Angry Birds VS Mario (A fan made Animation)

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When The Angry Birds and The Pigs got stranded in Mario’s world, the tide turns towards the pigs. The wall is just to hard to break… So how are the birds going to turn triumphant on this one? The answer: Ask Mario! Angry Birds are copyright of Rovio Entertainment Mario Bros. are copyright of Nintendo


TheCakeman4444 says:

This is better than johny test

samus0374 says:

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ariel torres says:

[iminent flip][/flip]

Pilottyengi says:

This really should be renamed Angry Birds+Mario, I mean, Mario DID help them.

thunderwing10able says:

Keep up the g00d work! That Was Quite Clever!! Thanks 4 Sharin’ with us out here in “Button-Land”! :) TTFN, CJ-4-JC ~

larry smith says:

I know right!

spongebob501r says:

This made my day! LOL XD

CannedVideos225 says:

Hah, what da heck? this is the weirdest combo I’ve seen….

mattman1156 says:

because casuals

phuc nguyen says:

good. click

Claudioramcruz says:


chugraphics says:

My favourite part was when the pig with the helmet chuckled 😀

Please check out an animation me and my friend made with angry birds and whole lot of other apps in it too /watch?v=nyhJczZYnTA&feature=p­lcp

Emiliya2982003 says:


MSPAFilio says:

Why the fuck is angry birds so fucking popular?

MrHrishimishra says:


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annahidgames says:

this is the best one i’ve seen today!

briza colin says:


modtsing says:

may iba pa po

Angela Bozeman says:

i like pigs more better

wallawizardz says:

This is a video game cross dimention!

redsox449 says:

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lombaxlife says:

Mario shook his head! haha

Bloodfirewolf21 says:

That was perhaps the best fan made animated film I’ve seen. Props!

Sarepta says:

this is funny

klaudiapalacios41 says:


ross iverson says:

why dont they just use super seeds!?

intimelovewillfindme says:

dis is unacceptably inappropriate.

chickennuggetfan says:

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devganndyt says:

i love u Mario for showing us the right path since childhood.

1labratsfan says:

1596 people are goombas


u wrote da best comment evar


hahahhahhahaha lololol

Uwe Boll says:

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coolguy3314 says:

awesome best vid i ever seen the boomerang bird was great but sadly it died like red and yellow i subscribed thanks for the vid!

suraka1 says:




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