Toddler ignores military protocol, hugs mom / Soldiers Coming Home Christmas 2015

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Full Story : The 3-year-old boy could not wait for his mom to be dismissed after serving nine months in Afghanistan with the National Guard’s 114th Transportation Company based in Chisholm, Minn.

He ran to her Tuesday morning while she and her fellow soldiers stood in line waiting to be dismissed.

“I was longing to hold him, that’s all that I thought about,” said his mother, Kathryn Waldvogel, 25.

Her first sergeant told her and the other soldiers they would file in to the auditorium and would be dismissed shortly. But they were not to say hello to family members because it would take too long.

Cooper took care of that, running to his mother’s arms.

“He just kept smiling like he was in awe of me,” she said.

A KARE-TV photographer captured the moment and the station posted it to Facebook. The responses have been overwhelmingly positive.
Post by KARE11.

“It melts my heart, it’s so great,” Waldvogel said.

But this wasn’t the first time little Cooper and his family had to wait for a loved one’s arrival.

Cooper Waldvogel, 3, runs to hug his mother, Kathryn Waldvogel, after her return from Afghanistan on Sept. 16.(Photo: Elizabeth Flores, AP)

“He kind of did the same thing for me,” said Cooper’s dad, Adam Waldvogel, 26.

Kathryn’s husband returned from serving in Afghanistan with the National Guard in December. He was with the 850th Horizontal Engineers. That means Cooper’s been without his parents in the same spot for more than a third of his life.

“He’s the definition of resiliency, that’s for sure,” Adam said.


Drowning In Horseshoes says:

Holy shit. I found it. The worst comment section on all of youtube. 

CrazyGirL says:

NC Navy mother surprises daughter after 6 month deployment

Scramblieggs says:

It’s sad how some people can’t put aside politics for long enough to enjoy
sentimental moments.

ASMRYouReady says:

In the mothers mind she goes to Afghanistan to “protect the country” why
can’t she stay home and protect her family?! I could never leave my family
for that reason, there’s enough murder by military as it is, no need for

Lt Col Speirs says:

Wauw, 90% of the people in the comment section or fucking idiots
motherfuckers. “Fuck that mom, she killed blablaba”. If you only fucking
listen to the video it says “TRANSPORTATION company”, and what’s wrong with
serving for your country?

FUCK YOU HATING GUYS and Go America, killing IS.

Jason Rathke says:

I thank god for everyone of those pukes they killed. Hope they kill more. I
wish I could run into just one of you cowards on this thread. 

francut7 says:

great job done by American heros!

die all moslem terrorists!

CrazyGirL says:

Local airman returns from Qatar to surprise daughter
Local airman returns from Qatar to surprise daughter

itsMilo says:

I only see my dad for 3-4 weeks every year D:

Kelly Waugh says:

If ur a person who disliked this video GO TO HELL BITCH!

Norman Schwarz says:

annoying comments…

Man4Machine says:

Nearly 1,000 dysfunctional people dis-liked this. Monitor them because they
will most likely commit assaults or murder.

Robert Bell says:

Imagine if there was no war, no greed, no thirst for power or control… No
need for soldiers… It’s a crappy world that we live in, in the respect
that people go to fight wars, start wars, try to end wars… when we could
all live in peace if everyone worked together… Then children wouldn’t
lose their lives caught in the crossfire of war. And children wouldn’t be
without their parents for long periods of time because their parents are in
another country… Fuck you humanity.

NutellaANDBacon says:

What is with all these people putting negative comments!?!?! It’s annoying!
My gosh! The mom is serving her country and look at this sweet little
moment with her son! You guys criticize her too much, I see nothing wrong!
And this the worst comment section I’ve seen!

Brian Nixon says:

Sadly, the NG was called up for a lie of a war.

Amadeus von Beethoven says:

Wow, so people are saying they are terrorists, so IS are heroes in your
eyes? If so, kill yourself

Camryn Sabin says:

One parent being away is hard enough.. But 2? Wow. 

CrazyGirL says:

Emotional Homecoming For Troops In Illinois

Nicholas Alvarez says:

Anyone disliking this video is a part of the Taliban

Katy Juniper says:

amercans r evil

juan sanchez says:

for each mom/dad soldier hugged in USA (not america), are several families
killed in middle east. :'(


Sometimes, you just can’t wait to hug mom! Donations start in two 1/2 weeks
for #moversformoms. #twomenandatruck

Jenny Peplinski says:

This was an awesome video….props to all that serve in all branches of the

P.S. proper grammar is our friend
P.S.S. spellcheck is also our friend

Two Men and A Truck says:

Sometimes, you just can’t wait to hug mom! Donations start in two 1/2 weeks
for #moversformoms. #twomenandatruck

Andre Ferreira says:


zodiac says:

who the fuck cares????? wow another person abck from afghanistan mean while
children are dieing and getting raped every day. ah well lets talk about
someone who killed people for the “right” cause. 

Andrew Peterson says:

every mother deserves to be at her son’s boot camp graduation. Make sure

IndiaRockLovers says:

she is hot, why don’t they serve in india.

Revydude says:

Awesome story and thank you for your service!

alex hobbs says:

Oh that is amazing u get to see your kids again

Destinee Lucio says:

That is so beautiful! This made my mama and I cry. I have a two year old
and couldn’t imagine being away from my baby that long. Both mom and dad
have big hearts for this country to risk their lives and be away from their
3 year old baby boy (so adorable). Oh that was such an amazing reunion!!!!
That’s why no matter what our personal views are on war and our troops
being overseas we ALL must RESPECT and HONOR everyone who serves in the

Lucas Rackley says:

When I think of military mothers, I think of mother wolves. They are fierce
and to prey and enemy, yet still loving and nurturing to their young. 

Michael Johnson says:


MehMeister says:

I’ve never seen a more disgusting comment section in my life. And it’s
because she’s a woman.

YaWatBruv says:

She shouldn’t be away form her son at such a young age it feels like abuse
to a child.

Lolol Lolol says:


PunkNation26 says:

I’m suprised they didn’t court martial her and lock her up for another 9
months for breaking dumbass useless rules.



epickiller30 says:

I wonder how many children are without parents because of those soldiers.

Dynamite Cheese says:

A war where they bleed before the fight??? Im not too sure about the women
soldier thing :S

Symiah Alston says:

This made me cry and this is not even my family like lol .

valiant volty says:

915 people has brain cancer

Santino DeTillio says:


Madison Sandoval says:

Awww just cute 

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