Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World

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An international cast of gorgeous male models shows just how drastically the physical attributes of the “ideal man” vary across 12 different countries.

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Joseph Almani (Turkey) @Josephalmani
Ajdin Sefer (Italy) @ajdinsefer
Ryan O’Leary (UK) @ryandoleary
Sahil Shroff (India) IG @sahilshroff1 / Twitter @sahilshroff
Joseph Song (South Korea) IG @s0ng-seong / Twitter @joesong1015
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Steven Dehler (Australia) IG @TheOnlySteven / Twitter @StevenDehler
Keenan Allen (The Future) @keenan_allen


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FkkinEddie says:

I wonder how many gallons of SPRAY ON TAN was used for the making of this

Yas Mean says:

the conversation of male beauty standards is pretty much null and void in
most circles and that’s a major issue.

I often post and comment about feminism, female standards, womens issues
and the struggle we experience but this…. This needs to be addressed too.

Far too often on those posts men pop up shouting on their soap boxes about
how men struggle too and largely, we ignore them. We tell them, but this
conversation is about women specifically, go find a conversation oriented
toward male beauty standards or societal standards.

But they can’t. Because the reality is that conversation isn’t there for
them to participate in.

So here’s my opinion as a woman… As a feminist…. As someone who often
posts content regarding and including men, half naked men, fully naked men
and the admiration we share for them.

If it came down to aesthetics alone, yes I have preferences. But they are
never set in stone. And they are never based on race or skin color. Mind
you, this is just me. I’m very broad minded. I find men who are well built,
physically fit and clean cut sexy as hell. Yet I also find chubby men,
bearded and rugged sexy as hell as well. Attraction runs the gauntlet with
me. I can’t just say, I only like this type of man. I like all types of
men. Body hair?! Yes please! Bald and smooth as an egg? Yes please! This
tree trunk lbs?! Yes please! Lean thin limbs?! Yes please!

As a matter of fact, I have an easier time listing the things I find
unattractive. And ironically, none of them have anything to do with the
natural body.

So guys…. Here’s your chance. You wanted a place to vent your fears and
frustrations about the male societal view of beauty, attractiveness and

Have at it. It’s your turn. 

LondonCityGirl says:

Too much pressure on men and women – I mean look at these guys – they’re
the exception. As long as a guy is confident, is in reasonable shape and
has some humour and intelligence that should be good enough tbh. 

Ekra nisa says:

South African and Turkish <3 

kilpatrickfilms says:

They left ginger’s out :(

aenjgeal says:

I feel so bad, we’ve been focusing so much on how magazines and social
media makes girls feel insecure, we haven’t even taken a glance at the fact
that the same thing is happening to boys :( It’s not good for either

Paulie Dahl says:

they’re all fucking hot god damn

Bobster930 says:

It kind of annoys me that a majority of comments are girls lusting over the
men in this video. The point of the video is to highlight beauty standards
that are largely unobtainable for a lot of men (especially the slides that
mention that surgery is increasing in numbers), I don’t know, it just irks
me that a lot of women aren’t taking this video very seriously especially
considering if this video was reversed gender then girls would be going on
about how unfair beauty standards in society are smh (and this is coming
from a girl, not a guy, btw).

myxium says:

id date them all tbh

areedhel says:

as soon as I saw the korean guy I internally screamed DAN HOWELL

Trinity Bourne says:

I think a man is beautiful/handsome when he isn’t afraid to express his
feelings instead of hiding them like society has taught them

Ebony Blanca says:

The last one, the future one was the most attractive because he was a
combination of everything. I don’t find conventionally attractive men
appealing, I like uniqueness and difference.

Nina Dionisio says:

I’m a Filipina but I didn’t find the guy representing the Philippines’ idea
of male beauty even vaguely attractive.

Jessy B says:

I honestly dont care if a guy is all muscular or not, if he’s a good person
and cares about me and treats me right he is instantly attractive

kotosqopos says:

What makes a man hot?

His bank account!

Frieza the Pretty Pink Princess says:

Wow, all of these guys are really beautiful. Not just handsome, but
beautiful. Spot on! 

DarkNaomi says:

All the guys in the video are incredibly handsome :)

KermitLeMuffin says:

tbh, this is coming from a guy, I think the Brazilian guy was the most

Ari Aula Arikae says:

Sigh I feel so ugly… *grabs a paper bag* 

Moose and Squirrel says:

They make 83% of actors in Hollywood being white sound like a bad thing.
Actually, it is almost perfectly equal. Approximately 80% of the US
population is white so the media is just reflecting the demographics.
Consequently, it makes sense that the ideal man is white because most of
the people in the US are white. You can say the same thing about any of the
other countries too, like, oh, the ideal man for Mexico should be black or
something. I’m not trying to be mean about anything; I’m not saying
Hollywood shouldn’t be diverse, I’m just reporting facts here so sorry if I
upset anyone. 

Penny Lane says:

The mixed race guy, the Nigerian, and the Brazilian were HOT AS HELL.

Dear Kate says:

The Korean one is quite off to be honest and it basically only exists in
the pop-music world(think boy bands/girl bands aimed at mainly younger
girls). There are a lot of social factors as to why it’s the case, but most
Korean men aren’t attracted to the type of beauty “standard”, and in fact a
lot find it extremely unappealing. The girls that are attracted to it are
usually younger as well, as in teenagers/very early 20s. You get a slightly
more realistic picture of male beauty standards with Korean movies (not TV
dramas). My husband is Korean and we live in Korea, so I’m around the
majority everyday. My husband and I have had this same conversation before
as well and this pretty much expresses his views and opinions.

Someone Sometimes says:

I stopped breathing for a while when the Nigerian guy popped up. I prefer
white men but damn this guy is too damn handsome!

Lifan Xu says:

As an asian, that south korean male scared me. Maybe it’s a bit too

That Pink Bird says:

What I look for in a guy
Height 5″8-6″1
Toned not super muscular
Abbs 😉
Broad shoulders narrow waist ( the v back)
I don’t give two craps about eyes so long as they r not so dark I can’t see
the pupil
Dark hair

Laid back
Fun to be around
Awkward (I’m akward too) :p

Justin Nguyen says:

the future is kinda disappointing!

Kristen Meeks says:

Loyalty and humor is what makes men beautiful. 

Jimmylqd says:

The struggle of an asian man in the west…only a small percentage of the
women find us attractive at first sight, and they are fucking hard to find

SkyBloo98 says:

Makes me sad to see how dominant eurocentric and colorist standards of
beauty are, even in men beauty standards. *le sigh*

Mosy Al says:

Ok STOP it already!! Just stop it! Too much sexiness to handle!!!!!!!!

Abby Cat says:

Am I the only one girl that think being chubby is fucking hot.

Samanta Luna says:

What do i think makes a man beautiful? a nice, big dick….that’s about it.

Sofia's Style says:

Anyone else have breathing problems throughout the video

Dex Peck says:

I don’t normally find men attractive but I gotta say that Brazilian dude
was doing it right lol

Because_why_not says:

o-o They should have put Eugene up there instead of that guy wearing
eyeliner. Eugene is beautiful. 

NickLauzon95 says:

Interesting; I’m not really seeing any comments from guys complaining that
this video is portraying an unrealistic/unattainable body image for men,
and that it is over-sexualizing men in general. Nor do I see anyone calling
others “perverts” or “pigs” for saying these men are sexy/attractive. Too
bad it’s a completely different story when it comes to the subject of
feminine/female beauty. What a peculiar society we live in.

Valen son says:

And what’s funny about the mixed race thing is mostly white features with
tanned skin is what they are talking about. So a white man with a tan is
the same thing.

kordulus says:

alright buzzfeed… good point good point… now come on.. get back to the
objectification of women..lets do a video like this again but with ladies
this time eh?..and for the sake of warding off the sexist comments.. we’ll
put in one dude like you put that asian chick in this video.

AnimeGurl公式 says:

Seriously what is the obsession with light skins? What so are dark skins
ugly now?

Abdi Ali says:

Why r people complaining?


A) BuzzFeed is only passing on factual knowledge.

B) A beauty has to be the standered in this world. U would complain even if
world was different. People just these days. 

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