Russian Epic Road Rage Fails Compilation 2014 December

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Song name : Suck My Big Fat ( I Love House Music )
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DownFlex says:


Kancho says:

In Russia’s action movies the hero is different from ordinary people. He
drives slowly and carefully…

Chrisell says:

Someday I hope to come to Russia for vacation and take part in a few
accidents myself. 

Spyker69 says:

What is the first song on the video?

RamblinAround says:

I’m just impressed that the horse used the crosswalk.

Zoltan Csikos says:

Grand Theft Moscow: Putin.

Character: Putin.

Area: Moscow, Ukraine, and then the rest of the world.

Mission: take Ukraine and the rest of former glorious Soviet Union.

Storyline: Putin is not pleased with his Vodka; so he orders a Nuclear
Strike on the people who made it, which generates controversy leading to
America’s involvement, which later leads to a war. Putin sends his homeboys
from the GRU over to the Whitehouse to capture Obama; but fail.

So Putin decides to do the mission himself.

Then he makes sure his glorious Red Army reclaims former Soviet States of
almighty glorious beautiful gorgeous very very sexy former Warsaw Pact.

The rest is determined by the player.




“PUTIN APPROVES OF THIS!!!”-Putin, almighty President of very very very
drunk Russia.

Jonathan Isaac Rice says:

In Russia, people call these incidents ‘crashes’.
In India, we just call this ‘driving’.

yodabolt says:

I like how the dudes at 5:30 get out of the car after the accident with all
their shit and walk away like they are basically just abandoning the car.
Probably no insurance or registration or anything.

Mitchell Chapman says:

Fact: Black Americans are no longer the worst drivers on the planet.

Mikael Hamre says:

God morgon tänk på farten och ta hand om er i trafiken. 

iReviewer1486 says:

Why is it everyone in Russia has a camera on their dashboard?

santoshTyp17 says:

If i ever go to Russia ill take the bus xD

umaxen01 says:

I have NO idea how insurance companies can survive in such a brainless
society. No wonder all the young blonde Russian girls come to the USA to
service our cowboys…..

Haider Ali says:

Everything seems to be cheap, flimsy and falling apart in Russia… sheesh.

Christian Virag says:

Russian Epic Road Rage Fails Compilation 2014 December:

cadon julien says:

C’est vraiment du grand n’importe quoi !

nunya bizniss says:

Car insurance in Russia must be through the roof…

gjaddajg says:

USA and Russia, the two biggest contributors to involuntary entertainment.

Bradley Gibby says:

Honestly… is it REALLY this bad or did this video just show the

Tim Lepo says:

Russians are complete retards with very low IQ.

Gregory Dearth says:

Just curious. What is the Russian word they often exclaim right before
something bad happens? 

Seppo Tuominen says:

Русский трафик течет быстро.

Traffic King says:

Kind of impressive how these are the same people who killed Hitler

Jonhatan Sanabria says:

No conduzcas en Rusia
Don’t drive in Russia

Connor McMillin says:

says epic ROAD RAGE fails yet im seeing hardly any road rage and just a lot
of car accidents.

13infrareded says:

Grand Theft Auto..for real.

App Lex says:


Banjo Playa says:

Fucking russians cant drive for shit

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