 'ÇALIKUŞU' says:
ecjbeer says:

Not that good. Tbh, sorry if you dont agree but that’s my opinion!!

Gooblyful says:

Why has loud become the prerequisite for good these days? Good on her, but
she’s not that incredible.

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