Baby Doll Bathtime Nenuco Baby Girl Change Diaper How to Bath a Baby Toy Videos

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Baby Doll Bathtime Nenuco Baby Girl Change Diaper How to Bath a Baby Toy Videos Baby Borns ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Nenuco Baby Doll Drinks and Wets Change Diaper Nenuco Hace Pipí Cambio de Pañales Baby Doll Toy Videos

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This Nenuco doll is a lovely baby girl doll toy that drinks and wets, bebé hace pipí, e ba la pipi, hace pis, e baz xi-xi, et bait pipi. You can also change her diapers. It’s like a real baby!

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Baby Doll Bathtime Nenuco Baby Girl Change Diaper How to Bath a Baby Toy
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Baby Doll Bathtime Nenuco Baby Girl Change Diaper How to Bath a Baby Toy
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Si a alguno de vuestros hijos quiere darle comida de verdad a una baby
alive o un nenuco,(da igual que marca) diles que no porque luego olerá mal.
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