Talking Tom and Friends, minisode 5 – Good Morning Tom

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There I was… Innocently dreaming… And then Ben had to ruin it!

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Talking Tom and Friends says:

I think sleeping late is awesome, don’t you?

Talking Tom and Friends says:
Conor Obsequey says:

How are people entertained by this, how the hell did this channel get over
1 million subs and how the fuck did I get here? What the fuck is this?

Oddbods says:

It is not nice to be woken up from a good dream!

hamed mubarak says:


Mohammed Alkhodary says:

Thumbs up if you wanted to see tom’s dream so you opened this page

Jonasluizgamer says:

My talking ben my talking ginger my talking …

Eirini mk says:

Oh tom….:-) :-) :-) :-)

Jaylah Johnson says:

This show should be on nick

Курбанали Курбан says:

кто из России 

Алёна Артамонова :D says:

Лооол, я одна тут русская!?

EUGENB_and_ETB_Scratch says:

Under 301 club! :D

vania sofia lalopu says:

Deberían hacer un canal en español

Harish C says:


elianeth zarate says:

Me. Gusta. Es. Divertido.


Gacu Ks says:

Quiero uno en castellano por faaa

The M@sk says:

Tom’s voice is really deep now, PUBERTY!

LPS Клипы says:

Я одна русская????????если то жаль 

Misscleverkitten Armstrong says:

Well Tom is right he is famous 

alyssa leblond says:

Trop pouris car :
– c’est en Anglais
– et c’est nul tout

Séphora Cortes says:

Je conprent pas ses en ANGLAIS

Trainer Red says:

1st ! :D

John Carlo Sikat says:

I like your dream Tom having your tv show is the best in the whole world
but when Ben showed up everything of your dream hahaha! XD

alexis f says:


Rebecca Horan says:

Can’t believe a 19year old is enjoying this

СТАС Садыков says:

Office skip how Ghana Ghana Ghana kHz Lloyd they ghost guide hundred jhl
ignore hundred Khrushchev home Klaus khaki khaki Khan Lhasa kHz glad Khan
office Ghana Khan 

lenny moulon says:


Talking Tom Fan says:

Visit and view my videos!!! hope you like it

Victor Hugo says:

Entre no meu canal mel sonho ETER 1.000 de curtidos ou escritos thau

Nicolas Eduardo Chavez Vargas says:


Quenton Tipewan says:

Check out this playlist on YouTube:


Alguien habla español??

WeBASTO TV says:

Hello everyone ! Subscribe to my channel and I will please you with new
videos! Thank you!))))))

Lps Sparkle Fox Films says:

I have talking to , Angela ,Ben ,and Pierre I deleted ginger

Alex Limeira says:

Ameiiiiiii !!!!!!!

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