Zombie Axe Attack Prank!

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Very Dangerous Prank! Do Not Reattempt!
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It’s that time of the year again, as Halloween approaches, your favourite pranksters at DM Pranks are back with a vengeance!
Are you ready for a memorably scary prank? This Halloween check out our latest “Halloween Zombie Attack Prank”, as a zombie walks ominously at night, wielding an axe… be prepared for a scary prank ahead!

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DmPranksProductions says:

Halloween Zombie Attack Prank!

Homero Castillo says:

How to fight a zombie:

Step 1: Get scared
Step 2: Drop gasoline all over the place, see if that works.
Step 3: Once you tactic didnt work, call you badass friend, and tell him to
fuck him up.
Step 4: Keep dropping the gasoline, to make it look like you are doing
something in front of a girl.

Jiwon Lee says:

0:54 LOL omg i need to marry him

Derrick Rose says:

lol nigga took off his jacket to use it as a weapon against a fuckin axe!!!

Jensen Payne says:

Fuck off zombie freak! *spills gasoline everywhere*

DKSON1337 says:

That nigga at the gas station that exits the car tho.. he be like: Come at
me brah! 😀 😀 I cracked up! :D

quantumzgotmm says:


Bob Loblaw says:

These guys need to be more careful about their pranks. If some guy came at
me with an ax while I was filling up gas, you better believe I will grab my
hammer out of my tool box and defend myself. I work in construction so my
tools are kept in my vehicle.

TheAce707 says:

I’m surprised no one has called the police on him…

Tomáš Kvapil says:

I would be calm, since walking dead I know Zombies can’t use weapons

Peter Costello says:

The guy who thought it was a good idea to spill gas everywhere probably
just blew in from stupid town 

Marin Villalpando says:

That music in the background is from SCP Foundation isn’t it? :D

Natalie Shz says:

0mgggg i have witnessed a murder L

sky maskish says:

The last Part would scare the hell out of anyone.

cộng hoà việt gian tị nạn lưu vong says:

0:55 LOL~

Flippy says:

Lol @ how many comments are saying that he would’ve been shot. Remember,
Americans, not every country allows the public to have guns.

таракан вася says:

вот сука асфальт царапает

Алекс Кошш says:

Хех на 50 секунде здоровый бык вылез, зах*ярил бы он зомбака без проблем!!)

Dovydas Ki says:

Thats not nice to scare people at night time like this..

muhammed Fener says:


Raphiel Stewart says:

It is not that funny it is baller was

عبدالرحمن الميت says:

0:55 LOL a man took off his Jacket to use it as a weapon against the

ondra10192 says:

these are really good pranks….but the people must be scared as hell and
they probably still believe it was real and have a pretty bad experience
for the rest of their lives..

Diamond Diamond says:

У нас бы поржали просто 

ivan amileno says:

zombies do NOT use weapons, worst video this channel has ever made

PandaTitties says:

Aren’t fiats like a one seater

kristian rroku says:

this is not scary , only if you are stupid you can understand that is a
joke if you want to see a scary prank look chainsaw of vitaly thats a
real prank

MrIjela says:

omg dat guy, such wayste of gasoline, children in africa wuld drink dat.

Okcthunderfan1990 says:

The zombies from resident evil use weapons!

Ronldbx6 says:

Kudos to the guy who was about to risk his life to fight the crazed zombie.

TheOnlyRealGreyGhost says:

Don’t do this texas…you’ll get your ass shot!!!!

Петр Безуглов says:

Опасно так с людьми шутить))

Ahmed farag says:

جميله جداً

ASA1689 says:

omg so fucking awesome.. i wish somebody would prank me like this :(

Richard Sharpe says:

I ama a gun carrier and I would just put about 6 rounds in his ass an call
it a day. Not my problem on a prank like that. I belive in living till the
next day and if it takes shooting his ass so be it

Nati dasSchaf says:

Can you came to Lüchow in Germany? I hope you made it! I love scary ataks!
In lüchow was it very boring… To boring 😉

Niccolo Daniele says:

Siete dei grandi

Charles Binford says:

I think you should do a angry troll scare prank or a chucky scare prank

Иван Шепорд says:


redice dany says:


Whathe Fuqge says:

I wonder if they even get shot or stabbed while doing these pranks.

ProshitHD says:

In this Video is the guck starting. Ist not Funny!!,

Chris Gee says:

Idiot at the gas station wasted $10 of gas trying to pour it on him

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