Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Official Gameplay Trailer

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Prepare for dragon slaying adventure in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. See the first gameplay and the amazing graphics of the new sequel to the epic RPG series. Subscribe to our Elder Scrolls channel for more Skyrim videos: www.youtube.com And head to our wiki if you need help with this massive title: www.ign.com


TheLeglonnaire says:

Must be on novice… 

Veto796 says:

As many times as I’ve watched this trailer it gets even more epic the more I watch it like if you agree

MrThundaro says:

Bethesda is going to have to ACTUALLY melt people’s faces for their next trailer to even compare to this

Jarl Ulfric says:

Pfft I can do that.

jackrabbitz9 says:

This is quite possibly the greatest game trailer of all time.

sofancygirls58 says:

I know right??

PineappleToaster says:

Oh god my sides!! XD

MyGamer125 says:

The same guy who’s able to kill a dragon in 3 strikes with his Steel Sword

poisonstrudel says:

Who the hell uses unrelenting force on a dragon?

KylieIceSkater says:

I was so violent in this game. And according to my friends, I became very violent in real life… I have no memory of this.

Theblackknight10101 says:

before i shout at you, what kind of consle were you using? was a ps3, Xbox 360, or a Computer?

cardinalsown44 says:

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sage1234ilj says:

I used to play this game all the time… THAN I TUUK EN AROWW TO DU NEE

MrRTWVideos says:

it would be awesome if Bethesda made an open world RPG of Avatar the Last Airbender. I always see similarities in while playing skyrim :)

186mjn says:

No one is asking you. Fuck off.

David Piceno says:

fuck you

FFVIIBertoldiBrasil says:

Thumbs up! Amazing!! I think even my grandfather, will want to play this game!! :)

Giin7723 says:

u sir deserve a FUS RO DAH in the face ._.
nobody is gonna ask you anyway ._.

David Piceno says:

this game sucks ASS, the graphics are terrible, the game play was so bad i didnt know what to do after i bought the game, assasins creed, GTA, red dead redemption, are way better than this game cuz this game SUCKS!! if you ask me its worth 10$ brand new!

squatingdonkey3 says:

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cchmen1 says:

Yea but not many xbox users say that and i think thats what he means oh and by the way (to the guy who said ps3 isnt powerful enough) its not the ps3 having problems its Bethesda. They said they were having problems putting it on ps3 they never said it was the ps3 itself

356MONKEYMAN says:

i dont recall mentioning that i think im the 1st

012futbolify says:

I love me some argonian/werewolf assassin type character. Already got all the sneak, archery, and light armor perks, some of the one handed, almost all the alchemy and pickpocket, and the unbreakable lockpick and treasure hunter perks! ;D Anyone else has awsome builds that they want to share? Im all ears.

012futbolify says:

I dont know what you mean, but I found all the daedric gear and daggers by level 26 because of the treasure hunter perk. I think it makes enchanting and smithing look useless.

TheDarklord0211 says:

Its impossible not to.

GinasticLove123 says:


ORuien says:

srry meant 81 but the half xp you get from the rest of the skills would not be worth counting

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